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  2. Hello Sunfish! Healthy living is dependent on many factors and the most significant is healthy diet. Normally people don't care about their diet in the hustle and bustle of life but if you have some important tips for a healthy diet in your knowledge then it can help you to stay healthy and utilize a healthy diet. One should drink lots of water. Although healthy diet is much more necessary but until you have proper physical activities nothing can help you more. Maintain proper physical activities with jogging, exercises and games. Such activities will make your body energetic and you will consume the extra bit of calories you eaten. Hope this could help you
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  4. Santorini, Greece Yoga Retreat - August, 2018 Date: August 4 - 11, 2018 Included: 10 Yoga Classes/Workshops including: yin yoga in the afternoons aromatherapy yoga arm balance workshop vinyasa flow classes 7 night accommodation in single or double occupancy room Details here
  5. Such a great book it is. All the topics explained precisely. Thanks for sharing.
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  7. I can try to help but it will more on you to try and figure it out for yourself. What type of yoga do you do? What level of the basic poses are you comfortable with? Everyone can always do yoga. Many different types of yoga. Pranayama is a very important part. There are some types that don't even have postures, meditation and such.
  8. Balanced diet is much more important!
  9. Hello everyone, I have just joined this forum. I hope you accept me here with my word.
  10. Thanks Anahata, Well with it being so unusual a problem, I was hoping to reach out to a lot more people to see if anyone else had experienced it or had knowledge of it - which is why I posted here. I would dearly love to practice yoga, but can't because of the nausea, and am hoping there is a solution - or at least a reason. Thank you for replying x
  11. If your instructors are not sure and your medical checks out I am not sure how much help you can get off the internet. Sometimes yoga does things to us emotionally and subconsciously which may have physical effects. Do you have strong core muscles? Those muscles keep our innards steady, keep everything from squishing and sloshing around. too much.
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  13. Does anyone know why I experience nausea during and after yoga, please? I am 48 and have tried yoga at 13yrs old, then later in my mid 20's, and then later again in my early 40's. I experience a strong 'motion sickness' feeling, which lasts for many hours afterwards, and is quite unpleasant. I had not eaten, just prior to the yoga class - which seems to be the only thing that the yoga instructors (I discussed this with) could come up with. I do wonder if this is an inner ear thing and not actually related to yoga? I would appreciate any advice or thoughts anyone has. Thank you Janna
  14. Its important to tune into how your body and mind feel and listen to what they need. As you advance your practice, if you listen:), you will gradually become more aware of you need. The most important thing is to listen and try and avoid "just doing yoga"...although sometimes just doing yoga might be the perfect thing lol!:)...but keep listening to your body overtime:)
  15. I was actually thinking of offering a free delicious organic beer with a new yoga class I hope to start...I particularly hope to get men to come along and in particular guys/armed forces veterans who suffer from PTSD....but anyone who would like to attend would be most welcome... its just that I can relate to the suffering of these guys and i'd like more men to experience yoga with everyone else. Now I thought maybe the beer would attract people who maybe were borderline at attending yoga......with some reflection I also thought that perhaps the state of calm or almost non thinking( with excessive consumption) is a bit like trying to achieve this through meditation no?? but with meditation we do it in a safer more conscious way??... .I'd be interested to hear what other think and I hope I haven't offended anyone.. .oh! as for alcohol consumption! as long as its not excessive on a regular basis, or, beyond safe limits I'm fine with it...beating oneself up about the occasional drink must be very damaging to a persons psyche..I see people do this self harm by beating themselves up about food all the time and its so negative. If someone offers you a beer and a delicious cake with love I say accept it with gratitude and love and let it nourish your soul!!...actually i use that rule with most important to remember ahimsa as it relates to our concept of our individual reality and "self"
  16. Hi Candace, I love your videos and I can't start my day without the "15 min Yoga for Chest and Shoulders" one I have a toddler and she is definitely a mini yogi! She's always trying to make all the moves with me, so it would be really nice to have a special video for us to practice together. Thanks you!
  17. I would have to advise against a round one for group but it might be cool for personal use in open space. I use 100% Cotton Surface yoga mat and had my own pattern printed. It is non slip and no odor, even left in the car. I believe it to be the next generation of yoga mats. They can print any design.
