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  2. Om is the best. The best sound. The best music capable of undo all negative energies, and by the way brings tranquillity. It makes you more sattvic in mood. Another good chant is Ham-Sa. I will give a brief account of doing here. Sit in a Meditative posture Close your eyes Watch your breath, make it slow and rhythmic Chant "Ham" internally while Inhaling Chant "Sa" internally while exhaling
  3. For postural yoga sequences, 4 to 5 days per week is okay. For getting the best results, it should be on a regular basis. Missing a day or two won't make any harm. Regularity is more important than having a rest day in between or not. Even having a day's practice every week has its own benefits. To get the maximum benefits, reduce the rest days. There is no hard and fast rules. But for Pranayama techniques, practising thrice or at least twice daily is a must. For meditation, at least once daily. This is for the fitness and health approaches to yoga. For Spiritual approaches to yoga, it will be different. Hope this serves your query.
  4. Does anyone know of any good yoga team building resources for adults? I'm looking for ideas that would have people work together in groups and as partners to help improve cooperation and communication. Poses need to be accessible to all levels - from those who know nothing to those that have established practices - and mixed genders. I can find lots of stuff for kids, but very little for adults. Thanks in advance!
  5. @YogaByCandace is currently in Thailand leading a yoga teacher training retreat, so I don't expect her to be checking the forums. Your best bet would be to visit her YouTube channel and search. Coincidentally, the featured video, which started playing as soon as I got there was Chair Yoga for Tight Hips video There's a lot of good stuff there! Happy searching!
  6. Hey all! I have problems with my hip mobility when squatting in the gym. So I ask whether you know a ybc course that can improve my hip mobility for squats. Thank you ver much! Have a nice day!
  7. @KateZena Hey Kate! Thank you for your helpful reply! Yes, mean traditional boat shoes ... Well, I also thought about no show socks but worried that they seem too femal at a guy ... Best
  8. Have you lost any weight? If yoga is not beneficial to you, then you can do other type of exercises to lose weight. Start eating a healthy diet and do regular exercises.
  9. Hello. Nice meeting you.
  10. Hey David! Thanks for the advice, I sure hope you never get into a similar situation as Charlotte and I did. I have definitely improved my temper and tolerance over the last few years since my original post. I've thought about deleting this post, but then I thought about the possibility that somebody else might get into a similar incident. To get back to your reply, I have sought out some calm and quiet spots around me as well, but I've gotten more comfortable with crowded places at the same time. I guess I've grown :-) Maybe you will get more comfortable around crowds too one day! Never give up!
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  12. This is a most ridiculous way to answer this but are they traditional boat shoes or "water shoes" boat shoes - the kind of shoe literally made to go into the water and get wet? [It's ridiculous, but for some reason, different kinds of "boaters" - from my dad the kayaker to those the ones with the engines all describe different shoes as "boat shoes."] If they are traditional boat shoes with rubber soles and leather uppers that are oiled, they are traditionally worn with no socks, but can also be worn with low-cut ankle socks, no show socks and crew socks in a poly-mix or cotton if you cannot live without your socks (depending on your activities.) Your feet actually breathe better without socks when wearing leather shoes, so I've never understood the socks + leather shoes thing. Shoes made to go in water? No socks or get gortex socks. I mean, have you ever had wet socks on your feet? * shudders *
  13. Hello all! :-) So, I have question again. I believe most women or girls already thought about this question: What kind of socks should men wear to boat shoes? Best HGB
  14. Oh, it's both funny and at the same time very inconvenient, I can't bear stuffiness, it's probably too difficult, and we no talk of relaxation and anti-stress. In order to concentrate and plunge into meditation, I need 30 to 50 minutes, it's hardly possible if someone is trying desperately to get rid of your leg). If I have some free time, I improve concentration with help of spiritual bracelets and try to spend more time in a forest or in a park where at least a few meters from me there will not be a single person (probably I'm just not a social animal, although there are certainly people who are comfortable in the crowd and not the other way).
  15. It's funny that you ask this question because sometimes I think, "Yea, I like yoga, just not enough to fully commit," yet every day there I am doing pigeons, forward folds and definitely log pose to keep my legs limber and out of pain and I definitely have a "horseback yogi routine" on Wednesdays. So am I committed to the mat then? I can't tell you. I probably spend all of two-five minutes doing it, but it makes my legs feel better. But, I am finally doing the one thing I've always said I couldn't commit to (and @LarryD517 has seen me type it 101 times) and I'm finally going to a yoga studio to try a lesson. With a real life teacher. Yea. XD
  16. Trauma therapy (aka trauma-focused therapy) isn't CBT. It can include CBT, but it's a mixture of different therapies, catered to what you have experienced in your life. It's very different to CBT. Now, my therapy does have CBT in it, but that's because I have more than one trauma and I also have behavioral issues on top of that. Everyone is different and every therapist is different. That's why you have to interview your therapist a bit. I went through at least half a dozen therapists before I found the one I see monthly. Sometimes I took one look at their face and said, "Sorry, I can't work with you. Bye," and went right out the door. My current one specializes in trauma-related cases, eating disorders, and developmental disorders with family issues, so I work hard. TLDR, really read about your therapist before you make an appointment. Still don't like them? Just try a new one!
  17. This is Thirunavukkarasu from India. I am a blogger on Yoga.
  18. Hi, I am Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist . and has been practicing yoga from a very young age and it was during a 40 day silent retreat in the Himalayas that it was revealed to me that I would be helping others on their journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  19. Hi I am alfasotaylor from Canada, Yoga trainer in Edmonton.............I love yoga and meditation :)
  20. Hi I'm Vincent I'm 42 years young. I'm a daily meditator and am trying to integrate yoga into my daily routine. I hope we can inspire reach other on this journey ?
  21. Heya!! I'm also new to Yoga and really excited to hear about the stories of people in their Yoga journey.
  22. Hello Tim, I liked your story. It is really interesting and I had been practicing Karate for 2 years but due to an injury, I had to stop. Now I want to join Yoga class after reading your post because it is motivational.
  23. I bought it already and have been reading like crazy! That is really really cool once we are open in future I will have to look into that. Thank you! ugh all so exciting! I feel so blessed and even more blessed to have found her book, I really needed a pick me up and a change!
  24. Shameless advertising, but you should pick up site owner @YogaByCandace's book Namaslay She breaks down poses and offers 'cheats', so there will be a few different images and descriptions for each pose...for those with full range of motion as well as those with limited range Full disclosure, I do not participate in the profits from the book, but might earn a hug from her next time I attend one of her workshops (if you buy three books and I might get a kiss on the cheek) Depending on where you're located, you might have Candace visit and run a workshop at your club. She teaches throughout the country and a few locations around the world!
  25. Thank you, I actually am opening yoga room in the downstairs of my wellness centre and have great yoga instructors hired on. Its funny because I can do some more advanced things but I am not new to fitness, I typically weight lift, box, and do circus. I stepped away from circus to focus and get more into yoga, I also stepped back from weight lifting temporarily I was loosing to much mobility to fast.. I have always had back issues also even though I pick up things fast there are certain movements I cannot do. I will be not only continueing a yoga journey at home but with teachers at my wellness centre. I used to do hot yoga but I am getting more into this for me mentally and for self improvement. I will start by bending my knees slightly until i can figure it out correctly!! Thank you for your help
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