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    Here we go, friends! All the details HERE. Who's in?! Feel free to share the promo picture on instagram now with #YBCprogress to let your followers know about it so they can join in! Links for Suggested Schedule Nov 1: Snap a pic and post your photo on instagram with #YBCprogress. Then, begin with any video you like, of any length you like. Also hop on over to the to share what pose you’ll be focusing on and find out what others have chosen. Nov 2: 30 Min afternoon power yoga & 5 yoga poses for upper back pain (do this twice, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Nov 3: 30 minute restorative yoga video & supine heart opener (use a couch cushion if you don’t have a bolster. Hold for 5 minutes, focusing on your exhales) Nov 4: Rest day! Nov 5: 15 min chest video & neck and shoulders poses (do this twice, breathing 5-7 full deep breaths in each pose) Nov 6: 20 min yin yoga video (use a couch cushion if you don’t have a bolster). Check in on social media, if you like with #YBCprogress and head over the to to get some support from fellow participants! Nov 7: 15 min yoga video for men (this focuses on tight chests) Nov 8: Rest day! Nov 9: 20 min total body video for beginner vinyasa & energizing yoga sequence (do this twice, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Nov 10: 15 min strength and flexibility vid & 3 poses for chest (do these 3 times each, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Nov 11: 20 min blindfolded yoga vid & 5 poses to get strong now (do this 3 times, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Nov 12: Rest day! Nov 13: 30 min power yoga for core and hamstrings & morning yoga for legs (do this 2 times, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Nov 14: Rest day! Nov 15: 15 min yoga for a good sweat & 30 min sciatica vid Nov 16: 30 min athletic morning yoga for legs and check in with #YBCprogress! Nov 17: 7 poses to lengthen and strengthen (do this two times through, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) & 15 min gentle yoga with abs vid Nov 18: Rest day! Nov 19: HALFWAY THERE! Progress report day! Snap the a pic of the same pose you did on Nov 1 and feel free to share on social media with #YBCprogress. Then, log on to the to ask questions, chat with others, and get motivated to complete the rest! 30 min power vinyasa flow vid & good morning sequence Nov 20: Rest day! Nov 21: 15 min afternoon power vid & 10 min slow and sweaty vid Nov 22: Rest day! Nov 23: 30 min invigorating yoga vid Nov 24: 30 min feel good heart opening yoga vid Nov 25: 30 min power yoga flow & 6 poses for hips (do this twice, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Nov 26: 60 min vinyasa vid & and check in on the and social media with #YBCprogress Nov 27: Rest day! Nov 28: Rest day! Nov 29: Detox yoga vid (coming soon) Nov 30: 30 min power yoga for core and hamstrings & seated sequence (do this two times through, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Dec 1: 20 min yoga with a blog vid & 10 min office yoga vid & check in on the and social media with #YBCprogress Dec 2: Rest day! Dec 3: 25 min yoga for travel vid & 30 min yoga for balance vid Dec 4: Rest day! Dec 5: 15 min yoga for tight hips vid & 15 min yoga for low back and legs vid Dec 6: 30 minute restorative yoga video & supine heart opener (use a couch cushion if you don’t have a bolster. Hold for 5 minutes, focusing on your exhales) Dec 7: 60 min vinyasa vid & and check in with #YBCprogress Dec 8: 30 min sciatica vid & improved posture sequence (do this three times through, breathing 5-7 full, deep breaths in each pose) Dec 9: LAST DAY! 20 min yoga for back flexibility. Yeah! You did it! Check in with #YBCprogress and hop on over the to share your photos!
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    I 100% agree!!! I absolutely love coconut oil! Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the dad puts Windex on everything as the cure-all?! That's how I am with coconut oil! Got a rash? Put some coconut oil! Have dry hair? Put some coconut oil! Need some sunblock? Put some coconut oil! (It actually works, I did my front, and forgot my back and got SO BURNT on my back but was totally fine on the front!)
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    Finished my practice this morning (90 mins) and I can feel a difference in my wheel pose, I feel more confident and comfortable while in it, still have to catch up for all the past week when I had very limited time to practice , but I' feeling super motivated
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    One thing about yoga retreats and vegetarian menus - from my experience, it also has to do with the fact that meat is more expensive and since retreats are often all inclusive, teachers try to keep the costs down as much as possible. For me, in my training, we discussed this at length. I mean, how can we "do no harm" if we are eating animals? One of my teachers said something that really stuck with me. She said that doing no harm also pertains to yourself, and if you do not feel well on a vegetarian diet, and you feel better eating meat, you need to do what is healing to you. Different people need different things, she said - and even the Dalai Lama is not vegetarian. I really struggled with this idea when I needed to start the GAPS diet to heal my stomach from longterm antibiotic use for Lyme Disease. The diet calls for lots of animal fats and meat to heal and repair the gut lining. After being vegan/vegetarian on and off for around thirteen years or so, it definitely was not easy for me to start eating meat every single day. But I was incredibly sick and this was my last resort and it has helped me tremendously. I think that what people choose to eat is a highly personal decision and one of the things I swear never to do is judge people on what they eat or consider my way of eating better than anyone else's. We all need different things, and feel better eating different ways, in my opinion.
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    Thanks all! Knees feeling a bit better, it's a soft tissue injury from too much walking in Amsterdam! Glad to hear of your guys progess!
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    That is awesome! I bet it felt amazing!! Wow was the blindfolded yoga an experience! I felt kind of tense/nervous until triangle pose, and then it was like my body finally realized that IT knew how to do all of the poses without ME, you know? And the savasana was soooo glorious!!
