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  3. I would recommend briefs fpr loose yoga pants and a thong for a tight pair of yoga pants.
  4. I would recommend a thong or something similar.
  5. Hey all! Me and my boyfriend want to attend a hot yoga class, I read that girls wear bras and tight shorts. But I do not know what guy wear to a hot yoga class. Do you have any recommendation for me? Namaste! :-)
  6. As my understanding of yoga has increased that knowledge has transferred onto the squash court in terms of strength, balance and position. It’s also helped me understand that the pace I need on court doesn’t just come from doing speed work, it can come from the strength and balance work I’m doing alongside it. Learning a lot about yoga postures/poses, what muscle groups you need for that, has transferred onto the court and helped me get into that deep lunge position that we use so much in squash.
  7. Ashtanga yoga benefits- people become happier with their life
  8. Speak to your professional medical practitioner or a highly trained instructor who specializes in prenatal issues. random strangers at web forum shouldn’t be giving you advice
  9. I'm entering my second trimester and I'm starting to get some hip pain. I've also had low back pain most of this pregnancy. I'm not sure which stretches/poses I can do that are safe (especially some of the twist ones) and are ones I can keep doing when I get bigger. Thanks!
  10. I have a long one, not round and it does the trick. Amra x
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a primary teacher and new to yoga. Looking forward to learning loads about it! Thanks Amra
  12. It doesn’t bother me, you’ll get used to it (and learn to enjoy it, too! 😈 ). I’ve noticed that more men are "catching the wave", try inviting male friends to class.
  13. Hello All, I've been meditating for some time and yoga seemed like a natural progression. Sometime after turning 40, I realized just how inflexible I had become and am really looking forward to becoming more limber. Also, a bit of that spark of vitality that so many yoga practitioners have would be nice as well. What I like least about yoga, is being the only guy in class. what I like most is the same thing; different classes with different energies and all. What I'm blown away by is how engaging a session is - body, mind, and soul. Be well;)
  14. See comment #1 in my signature below It’s impossible for someone else to diagnose why your muscles are sore, since we can’t assess what your doing, how hard you’re pushing yourself, your conditioning, experience, training, age, how frequently you stretch, whether your pushing yourself passed your comfort level, etc. Are you trying to compete with the others in class, trying to show them that you’re on their level? How many minutes do you devote to stretching before a class? (I typically try for 15 minutes at a minimum) My hamstrings don't get sore. I've been doing "legs up the wall" for five minutes a day, every day of the year for the last three years. While I still consider myself inflexible, I am slowly seeing progress. Are you micro bending or bending your knees to accommodate your limitations? If you can't forward fold with straight legs...DON'T try to. In all poses, you go only as far as your body tells you...listen to (and respect) your body. Breath slowly and deeply, calm your mind, relax and then after a few seconds see if you can go a little further. (see link #3 in my signature below) You should speak to your teacher. Is the teacher experienced and competent? If not, find a new teacher. Alternate between vinyasa and yin...spend more time with yin to achieve flexibility. You mentioned you’re doing one form every day of the week. Why? How much time do you devote to yin? Find new and different classes. The primary series is a fast paced routine, try a slower, more deliberative class. Don’t only go to one type of class Suggested exercises (do all of these daily)... pyramid pose for a two minutes on each side each day (keep back straight!) legs up the wall for five minutes a day stay in halfway lift (use blocks, or put your hands on your shins to make sure your back is straight) for a minute or two Relax, work within your level, there’s no competition, nor ego, in yoga. You may never achieve the level of others in class, that’s is progress, not goals.
  15. Yes! I've been doing the primary series for two months now on a daily basis. It doesn't seem to give the hamstring muscles a workout and yet my hamstrings feel this dull sense of soreness all the time! I'm becoming much more flexible, but I wonder if the soreness is telling me to stop pushing so hard...or if it's a normal part of becoming more flexible.
  16. I am reading this from Poznan, Poland but I live in Los Angeles
  17. Hello everyone! I'm Jasmine and I just joined this forum. I love Yoga and I'm here to learn something new from you
  18. I currently do horseback riding (English Equitation mostly. I'm learning a little bit of dressage and starting to get into jumping), yoga, YouTube Krav Maga workouts, and walking my dog. When I do my horseback riding lessons at the NFP, I tack up and down and ride my horse. If you aren't familiar with tacking horses, it requires a lot of strength and endurance, especially if you have to groom them first, which I have to do with Kadena (the horse I ride) as she often isn't used in lessons before I come. The procedure often goes as thus: using a hoof pick to clean out debris in the hooves (you must get the horse to give you their feet first. You must hold the hoof in one hand, clean it with the pick in the other), with horses with large white areas such as Kadena - you need to use charcoal to lift any noticeable stains then use a curry brush to dig out dead fur, sand, dust, hay, etc. A hard brush then sweeps this debris away. This is followed by a soft brush to smooth the hair. A comb or hair brush is used to detangle the mane and tail (my favorite part.) That entails grooming. To tack, I put on a basic saddle blanket and even it, then a fleece saddle pad followed by the saddle, which weighs about 30 pounds (it's heavy.) The girth is strapped onto one side, I walk over to the other and strap it to the saddle on the other side, then tighten accordingly. Since Kadena wears a nose strap, I take off her harness, affix her bridle that way, then adjust my stirrup leathers, then I put her harness on her bridle hook and take her out to the arena to ride. It takes about 30 minutes. Good strength training. I also stretch out her legs before I ride her so she doesn't injure herself and stretch them after once I've got her tack off.
