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I always adjust the posture to suit my intention. On days where my intention is along the lines of perseverance and strength, for example, I'll do every vinyasa offered. But on days where my intention is self compassion and healing, I'll take childs pose.

One of the most fascinating things I got out of teacher training that each individual asana can be used as several different focuses (foci?). For example you can use Downward dog as a hamstring opener, or as an arm strengthener. I love that each asana has unlimited possibilities!

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Robert, I am not sure I understand your question, if you meant it as a question.

This is a question I ask myself so I always try to think about what I am doing when I practice. Why am I doing this? Why am I cranking myself into this posture when I know it would be better if I adjusted the posture or used a different posture. Or did something completely different. The same idea as Brenskip wrote. It is not always as easy as it may seem, but I try.

Sometimes forcing, mentally forcing not physically forcing, myself to do a posture or set of postures helps me to start working in the direction I need. So that is where the first line may be appropriate.

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