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  2. Well, you said it yourself, you wouldn't want other people's religion [or political views or what not] pushed onto you, so don't push yoga onto them unless they ask about it. Everyone has their own way to cope with drama and stressful situations - some cope better than others. You do yoga. GREAT! Some tend to break down and cry, then pull themselves back together after a good cry. This is also healthy (though it doesn't look that way, it is healthy!) Some of us need to go furiously write and some of us have to go hoof it out on the sidewalk. Others need to talk to somebody. Some, like me, need to combine to really solve something fully. Some of us even need to scream at the top of our lungs in a locked closed room by ourselves and just get it all out. [Totally therapist approved, especially screaming into a pillow.] Unless they are truly endangering themselves by not eating properly (or eating excessively), drinking to the point of passing out, cutting or self-harming, harming you or others, or doing drugs [in which case, you need to tell the RA if you are at a dorm or a supervisor], it's not really your place to say, "Why not try yoga?" Go forth, get some noise-cancelling headphones if you need to, and keep conquering college.
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  4. Consider @YogaByCandace's training!
  5. I completed an amazing 200-hour teacher training in May 2017, (just a few months ago.) I enjoyed the training so much. It was incredibly transformative, totally deepened my practice and improved my teaching. At times it shook me to the core and broke down all my confidence, which I think is required in a good training in order to rebuild your foundations as a teacher - especially if you've already been teaching prior to beginning your training. Ultimately I emerged feeling more confident in my ability to share yoga's best gifts with others. It took an intense amount of work, energy and determination to get through (this was a nine-month weekend program that I took in another town, requiring me to travel quite a long ways to get there once per month.) Anything worth doing is not likely to come easy, I suppose! I know that I will eventually want to go on and earn my 500-hour certification, but I'm not sure which aspect of yoga I want to specialize in. It seems like there are a lot of directions one can go, schools one can choose from and potential paths to follow. I have noticed that the 500-hour track offerings tend to encourage Yogis to select one specific area of study. I am having a difficult time deciding where and what (aside from simply 'more yoga') calls my heart to delve into more deeply. I suppose / hope / pray the answer will come when it is time for me to take that step. Maybe what I need now is to process all that I've recently experienced and really integrate that whole part of the journey into my life as a teacher and a yogi before I jump into another training. I agree with what YogiKris says about researching, then meditating on it and following your heart. Everything she mentioned is excellent advice for certain. And yet... when I meditate on my OWN future trainings... the answers remain murky! It's like shaking a Magic 8 Ball and being told, 'ask again later!' Ha ha.
  6. Hello, I am Alisa and I am reading from Las Vegas, Nevada. Good to see that this forum exists!
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  9. Auras are a little different for everyone! "Migraine with aura" simply means you have a cluster of symptoms that are known to happen before each migraine (I see a neurologist who specializes in migraines.) I have something called "migraine without aura" which means I often have migraines with little to no symptoms beforehand, although I can have them sometimes. When I do have aura, my neck typically hurts so bad that I feel like it can't support my head. I also tend to have numbness in one arm or hand. The first thing I do is take my migraine medication, then put an ice pack on my occipitals, over my eyes and a heating pad on my feet. That normally knocks those aura ones out fast.
  10. Hello there! I am sorry that you have migraine. I do have migraine as well. But I found a "cure" for myself, which makes the migraines appear very rarely now. I started with the migraines when I was around 10 years old and now I am 34. At first the pain was killing me and I didn't know what to do. I actually didn't know what happens at all. After years of pain I started analyzing the problem and found out what happens and the best is that I found WHY it happens. I found out the migraine was a reaction of my body. Why? Because I was: not getting enough sleep not drinking enough water not eating proper food staying in front of a computer When I became 16, 17 I added those things to the list: drinking alcohol (beer triggers my migraine very quickly) smoking cigarettes going to many parties, bars, disco clubs and so on I did this at least 2 times a week and I had a lot of migraine crisis. BTW I have a migraine with aura. For those that don't know it is a symptom and you see it with one of your eyes. It lasts for about 30 minutes before the pain starts. It looks like this: So, after years of analyzing I found the triggers. And I started fixing the problem. I used to have pain after every aura. After I started changing the way i live, the pain still appeared but not after ever aura. I also used to have migraine crisis at least once every month. I had even 3-4 migraine crisis in 2 days. Not any more. The crisis stopped. Now they appear rarely. Of course added something else to my eating diet. I take minerals and vitamins now and then. Magnesium and Vitamin B6 are what I take the most. I found that by reading many studies like those. But remember that I do not recommend you to take anything without asking your doctor first! In short this is my story. I hope it will help you open your eyes for some of problems that trigger your migraine.
