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  2. I think people admire what they are working on for themselves... so, like Larry said, I appreciate effort. To me, I also think that's what differentiates a "beautiful practice" vs. a "beautiful pose". May we all walk in beauty! (what my Forrest yoga teachers like to say during closing)
  3. Hi all! I am looking for a thin closed hem sweatpant! Any recommendations? Best and thanks
  4. Sorry I'm a bit late here, but hello and welcome! How has your practice been going since you posted? Headstands are a great goal; I personally have found it most beneficial to focus on building strength by learning basic alignment and poses. This has led me to naturally develop more advanced postures while ensuring I'm doing them safely. It's a wonderful and exciting process to watch unfold. I can't wait to hear how your practice is going!
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  6. Most yogis respect and admire effort. It's fun to watch a young, lithe, physically fit, trained gymnast perform in class...but it's impressive to watch an older person with limited flexibility grow and develop their practice.
  7. LarryD517, thank you for your quick response! Your response does give me context to better understand what it means. I'm grateful to be among supportive people in my practice. When people say that to me though, I want to laugh and respond, "My practice is just the result of a self-defeating perfectionist trying to keep herself in check," but I smile and say thank you. :). I'm excited to have discovered these forums and connect more other people!
  8. It can mean anything. It's a compliment...what does it mean when someone says "s/he's a beautiful person"? (on Facebook, it seems that every picture posted gets a few "beautiful" replies) It can're results are amazing..or maybe your efforts are impressive (even if the results aren't perfect)...or maybe your poses are expressive and fluid...or it could mean the person is beautiful and wants to share their beauty
  9. What does it mean when someone says you have a beautiful practice?
  10. Listen to your body. If you're feeling lightheaded, please don't push it. There are certain practices (yin) that are less active or physically demanding. Please see blog entries and See also Candace's Meditation video
  11. Hello there, My name is Casey, I'm 28 years old and I'm married. I recently gave birth to my second daughter and have been feeling really depressed so i started doing yoga on youtube. Ive one done it three days though. today I'm just not feeling it. I'm lightheaded and i feel weak. is it ok to take break days? I thought i should just push through it but my body and mind are not having it. I'm distracted, and just really tired. Has anyone else felt this way?
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  13. Read more at Candace's Blog posting
  14. There's no right or wrong in yoga. Yoga is your personal journey, where you understand get to know and work with your body. I will never be able to clasp my hands behind my back (cow faced pose)...I guess my shoulders aren't constructed the same way as others, so would your instructor say I'm not doing it right or not getting the full experience? If you breath through your mouth, that's okay, trust me, I breath through my nose, but when I need to breath through my mouth, nothing changes My advice, find a new instructor (and fast), one who understands how to get you to work with your limitations. There are many instructors out there...this one isn't the best for you
  15. Hello, I've been getting more involved with my yoga practice over the past year or so. I've always tended to breathe through my mouth due to a mild deviated septum making nasal breathing more challenging. My yoga teacher indicated that in order to achieve the full benefits from your yoga practice, breathing fully through your nose is preferable. Surgery is not something I want to pursue right now, but I really want to be able to focus on breathing in the proper way during class, but it can be frustrating because I feel like I'm not "doing it right..." I know that a deviated septum is an anatomical issue, but was wondering if there are any non-surgical options for alleviating the symptoms to make nasal breathing during yoga easier in order to fully access the benefits of the practice? Does anyone else have this problem too? Thank you for any suggestions! Tara
  16. I am a work-from-home mom, but can relate to much of what you shared! I have three little ones, all of whom have not started school yet (with the exception of preschool for my oldest). I definitely don't get much work done during the day, and if I go to yoga classes, they are late in the evening after my husband is home and my kids are in bed. What I've found works for me is to implement a "quiet time" for all of my kids in the afternoon. This is often during the baby's nap. I will send my older two up to their room with books, toys, and sometimes a movie on the iPad. I tell them that they don't have to nap, but they have to be quiet in their room for an hour. I then use this time to squeeze in a yoga practice!
