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Day 7 - Check-in

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Well, on Day 5 the doctor ordered me to take a week's break from yoga and walking long distances. The tendon pain at the top of my right foot hasn't gone away in over two weeks, but I kept on doing yoga almost every day because, cheapskate me, I had a GroupOn for a monthly unlimited pass.  I got concerned because we thought about going skiing this weekend, but ski boots are intentionally tight and will likely push right into that top part of my foot!  So, I'm letting that notion go and not rushing to test my foot.

I stated my intention to still participate by following along with the suggested meditations, but I haven't. I'll try listening to a short guided one when I first wake up so it's more likely I'll follow through. 

I continued with my physical therapy exercises for my shoulder, hanging onto a pull-up bar, and doing eagle arms to stretch out my upperback and relieve my aches.  Our pull-up bar is one of those as-seen-on-TV kinds that fits across a doorway. So at the minimum, I jump onto it each time I walk by and try raising myself a few inches to warm up my achy back muscles.

Goal status: Upper back and neck pain is slightly worse since I'm less active overall.  Lower back right pain has disappeared now, so at least something is improving.  

I sucked it up and finally scheduled physical therapy next week with someone new. I realized I can't always have yoga practice to help manage pain due to my random injury prone body!

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I am feeling for you.  Rest.  The practice will be there when you are healed!  (I sound like a mother...but I am one, so what can I say?!)  The time to rest feels like such a waste, I know.  BUT!  It's for the best.  I'm sending you good thoughts.  Get cozy and be good to yourself, please.

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I can't believe your doctor doesn't understand the importance of your groupon pass! In all serious hope you get to feeling better soon.

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Thank you both! I have a confession to make. Since I felt no pain today on my foot, even after gently prodding it, I said, fine, let me try on a ski boot. I had to verify that I really couldn't go - this is the first ton of snow in Tahoe in years because of the drought! 

Oops. It didn't feel that bad but something got aggravated mildly. Then, it got worse when I tried to take my foot out and I got stuck. I freaked out and berated myself, but, after I breathing to calm down, I very slowly pulled my foot back out without triggering additional pain.

Well, at least I know what a good "stress test" is if I really am better!  I'll just add my foot to the list to ask during my physical therapy. I would not be surprised if the prognosis is missing all of ski season. In a twisted way, it is easier for me to accept that now - I proved to my stubborn self that no pain at the surface doesn't mean the pain won't easily get triggered again.

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