  11. Hello everybody! My name is Angelo and I am beginner in Yoga. I am still learning but will try to give nice comments and suggestions in the forum. See you around!
  12. Don’t worry about what you can’t do, celebrate what you can (that’s what Yoga is all about). Most likely I’ll bever be able to do a handstand, but I will continue to work on the foundation. As far as chattaranga, try it on your knees, put blocks where your shoulders are supposed to come down to. Keep working, after a year of convincing myself I couldn’t do it, I forgot that I couldn’t, and can now do it (although it’s not quite ready for Instagram). It takes time, but remember, yoga is about the progress, not the results. Ive been working on crow for almost two years and can now stay up for five to ten breaths. It’s not easy, but you’ll be surprised by your accomplishments if you continue working.
  13. hi. I have been searching for tips to nail handstand but I cannot do it its been quite a few months. I have tried with wall support but whenevr I push my legs away from the wall, I cant find the balance and fall. That is about handstand if anyone has any tips please share! And chaturanga seeems such an easy pose as a matter of fact most people in my yoga class can do it but not me!! Why?
  14. Well here is the kind of situation we are not trained to face to during the teacher training lol It happens to me a lot of time that students begin to cry in heart openers or balasana or savasana. When it happens, the students naturally leave the room to calm themselves and they come back when they feel better. Maybe you can just say to her that if she feels overwhelmed by an emotion she can take her time out of the room and comes back when she feels ready so she has her own space and she doesn't disturb the rest of the class. You can also take a moment with her to explain her how the breath works on the nervous system. When someone has a huge anxiety or a crisis, the best way to calm themselves is to breath deeply. Explain her how the breath works, what happens in her body when she controls her breath so if she understands and visualises the reaction of her body thanks to the breath she may be able to calm herself with time. I hope it helps. This kind of situation is hard to deal with. I hope you will find a solution for her, for you and your students. Namaste 💙
  15. My old studio had mirrors of two walls in every classroom and I LOVED it! The lighting was always dim and warm, and reflecting off of the mirrors created such a cozy, safe environment. The mirrors are also super helpful for checking alignment. Mirrors facing each other can get a little trippy, so I would avoid that.
  16. I had a jade mat and I love it. I've had to opportunity to try out a few different brands of high-end mats, and truthfully, any non-PVC mat are all pretty comparable to me, but if price is not being considered, Liforme mats have stood out to me. That being said, they are very expensive. Cork mats, like Yoloha, are also very nice, especially if you're doing hot yoga. Best budget mat? I would go with HuggerMugger. They do have PVC mats that I would avoid, but they have some nice quality non-slip ones for a fraction of the price of some other top brands.
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  18. Sounds like this podcast could help you out.
  19. 200RYT here!
  20. I'm teaching a new class format called Yoga Boot Camp. It's a combination of yoga and high intensity interval training. I'm looking for songs that are upbeat but still aren't too overwhelming. I teach on a college campus, so most of the people in my class are young and fitness-oriented. Any suggestions are welcome!
