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  2. I love using the DownDog app at home as you can choose your main area of focus which is a real plus for me (great for targeting tight shoulders and upper back!) and I love the music they use, especially alt beats playlist
  3. Hi Candace! I'm reading from London Thanks for setting up such a great community - already got lots of top tips from fellow Yogis!!
  4. I have a round one (2 actually!) and I absolutely love it, it creates the perfect mental and physical space for me to meditate and be creative with my practice. I leave one out all the time at home so that I can just jump on it whenever I need a quick stretch and take the other to classes. I got mine from Form because I love their designs (I got the Cosmos one last season and NYC style for Christmas)They are machine washable too which is a real plus after hot yoga!!: I sometimes teach classes too and it's perfect as I can teach from the centre of the room which my clients always love!
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  6. Hey, thank your for your help. Yes, this is a really good idea. I also picked an outfit for my boyfriend. His running tights. @ All, are the running tights appropriate for a yoga class?
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  8. Highly recommended. She’s very entertaining, too!
  9. Cool, thanks Larry! That's the kind of info I was looking for
  10. I've attended a few of Candace's arm balance classes. The workshops are extremely informative, well structured and fun. When I got to something I just couldn't do, Candace offered suggestions, for example, to just focus on the foundation, etc. Candace does an excellent job of helping the student work within their capability and will suggest exercises and modifications to help you overcome your difficulties.
  11. Good luck! I remember reading and enjoying your posts before, glad to see you back! Welcome back! I hope you are re-cultivating how you feel after your practice, and that helps motivate you to keep going! I remind myself that how I feel after class is the most rewarding aspect for me when I don't feel motivated to do yoga.
  12. You may also need to evaluate with a doctor or physical therapist whether the orthotics you were using are providing too much support if you are not getting any better. Anyway, assuming that isn't the case, the concept of "active feet" in Forrest yoga has helped me a lot with strengthening my arches - you lift your toes to activate your arches while pressing down on the corners of your feet in standing poses. I also follow this drill led by one of my other teachers (non-Forrest but same concept) - I cued it at 10 min for the specific exercise so you can preview first: And check out this discussion on flat feet for more ideas!
  13. Hi guys! I just got an email that a workshop / intensive is coming to me locally, so I'm super excited about the opportunity! However, I noticed some of the classes are focused on arm balances. I can hover for about one microsecond in crow, and my wrists get rather achy if I do too many attempts in one class. I have a history of weak wrists that are slowly building up on strength. Has anyone attended these arm balances classes before, and do you think there are enough alternatives or strength building exercises I can do instead if I can't execute the full arm balances? I normally modify for my wrists by doing things on my forearms (e.g. forearm stand against the wall instead of handstand), but I have not figured out any personal modifications for arm balances!
  14. Anyone here find a really great yoga product just for men? Doesn't have to be just for men, but more of a yoga product marketed towards men only? Thanks!
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  16. Proper diet and diet schedule is also important. You said you are following youtube videos then try the poses mentioned in this video .
  17. Hey all! I wish you a happy new year 2018 and all the best!!!! :-)
  18. Best suggestion would be to ask people who work at a hot yoga studio or those that attend classes
  19. nobody has a recommendation?
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  21. Thanks for the update..
  22. You can try some easy yoga for flat feet. Below, you can have a look at some common and effective yoga that can be applied if you have flat feet: Downward-Facing Dog Intense Side Stretch Pose Chair Pose Extended Triangle Pose Mountain Pose Intense Side Stretch Pose Reclining Hero Pose These are some of the effective yoga for flat feet pain.
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  24. There are many types of malas, but the most auspicious is the Rudraksha bead. It has a scientific basis and mentioned in the puranas, the benefits for the wearer are numerous. For genuine Rudrakjsha beads visit with over 18 years of experience. Om namah Shivaya!
  25. Hi, I'm really sorry, but I am in a legal battle with the App Developer. The App, unfortunately, has been removed from iTunes. I'm so sorry, but it was completely out of my hands. It was a good lesson to me to always retain as much control as possible over what I create so that there isn't a product out there with my name on it that is run by someone else. I'm truly sorry. Since it has been removed from the App Store, I believe you've been automatically unsubscribed, but just double check just to make sure. Wishing you the best, Candace
  26. Candace is in an area with very limited internet access. Apparently there are issues with the app/developer. As such, I think the app has been deleted (not sure if or when it will be resolved). I'll try to get an answer within the next few days and report
  27. I'll reach out to Candace ...
  28. Is the exclusive yoga app no longer in use? I haven't received any update since July and I've also received an email to say my subscription has been cancelled.
  29. Hi, thanks for the informative post. I will share this with my friend.
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