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Thank You, Yoga Practice

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Thank you, yoga practice, for teaching me core strength and balance that saved me from feeling like a fool today in my first TRX class!

Thank you, yoga practice, for making me do hard one-legged bridge poses that gave me the confidence that I could last through my first class. I was out of breath already after the warm up of doing But then the next exercise was hamstring-focused with one foot strapped in the air while doing hip raises on our back. After I heard everyone else in class groan after that exercise when I felt like I could keep going, I knew yoga would help me finish the class.

Thank you, yoga practice, for showing me how to keep my core engaged and how to breathe through discomfort and hold a position.

Thank you, yoga practice, for developing my balance, which I utilized when we did the TRX exercise transitioning between a one-legged squat and a Warrior 3.

Thank you, yoga practice, for introducing me the concepts of restraint and listening to my body. I skipped many reps throughout the class without judging myself, knowing I had already reached my own personal point of exhaustion or needed well-deserved rest.

Thank you, YBC Forum, for reminding me the importance to engage muscles in ALL exercise and not hyperextend! Many of the TRX exercises required "straight" elbows, so I made sure I was relying on my arm muscles to pull myself up, keeping the elbow slightly bent and never locked.

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