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Beginning of Week 4 - Day 24 Progress Pics

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Day 22: I decided to do a home video / progress pics when I did a practice at home rather than in studio, on Thursday.

Before practice: Felt a little ungrounded - knew I was going to my teacher's last class, who I've been going to consistently for almost four years.

After practice: Emotional.  Beginning of class my teacher talked about self-awareness being key, and it hit me hard.  My teacher said her main goal in teaching is just to share what has helped her and hopefully reduce suffering.  I started thinking back to all the times when what she said has helped me when I had rough times.. oh!  So much gratitude for my teacher. I'm pleased and content though. I gave her a somewhat symbolic gift and heartfelt card, so this was a great time to remind her of how much she is appreciated.
Day 23: Self-proclaimed rest day. The left side of my lower ab muscle (in front of my pelvis) has been rather tight for the past few days, so I decided to just give it a complete rest today. I still did my physical therapy exercises!
Day 24: Before practice: A little flustered - didn't finish everything on my to-do list before yoga practice, but I finally realized that was not going to happen and put it off till the next day. I then took a full hour break to do Candace's 60 min slow flow yoga.
After practice: Hopeful - I realized I've been over-worrying about my recent aches and joint pains because almost 2 years ago, I thought my neck pain would "just go away" with rest, but, it has evolved to impact my shoulder. But now I see I've backed off and regained my strength in my wrists, and when we did some boat work, my lower ab muscle didn't have that horrible tightness I felt a few days before. I was also pleased to realize what an advantageous view I have with a home practice when I lift my arms in tadasana.
Progress pics from day 24 below. (On the right, I started smiling / laughing because my husband woke up from a nap and yelled, "I'm so tired!!!")
Now I wonder if my left shoulder is tighter (harder to bind behind), which is why it looks like my right shoulder is leaning forward in the first picture. Well, it's not the end of the 30-day challenge yet, so I'll compare with day 1 later!


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