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  2. I've had desk jobs for the past five years and I started struggling with hips too since I started yoga. What I find useful is to sit very wide legged in my chair and tuck my feet behind the wheels. Sometimes when I do the tea run, while I wait for the kettle to boil I might do some wide legged twists against the wall, and I almost always stretch when I go for a toilet break. Rag doll and the like. It's not a lot, but it helps to get me through the day and keep the muscles awake.
  3. Hmmm I suppose I haven't... It never occurred to me that this could be trauma. I always thought trauma was from something more like physical abuse or violence, but not a case of teenage bullying. I've had CBT in the past and I found it very ineffective, so I'm sceptical about reaching out again... But I'll give it more thought and consider what you and others have said. Thank you for your input and advice.
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  5. I like the Jade Harmony it's very 'sticky' so your foot wont slide. If you want to know what works best for you, go to a studio and ask the other students which they like.
  6. Yes, a loose tank top will be good.
  7. Looking to buy a new mat. I usually practice at home about 1-2 times a week. Any suggestions?
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  9. I guess it depends on your personality. Folks with addictive personalities tend to get into patterns, including exercise schedules. Others don't. I've never been a regular, but after noticing how great I feel...and how much I enjoy the classes, I now practice every day. Practicing at home requires more a club or studio is easier as you start to develop friendships and look forward to seeing the people
  10. Hello there, I started practicing yoga at home recently and I find it very hard doing it on regular basis (at least two/three times a week). How did you commit to regular yoga practice? Yogis who feel like me, please let me know. It'll be nice to know I'm not alone Meital
  11. It doesn't sound like you have moved on. Moving on means you have no resentment or rage, not that you don't think about it. It sounds like these girls traumatized you, and I would suggest Larry's advice. Not only is a competent one important, but it sounds like you need one trained in trauma therapy. Trauma comes in many forms and what happened to you with those girls was a traumatic event, one that has left an indelible scar on your psyche and that needs specific exercises to help heal. Trauma therapy has actually helped me in overcoming some of the experiences I have experienced that are very close to yours.
  12. Thank you for this suggestion. An interesting read and I've definitely learned something I'd like to incorporate into my everyday life, but I'm not convinced it will help me that much with my old anger
  13. Hi Larry, Thank you for your advice. I'm very open about this with my family and a friend, they know the full extent of my rage and they have a good understanding of how I feel and why. The good thing is I've never acted on this anger even is opportunities for revenge had arisen.
  14. I'm Amanda and I'm reading this from Maryland!
  15. This is a yoga way. I hope you find some peace with this.
  16. A competent and trained therapist would be your best option to help you resolve these issues. Please consider so you can move on and enjoy a peaceful co-existence. Please also share your feelings with a relative or a trusted friend. These are very troubling emotions and must to be addressed..., but until you get help, you need to have people who are close to you aware of your difficulties so as to help you avoid making a mistake
  17. Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone here could help me or perhaps have some insight to share. Recently I've become hyper aware of the anger I hold onto in myself. I'm talking old anger about things that happened to me that I did not deserve. The best example I have is a couple of girls I went to school with and considered my friends, who had a lot of fun at my expense, essentially publicly humiliating me just so they could have a laugh. It's an event that took place a long time ago (7-8 years) and although it has deeply and permanently affected me, I've moved on and I don't think about it anymore. I've talked about it with people I trust, expressed my feelings, had time to digest it and leave it behind me. But I still feel inexplicably angry towards those two particular girls. It's an anger that makes me want to destroy them, make them feel pain that they will never be able to recover from and I want their lives to crumble and turn to ash. This is just one example. I've had several other experiences, not as drastic, that also leave me forever angry. Despite apologies from the culprits, sometimes even lengthy discussions to resolve the issue and genuine remorse from these people, it's not enough and I feel a lack of closure with so many of these experiences and I can feel it all swirling inside me. I don't want to feel this way. Obviously I realise that these thoughts I have about wanting to destroy people are pretty evil and I don't want to become that. I just want to let it all go, forget it, leave it behind me and live my life knowing these experiences and emotions don't control who I am, and I don't know how to achieve this.
  18. Hi I’m Angela and I’m reading this from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It’s very snowy here in the uk at the moment. 😊
  19. Hello I do the starting strength program. And Candace has some videos about yoga for olympic weightlifters on youtube which I can recommend.
  20. Hello Well, I would recommend to wear a loose tank top covering butt and the front. Best!
  21. I actually have Namaslay! I forgot those were there! Thanks!
  22. I'll make sure she sees your request. Candace recently published Namaslay which contains many step by step descriptions of poses, as well as sequences. It's a great book (if they ever make it into a movie, I've volunteered to play the part of beginner)
  23. For me a written list would be fantastic!
  24. Hello! I am at an intermediate level and my home practice consists of following videos, which I love! However, now I am at a point where I know how to do all of the poses so hearing over and over how to do them in my favorite videos isn't helpful. I cant seem to find any good yoga classes written down! I have watched and paused videos to write them myself but it takes so long! I would love to have a few 30-60 minute sequences that I can reference! If Candace posted her class outlines that would be soooo helpful to me!! Thanks, Nicole
  25. This is very helpful Larry. Thank you!
  26. Some ideas to consider?
  27. Thanks Larry. I had already done that, but was wondering if anyone else had experience in submitting articles and where they would suggest I do so. Not all magazines are submission friendly, and some only accept articles from "famous" authors or magazine insiders.
  28. Moderator note...I merged the two posts. No need to have two separate threads on the same topic. Site owner @YogaByCandace maintains a blog that entertains guest bloggers. If you’re referring to print publications, a quick web search using the phrase "yoga magazines" yields plenty of results.
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