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Getting There



Life these days is.......odd.  I feel light and happy and sad and foundation-less and grounded.  I'm doing something that goes against the grain of my Type A life.  I'm rolling with it.  No, really.  I am.  

Last weekend, my family and I (including our third child, canine Riley) ran away for a few days to the Wisconsin Northwoods.  We've been there before to rent summer cabins, and my family used to own a tiny cabin on a tributary of the Wisconsin River....however, I haven't been there during the winter for many years.  This trip was just the thing to help the healing process.  Snowy and silent and beautiful.  Due to the "off season" stay, we got to treat ourselves to a house that we wouldn't rent during the summer season.  There was a loft with a view of the lake for yoga practice, deer hoof prints in the snow, family time without interruption, good old "supper club" steak dinner, and time to rest.  Heavenly.

My yoga practice is slowly returning to me.  Thank goodness for YTT.  It's encouraging me to stay with it.  I'm starting to find joy in returning to my mat.  However, further complicating 2016, a chronic knee injury has resurfaced.  No running, limping walk, feeling like and old lady, and just damn pain.  Well.  Today, after YTT, I was pain-free for the first time in over four weeks.  Guess what?  I'm canceling the ortho appointment for next week.  My plan is to ice twice daily, see Emily my wonderful massage therapist, make my first ever acupuncture appointment, and use what I've learned in YTT to see if I can fix this my own self.  My knee has had issues off and on for 15 years.  Going back and forth to the knee doc without a permanent fix has grown old.  I'm going to try to see if yoga is what I need for a fix long term.  I hope so.  And I've really excited about working on this.

The point is that I wouldn't have had the patience to just BE with my knee and to see how it goes before.  As I said, I'm rolling with it.  And I'm good with that.  Planning some good plans for me and for my/my family's future this spring, and I am just psyched to be doing something exciting and new and fun.  My life feels new.  I am so grateful that I can attend Candace's retreat in May.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity to take this YTT course and to travel a new career path with all its possibilities.  I have faith that I'm on the right track.  And that's saying something.

winterwalk.jpg.31efbf2a0e06a0c87f0a58d38                    couragefaith.jpg.757b03699e7bc8547c0d43a                  Life is good.  

                                                                                                         from Living Your Yoga, by Judith Hanson Lasater






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