  21. Most yoga classes are attended by a majority of fit, flexible females in tight clothes. But, contrary to what you might think, it’s not just a sport for sexy ladies. And we have tons of reasons why you should be doing it—other than picking up women. With yoga, you’ll hone your mental focus, rid your system of toxins, and maybe even boost your performance in the bedroom. You’ll even be able to touch your toes—improved flexibility is a bonus for just about every sport. Yes, the real results of regular yoga practice are quite practical, and you don’t need any special equipment—just a few square feet of space and a mat. Here’s how that extra bit of stretching will not only enhance your other workouts, but also your life. These 4 key yoga poses for men will help you ease into a practice and ease into your body. Although they are relatively simple, they are deeply therapeutic as well as strength building. 1. Child’s Pose 2. High Lunge 3. Crescent Pose 4. Yogic Squat
  22. I did meet with my midwife and have the OK to exercise. She said the discomfort would abide overtime, and that "stretching and walking" would help. She has no experience with yoga however so she didn't have any specifics for me. From my own experience and understanding, I assumed that hip openers wouldn't be appropriate, which is why I was looking for alternative recommendations or modifications. Anyway, thanks for your response. I'll just keep researching and adjusting on my own. Thanks!
  23. This is an issue that would probably be best discussed with a trained professional medical practitioner.
  24. I delivered my second child a few weeks ago, and have the green light to resume my practice. (Yay!) My hips really moved fast and far with this pregnancy, so I'm experiencing some discomfort/mild pain now as my pelvis moves back into its normal position. Can anyone suggest some gentle poses that would help alleviate this pain? Everything I keep finding is designed for loosening and opening the hips, but I have the opposite issue right now. I'm worried an opener sequence will exacerbate the discomfort. The pain is on both sides, mostly in the natural indent of the buttock, if that helps at all. Thanks!
  25. This is not a good place to come for medical advice. You might consider seeking this information from a trained professional medical practitioner.
  26. Hi, I have been doing iyenger Yoga since last 17 months. I did do health check and I had high hs-CRP. I did yoga for a year however after doing yoga for a year I did not lower that. Is there a specific yoga which would help me reduce my HS-CRP.?
  27. Hi everyone ! I'm a young yoga teacher and I teach for 1 year now. During 1 year I was teaching 8-10 classes a week with 1 day off. I was happy that way but it was obviously not enough to pay the bills. As I needed money for my second year of teaching I have accepted aaaaaallll the opportunities possible lol. I was super motivated, guided by my love for yoga. I am now teaching 18 classes a week and sometimes more than 20 (no day off obviously). I am exhausted, I am going to some of the classes like "god please not again", sometimes I'm so tired that I don't have time for my own practice, I have no social life anymore and my body is so in pain that when I have time between two classes I'm driving to my osteopath and physio. Most of all, there is no longer LOVE in my teaching anymore and it makes me super sad. I love yoga and I love to share it and teach it. But not 20 times a week. My dream job became a nightmare. I feel stressed and I want to cry everyday (I often cry on my mat actually). I feel annoyed about my job, not about yoga just by the intensity of teaching it. Is it normal ? I guess yes. I have no idea what to do... I don't want to stop teaching but I want to find my love for teaching again. Sometimes I feel like I'm not very nice with the students because I'm just unhappy and tired to teach the fourth class of the day and to think that I'll do it again the next day. So I'm angry against myself because I feel that I don't do my job in a good way with integrity and love and kindness, as I used to do it before. Does it happened to you ? What am I supposed to do ? How to bring my love for teaching again ? Thank you thank you for reading this and answering. I send you LOVE. ❤️
  28. Hi there! Two years ago, I was be a regular here and would be totally obsessed about yoga. After all my travels and work, I fell out of my routine, and it really hurt me inside as I would really love my practice. I know it takes 21 days to form a habit, and I'm hoping to wake up earlier and start practicing a little bit every morning to get me back on the yoga train! Wish me luck!
  29. I would avoid a round mat unless you plan on exclusively doing yoga at home. Jade is good, but there are a lot of great mats that are cheaper. If you are looking to make an investment in this new hobby, avoid a PVC mat. They are slippery and don't last very long. Normally they contain a lot of cheap chemicals as well.
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