  17. I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on what the hell is going on with me (and maybe you?) in a couple of poses. Specifically, child's pose and reclined cobbler's pose. We all know in child's pose your butt is supposed to reach your heels, or at least get as close as possible. I've read many times people complaining that because they have tight hips, they can't reach their heels, and thus the pose is not relaxing at all, but hard work and maybe even painful. Namaslay tackles this exact issue by advising a rolled up blanket for support. I get that. The thing is, I also have (extremely) tight hips, and my butt doesn't reach my heels... but in my child's pose there's no work, and there's no pain. It's still totally relaxing. My butt goes back until it hits its limit, and it rests there. It feels as stretch-free and pain-free as if it really was on my butt. It feels like there's a blanket there. It feels like sitting down. This isn't a complaint at all, but I'm wondering why something that causes pain or intense stretching to other people doesn't bother me in the least. The same thing happens in reclined cobbler's pose. The knees open wide, they reach their limit, and then they're fine. Yeah I could make them stretch by pushing down, but I didn't think that's what the stretch was going for. I've done it in Yin class and the instructor has us there for several minutes. She wants it to be as relaxing as possible. Every time, she offers the same advice I see online - put blocks under your knees for support if the stretch is too intense. Too intense? I don't feel a thing. And that's not because I'm so flexible. Plus, what tiny amount of pull gravity alone provides would be erased with a block. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose? What's going on? I feel like my body has a few internal shelves it can rest things on that other people don't have. Thanks for any insight.
  18. Yowza! I used to have a job like that. I know it's hard and some people do it every day. It's just really hard with chronic fatigue and illnesses. :/ Still... 🙌🏻 go, you! Haha
  19. 5? I get to my office around 5, so I can get to the nearby gym when it opens at 6 I haven't slept past 5 in a long time
  20. All good ideas, those aspects are just super unpredictable for us. :/ Our neighborhood is mainly retired folks and one young couple. BUT, one neighbor does watch her granddaughter from time to time and the girl gets along with my son really well, so there may be something there! Thanks for planting that seed in my brain! Waking up earlier would be so wonderful. And that actually seemed to work well during the school year so I could get in a quick 15 minute morning wake up yoga flow done, but ever since school ended, my son's waking times have been so unpredictable. Maybe I need to just suck it up, set the alarm for 5:00 and just do it, and then cross my fingers that he naps! Lol thanks for the reply! 😊
  21. I'm not a mom, but why don't you set your alarm clock to wake up a half hour earlier (or set up a play date with a neighbor to keep him occupied)?
  22. *I could also benefit from the input of working moms too. I know you ladies have as hard of a time "fitting" this stuff into your schedules. I just thought stay at home moms - or even dads - might relate a little more specifically. Help! lol My son, Connor, is 4.5 years old and just finished his first year of PreK. He is an only child, and the older he gets, the more I find that he requires/desires my attention/entertainment! lol I've been able to adapt pretty well each year, because he has always played on his own really well. But now that he's so used to the interactions and stimulation from school, he's much more easily bored at home. So, this summer I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find real time to dedicate to my workouts and especially yoga. Yoga is my main "thing", and any day I don't do it, I end up waking the next morning feeling so stiff and I can tell my mood suffers. So, what do you do? Any wisdom that moms of older kids (or multiple children) can share with me? I have tried having him do it with me, but he's not gonna sit there for a full 20 minutes (which is my minimum) when he can only do a couple of poses anyway. I'm feeling frustrated (and stiff)! Help!
  23. hi everyone, I'm new in this field..
  24. Just as a heads up , it's in French =D
  25. Youtube. Often I have an idea, like I want something more elegant - so ballet - so I'll look for more ballet-based workouts. Pilates? Pilates. Youtube has really become a hub where if you want to try something, you can, and you can look like an idiot in your own house. LOL. I do a lot of cardio-based HIIT pilates from BeFit because I don't get bored easily. It keeps me on my toes. BeFit has a little of everything: ballroom inspired workouts, hip hop inspired, pilates/yoga HIIT, krav maga defense inspired workout (I want to try that one now that I've seen it!), crossfit inspired...basically, you will find something to satisfy you.
  26. I removed the link on your post. If you want to see what 'normal yoga gear prices' are, you might want to consider searching
  27. Hello everyone, i'm vladimir from bulgaria i recently joined Yoga classes alongside my daughter ( she's a strong warrior who survived cancer ) i wanted to get her all the yoga equipment she wanted ( yoga pants / sport bras / yoga mats ) but the thing is i'm running on a strict budget due to medicament prices. I don't want her to know about my situation yet i really can't afford very expensive stuff and want her also to be happy. So far i found this shop which is offering equipment with rather rational prices to other online shops.(link removed) But i have no idea on the normal yoga gear prices. Any thoughts? i'd appreciate all the help, and would be really grateful. Any other suggestions are welcome, if there's somewhere i can find cheaper things do tell please. Thank you.
  28. @yogafan0014 hey Yogafan, it's been so long since I've visited this forum, so I was surprised to see your reply! As far as I remember, our soles were indeed pressed together. It's pretty similar to when you place your own feet sole to sole, so you can probably see that it's not that impossible to interlock toes, haha! It wasn't painful at all, but indeed it was awkward, very much so... But you know the rest of the story!
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