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Double Dutch Jump Rope



I completed my fourth acupuncture session yesterday.  Going into it, my knee was feeling much better, but there was still pain.  Also, I tended to easily feel like I was hyper-extending it doing noting amazing....just walking.  On a sidewalk.  Slowly.

By today, however, I have no pain at all.  Stiffness?  A bit.  Also, I am still swollen behind the knee to the point that I cannot sit back on my heels.  I'm also feeling more grounded.  Is that acupuncture?  Mental rest from not having pain?  Better weather?  I'm not sure.  What I am sure of is that my doctor has assured me that this is too early for the synvisc shot to be working.  I'm doing more yoga too, because I have more range of motion and less pain.  Yoga leads to more range of motion and less pain.  See the cycle I'm finally able to jump into like a game of double-Dutch jump rope?? 

I'm moving along cautiously optimistic.

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