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January Reflection

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Well, I was only able to actively participate in the yoga challenge for the first week before I got an injury. Since my doctor directed me to not to do yoga (barefoot exercises aggravate my foot), I've been trying to practice other parts of yoga, particularly meditation. But, I think there are the other principles beyond asana, such as ahimsa, being kind to oneself, that I learned.

Satya - not lying or truthfulness

Learning my own truth for me was to believe in my own intuition. I was afraid I was being a hypochondriac when I made a bunch of doctor appointments, but, it turns out I have midfoot arthritis. Now I am awaiting an MRI now to confirm forward treatment. I thought I failed not managing things on my own, but, I realized my pain was bigger than what I could control, so I sought outside help.

Sutra 1:12 on Vairagya - Non-attachment

I will pursue my health without "worrying ahead" about the outcome, but not be detached from my own well-being.

Ishvara Pranidhana - surrender to God or surrender to the universe

I'm not religious, but my teacher explained that it doesn't have to be "to God", but acknowledging that there is something bigger than yourself. Thus, I like the interpretation of "universe" more.

My pet rabbit of 10 years passed away from a stroke recently. I was surprised how intense my sadness was, even though we expected it since she was getting old. I was also surprised by my recurring dreams of "second chances" to save my rabbit.  Then my therapist explained that feeling guilt can be easier than feeling sadness, and, guilt is a way of trying to regain control of the situation.  After I acknowledged that death was out of my control, I could let go of the guilt. And, surrender.

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Glad you are being true to yourself and your emotions.  Moving toward health is my wish for you soon.  Positive thoughts are with you!

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