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Day 16 progress photos - my balance is steadier



Day 15

Before practice: I felt slightly frazzled. I was trying to book a hotel for an upcoming international vacation before class, but I put it on hold so I could go to class on time (yay, I let go of finishing a task!)
After practice: Satisfied - my teacher gave me personal verbal cues on which muscles to engage to get deeper in a pose without assistance with weight. Specifically (I'm writing this so I can remember), I was able to touch my head to the ground in Prasarita Padottanasana (wide-legged forward fold) after I engaged my quads and then my bandha. Previously my teacher had to strongly assist me for me to understand where to go, pushing my hamstrings to the limit, but using this cues made me stop relying on stretching my hamstrings.
Day 16
Before practice: A little disappointed in myself for losing track of time while doing work and not being able to make it to the studio. I decided to follow Candace's 20 min upper body strength video instead and "gain back" some time so I didn't feel rushed to cook dinner that evening.  I also thought this would be a good way to build my home practice - I have grown attached to specific local teachers, so when I got focused on something else and lost track of time, I would cry out of frustration for not being able to make it to class on time. I was... that overwhelmed back then,  to put it nicely.  I figured to give myself a break, feeling more content with my home practice will take off the pressure to always try to make it to the studio.
After practice: Felt more grounded. When my wrists started acting up during the video, I just paused and did my wrist release stretches to warm them up more. I was pleased with myself that when I was doing my bird of paradise, I took my time lifting the leg and didn't hop around trying to readjust my balance like I did in previous attempts.
And now, for lovely pictures!  I realized that I always thought lifting my right leg was my "stronger" side because it's my dominant leg and more flexible. However, I realize the standing leg is my entire foundation - so in actuality, my left leg lifted side is stronger because my right standing leg is my base!
Top picture: left standing foot isn't even straight (oops), and right shoulder is drooping a bit.  
Bottom picture: right standing leg looks strong, shoulders are level, and hey. my lifted left leg doesn't look that much lower than my lifted right leg now!


Thanks for that feedback and confirming which is my weaker side. :) Taking these pictures really helped change my perspective.

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