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30 Day Mindful Yoga Practice Check-In

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Progression on Mermaid Pose is meh.  It's only Day 4, though, so I'm staying positive.  I will say, though, that my hips seem tighter than ever.  I noticed that even sitting with crossed legs, my knees seem farther off the floor than last week.  Maybe I'm overworking my muscles and tightening up.  I'm thinking that running isn't helping, but I don't run much lately.  3.5 miles 3-4 times a week.  Almost nothing compared to other years at this time training for Tough Mudders or marathon.  Also, low back and psoas are sore.  Poor me!  (NOT!  Grateful for the movement and health that I have....don't get me wrong!)  

The best I can say is that I did not fall over today when I lifted my right hand off the floor to rest on my thigh as my left hand reached back to hold my left foot.  However, it was only for a milli-second, too short to even catch a screen capture of it.  No photo today!  Staying with it and looking forward to achieving the next step in the process.  That is all.  

Also!  Had the best savasana ever today.  I struggle to relax.....ever....., so feeling the total relaxation and soaking in of my practice today was kinda mind blowing.  :)



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Hey, that's great about better balance.  I realized for myself, I got more flexible, but at the expense of my balance and alignment.  Now my theory is that it's a lot easier to work on the flexibility later rather than going backwards like I am. :)

What prep poses are you doing for Mermaid?  Would quad stretches help? This Twisting Low Lunging Quad Stretch (in the middle of the page - do a find for it) is the most intense I know, but very effective for me. You can grab with the same side hand instead of opposite if it's too intense.

And yay for a great savasana. I haven't had a good savasana yet in my home practice - I'm still not used to doing it yet.

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