  19. Agreed, we can force people unless they inspire from you. Yoga if part is part of my life now I do every day but my sister doesn't like to do, I can only ask her.
  20. Wow its amazing. Thanks for sharing
  21. Well, you said it yourself, you wouldn't want other people's religion [or political views or what not] pushed onto you, so don't push yoga onto them unless they ask about it. Everyone has their own way to cope with drama and stressful situations - some cope better than others. You do yoga. GREAT! Some tend to break down and cry, then pull themselves back together after a good cry. This is also healthy (though it doesn't look that way, it is healthy!) Some of us need to go furiously write and some of us have to go hoof it out on the sidewalk. Others need to talk to somebody. Some, like me, need to combine to really solve something fully. Some of us even need to scream at the top of our lungs in a locked closed room by ourselves and just get it all out. [Totally therapist approved, especially screaming into a pillow.] Unless they are truly endangering themselves by not eating properly (or eating excessively), drinking to the point of passing out, cutting or self-harming, harming you or others, or doing drugs [in which case, you need to tell the RA if you are at a dorm or a supervisor], it's not really your place to say, "Why not try yoga?" Go forth, get some noise-cancelling headphones if you need to, and keep conquering college.
  22. Consider @YogaByCandace's training!
  23. I completed an amazing 200-hour teacher training in May 2017, (just a few months ago.) I enjoyed the training so much. It was incredibly transformative, totally deepened my practice and improved my teaching. At times it shook me to the core and broke down all my confidence, which I think is required in a good training in order to rebuild your foundations as a teacher - especially if you've already been teaching prior to beginning your training. Ultimately I emerged feeling more confident in my ability to share yoga's best gifts with others. It took an intense amount of work, energy and determination to get through (this was a nine-month weekend program that I took in another town, requiring me to travel quite a long ways to get there once per month.) Anything worth doing is not likely to come easy, I suppose! I know that I will eventually want to go on and earn my 500-hour certification, but I'm not sure which aspect of yoga I want to specialize in. It seems like there are a lot of directions one can go, schools one can choose from and potential paths to follow. I have noticed that the 500-hour track offerings tend to encourage Yogis to select one specific area of study. I am having a difficult time deciding where and what (aside from simply 'more yoga') calls my heart to delve into more deeply. I suppose / hope / pray the answer will come when it is time for me to take that step. Maybe what I need now is to process all that I've recently experienced and really integrate that whole part of the journey into my life as a teacher and a yogi before I jump into another training. I agree with what YogiKris says about researching, then meditating on it and following your heart. Everything she mentioned is excellent advice for certain. And yet... when I meditate on my OWN future trainings... the answers remain murky! It's like shaking a Magic 8 Ball and being told, 'ask again later!' Ha ha.
  24. Hello, I am Alisa and I am reading from Las Vegas, Nevada. Good to see that this forum exists!
  25. Auras are a little different for everyone! "Migraine with aura" simply means you have a cluster of symptoms that are known to happen before each migraine (I see a neurologist who specializes in migraines.) I have something called "migraine without aura" which means I often have migraines with little to no symptoms beforehand, although I can have them sometimes. When I do have aura, my neck typically hurts so bad that I feel like it can't support my head. I also tend to have numbness in one arm or hand. The first thing I do is take my migraine medication, then put an ice pack on my occipitals, over my eyes and a heating pad on my feet. That normally knocks those aura ones out fast.
  26. Hello there! I am sorry that you have migraine. I do have migraine as well. But I found a "cure" for myself, which makes the migraines appear very rarely now. I started with the migraines when I was around 10 years old and now I am 34. At first the pain was killing me and I didn't know what to do. I actually didn't know what happens at all. After years of pain I started analyzing the problem and found out what happens and the best is that I found WHY it happens. I found out the migraine was a reaction of my body. Why? Because I was: not getting enough sleep not drinking enough water not eating proper food staying in front of a computer When I became 16, 17 I added those things to the list: drinking alcohol (beer triggers my migraine very quickly) smoking cigarettes going to many parties, bars, disco clubs and so on I did this at least 2 times a week and I had a lot of migraine crisis. BTW I have a migraine with aura. For those that don't know it is a symptom and you see it with one of your eyes. It lasts for about 30 minutes before the pain starts. It looks like this: So, after years of analyzing I found the triggers. And I started fixing the problem. I used to have pain after every aura. After I started changing the way i live, the pain still appeared but not after ever aura. I also used to have migraine crisis at least once every month. I had even 3-4 migraine crisis in 2 days. Not any more. The crisis stopped. Now they appear rarely. Of course added something else to my eating diet. I take minerals and vitamins now and then. Magnesium and Vitamin B6 are what I take the most. I found that by reading many studies like those. But remember that I do not recommend you to take anything without asking your doctor first! In short this is my story. I hope it will help you open your eyes for some of problems that trigger your migraine.
  27. Hello everybody! My name is Angelo and I am beginner in Yoga. I am still learning but will try to give nice comments and suggestions in the forum. See you around!
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