  18. Why don't you find a yoga teacher to teach you?
  19. You're 25 and you're starting "ridiculously late"? I started at 56, I have shoes older than you. Everyone starts inflexible, welcome to the club. Explore yin poses, slow deep poses that are held for long periods of time...they'll help improve your flexibility.
  20. Hello everyone! I'm Elana and I'm 25 years old. I've always admired yoga from a distance but never had the courage or motivation to start working on my own because I'm extremely inflexible, and lack the patience. I finally decided to start a little bit each day and am no longer worried that my poses look the way they do because I'm so tight. I am starting with the 30 Day Project for Tight Hips to ease my way into becoming more flexible. I just completed Day 1 today, and let me tell you, I'm even more inflexible than I realized! It's a bit discouraging but I really want to lead a healthier lifestyle and start making better choices and I believe this is a great start. I know I'm ridiculously late on the bandwagon, but I'm hoping to meet another new yogi that wants to help keep each other motivated. Please comment here or reach out to me on Instagram (elanaskye) and we can start this journey together! I love the idea of this community and I hope a year from today I can be proud of my progress. Let this challenge begin! Elana
  21. I often find, that if i'm doing a yin practice in particular, where poses are held for longer, I definitely have an emotional reaction. Its nearly always in Pigeon actually. I see it as a positive thing....just maybe an expression of something that needed to come out from the unconscious?? ...Kinda like when your joints crack, and the theory goes, that its gas escaping from the a good thing. Frame the emotion in a good way first and see what journey it takes you on...hold the emotion with love and then let it leave with love:)
  22. I do want to stress that in any sport, there is risk of injury. No sport is risk-free. I've injured myself in yoga a few times, more than I have horseback riding. It's why I'm particularly careful when I do yoga as I'm easily prone to bruises and injury (I know, everyone finds this funny. I do a particularly high-risk sport, but get more injuries doing yoga than horseback riding.) On the same wavelength as @Anahata, if you love horses, you can look into a equestrian yoga retreat or lessons if you'd like.
  23. Registration link at this page
  24. Hey there, my name is Valerie. I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years and have been a certified teacher (RTY200) since 2014. I teach and sub in the small town I live in as well as I have a holistic nutrition and wellness coaching business. I have been working on expanding my yoga community through Instagram and blogging, mainly because I have felt pretty unsupported in my face to face community. I have done some of Candace's 30 day challenges and used her YouTube videos to practice with when I haven't had time to go to a class but wanted to be lead instead of creating my own flow. Thanks for having me!
  25. Maybe your muscles are strong enough that you can hold yourself in these positions without much effort.
  26. Combine the two!
  27. "Omh" is best chanting word while doing meditation.
  28. Yoga is convenient because you can do at home, but I wouldn't call it free until you already have an established yoga practice. A very good and durable mat can be ~$60-90 (lifespan 3+ yrs) and if you are new to yoga and need instruction, then in person classes are $10-$20 each depending on promotion deals and location. You can follow along youtube videos but it's also good to get feedback in person once in awhile so someone can see your alignment and make sure you are being safe. I don't indoor cycle, but I heard it's one of the best low impact cardio activities. So, yoga has benefits but it doesn't really get your heart rate up as high as cycling or running, unless you are doing a very physical ashtanga or vinyasa practice. Why don't you check out a gym free trial and go to both a cycling and a yoga class? That might be the best way to sample both worlds because they really are complementary, not necessarily substitutes. I certainly wouldn't invest an indoor cycle at home until I knew I liked it.
  29. Ahhhh @HGB let me know what you do find because apparently you and my husband have the same apparel shopping needs. Do you have a Uniqlo nearby? They have a dry stretch sweatpants. The dry stretch material is thin and lightweight on the jacket, but it might be a little thicker for the sweatpants, so best to feel it in person. We were waiting for it to go on sale before buying. Recently I got Nike Vintage Gym capris that are super thin sweatpants material, but, I can't find the men's version (might be the legacy one?). I usually buy whatever is on sale online to try at home and then return in store (or has free mail returns).
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