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Trying to be mindful off the mat, too

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Updates for the past 3 days:

Day 5 - Realizing I'm not being mindful off the mat

I've been using yoga and running as an escape from some hard realizations I'm working through emotionally.  But today, when some things disappointed me, I didn't voice it and instead, stewed about it, and passively-aggressively took it out on my husband.  I will try to be mindful not only during this yoga challenge but in my everyday life - for example, let my husband know at the time, not later, what is bothering me. And if I don't know yet, just admit that.  It's too much pressure to always try to figure things out first - it doesn't have to be that way.

The good news though.. my knees hurt slightly today, so, I swapped out today's suggested yoga practice for a rest day instead.

Day 6 - Restorative was just what I needed

I had an honest talk with my husband in the morning - that helped lift most of my tension.

I still developed a mild headache throughout the day, mostly from sleep deprivation. I followed Candace's restorative yin session - my chest is especially tight (hard for me to do backbends and twists), so I appreciated the poses.  I focused on just breathing deeply (no ujjayi, just breathe), and, my headache did subside.

Day 7 - Stalking my fear

Feeling more motivated today, I decided to sit down and watch a recorded session from Wanderlust with Ana Forrest.  The 2 hour playtime scared me, but then I realized she spends time to demo and describe what to do first, so, it's not holding dolphin for 2 hours! The theme was "stalking your fear", and, being more aware of where we hold tension when we get scared. I know my tight spots are my neck and between my shoulder blades, but, I found out today that it was my throat - you know that, lump in your throat when you receive bad news? That's tightness, not a lump! It made sense, if I'm constricting my throat and lowering my chin down, of course my neck and shoulders are going to suffer.  I always love when I learn something new about myself.

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