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    @YogaNoob I would say to practice a minimum of 2x a week to truly experience the benefits of yoga. I practice daily, and this may sounds sort of abstract to you right now but you will learn as awareness increases: do what FEELS good. Your body might need different things at different times but it is really good at asking for what it wants if you listen. Good luck!! Ask as many questions as you need!
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    Such a great book it is. All the topics explained precisely. Thanks for sharing.
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    If your instructors are not sure and your medical checks out I am not sure how much help you can get off the internet. Sometimes yoga does things to us emotionally and subconsciously which may have physical effects. Do you have strong core muscles? Those muscles keep our innards steady, keep everything from squishing and sloshing around. too much.
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    I often find, that if i'm doing a yin practice in particular, where poses are held for longer, I definitely have an emotional reaction. Its nearly always in Pigeon actually. I see it as a positive thing....just maybe an expression of something that needed to come out from the unconscious?? ...Kinda like when your joints crack, and the theory goes, that its gas escaping from the joints...so a good thing. Frame the emotion in a good way first and see what journey it takes you on...hold the emotion with love and then let it leave with love:)