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Day 4 - Realizing I need to go back to the basics

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I tried to be mindful today to focus on my alignment - to keep my body centered.  After I reviewed today's pics, I see that I am still compromising my foundation with my flexibility to extend my leg. Today I felt so good and warmed up (did the yoga after running), I didn't even realize I went out of alignment. I think it's best for me to focus on the basics and work on the foundation first before extending the leg now - lay off by keeping my knee bent but practice on centering myself in the bind.  It's fun to try the full expression of a pose, but, now I know I can't improve until I back off and fix my foundation.  I let my progress in flexibility excite me too much so that I ignored everything else - my day 1 left leg picture looked the most legit, and, had the lowest leg lift!

I tried two methods today: method 1 from bound extended side angle with hops (like in Candace's video), and method 2 from forward fold / uttanasana.   It took more strength to get up with method 2, but I think I wasn't rotating my shoulders enough.  I compared pictures between the two methods - method 2 actually makes me feel I lift my leg higher but at the expense of me hunching over.  I'll stick to method 1 for now! My body looks aligned in bound side angle pose, so it's a natural prep for me to open up.

Also, to help with comparison photos, I am wearing this outfit only when I film myself (as per Candace's tips!), so please don't think I don't do laundry... :)

resized day 4 bird of paradise compare.jpg

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Oh cool! I love that you tried and demo'd from both methods! How helpful! I have to agree that method one looks like it's got you in better alignment than method two. Your chest is beautifully open (ok that sounded weird!) in method one and it looks like just a little bit of hamstring work will do the trick for the fullest expression. Awesome!

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