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    I have been vegetarian for 8 years and vegan for 2. I am vegan for ethical reasons and personal beliefs that line up with my own personal interpretation of ahimsa. However, I believe this is an extremely personal decision that everyone should examine and define for themselves. In my own interpretation of ahimsa, I feel that it is violent to judge or condemn anyone else's food choices and what they mean in relation to their own personal yogic journey.
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    Ok, I have to share my joy here: today is a big day - I touched my feet on the last breaths of the seated forward fold Sooo excited! (I am a total beginner, and this is a huge progress for me ) You all are such a great motivation
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    Hi everyone! Today is a big day - I touched my feet on the last breaths of the seated forward fold Sooo excited! And how are you today?
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    I could not agree more!! I too have been working on supported headstand and have been getting really excited as I get closer to getting my legs up and straight. I am nowhere close to mastering it but my excitment keeps me driven!
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    Hi... I didn't get to practice as often as I would like to do at the last days. At day 6-10 I just did some sunsolutions in the morning and some streches bevor I went to bed. That was really frustrated, but I didn´t find the time. But yesterday I did a great, longer practice. I did sunsolutions and cat/cow to warm up. After that I did Candace's 20 min. yoga for back flexibility video and then 30 min. feel good heart opening yoga video. It felt fantastic after all. Way to go!
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    Hi Candace, I'm based in Melbourne, Australia – only 18 days till summer ... wahoo! Cheers, Leona
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    the look you make when you first see light after blind yoga it was fun and i didnt fall...woot
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    Wow blindfold yoga is an experience.. I definitely want to try this again.. I was very unsteady on the balance pose and did have to peak a few times to see if I was doing the practice correctly but I think this is one to definitely build trust in your body and listening to Candace's voice!!
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    I loved the blind folded practice! I sometimes do most of my practice with my eyes closed except for the balancing poses! I have to peak a little then. I think I adjust to the pose better by how I'm feeling without the visual distractons. It's just a different kind of feeling.
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    One of my favorites: A master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide if he is working or playing. To him, he is always doing both. I like to read that as a prelude to a more physical, athletic practice where we're focusing on something like inversions, when people often react with an immediate "I can't" instead of approaching it with a sense of playfulness and just seeing what happens. I try to encourage people to shift their perspective both on and off the mat whenever they come upon these "challenges" and try to see them as opportunities to simultaneously play and work, and just let whatever happens unfold organically.
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    I'm curious to hear how you've been taught to jump back to chaturanga dandasana. I've noticed that there are two different techniques: jumping first to plank and then lowering down to chaturanga or jumping directly to chaturanga with elbows bent to 90 degrees. I've been instructed to do the latter in order to protect the shoulder joint and the lower back. Any thoughts?
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    Don't worry about the balance! It's a good challenge to try regaining focus after falling out the first time, and it sounds like it was hard to recover while in class. It was a nice test to do it again at home and to find that you were able to be settled again. I was told that the balance is a reflection of the current state of mind. Maybe you were excited or nervous in class around others, so it resulted in you feeling slightly wobbly? I also find it easier to balance by focusing on a single spot on the ground of opposite wall, and then you won't get distracted by others around you. Have you focused on engaging your core during the poses too? Regarding what I did today.. I'll report last night's class! We did about 30 minutes of stretching, using a strap around our foot for hamstrings and doing twists on our lower back lying down. The rest of the hour we did sun salutations A and B and the first part of the standing sequence in the Primary Series. We also used the strap for shoulder opening exercises (raising the strap above the head and behind the back, and back over again while keeping the arms as straight as possible). I mention the stretches because it made my full wheel at the end of class feel solid when getting up. My arms are still not straight, but I felt I rose higher than other times. The other interesting part was that we did a twisting low lunge quad stretch that felt a lot more intense than other variations in which the hips are squared off or not twisting. I've forgotten how to do it before, so now I'm happy I did it again last night.
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    Happy belated birthday, notlulamae. Hope you are feeling better!
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    I'm glad I checked in here, my question was exactly on how to find the links to some of the poses (for the challenge). I've been working through the infographic. Pays to check! Loving this challenge, it's encouraged me to create a morning\afternoon practice. Cheers, Leona
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    notlulamae, I hope you're okay and that your injury isn't serious. Happy belated birthday! Mana, so happy and excited for you, woohoo! Keep up your awesome practice! =) I'm feeling okay today...just finished the yin yoga practice video. I used a rolled up fleece blanket and an even thicker fleece blanket as my bolster. I'm not sure if I got the full benefits of the practice because I felt a little lumpy in places. That's what I get for using two blankets I suppose haha.
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    YES! I think I have made a slight amount of progress. I was concerned I'd reached my peak with my chosen pose. So I'm happy!! Also, I think I'm a day ahead of you guys.. It's the 11th today in Australia, so today I did the blindfolded yoga. That was fun - there was a fair bit of fumbling I must admit
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    I've been a vegetarian for 8 years and it was a personal decision based on how I felt guilty while eating a lot of meat. So, that's what made me want to stop. With that said I don't think it makes my yoga practice any deeper because I've been a vegetarian way longer than I've been doing yoga. For me, yoga has made me a more nutritious and health conscious eater. You can be a vegetarian and have a terrible diet compared to most omnivores, so I think it has more to do with what makes you feel good!
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    Hi guys, just got back from a week away for work reasons , tried my best to practice even with the small amount of free time that I had, but so looking forward to get back on track
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    Why is the one side of your hip so tight? Figuring out the answer may be very helpful to you. Sitting for long periods can cause this problem. Not just sitting but sitting in a particular way for many years. It could be crossing the legs the same way every time. Sitting at a slight angle from forward. Or something else. This will likely be really difficult to figure out because we become so accustom to sitting this way that it feels completely natural. And it will very subtle which makes it so difficult to notice. When you figure it out you will know it because doing it the opposite (perhaps crossing the legs) will feel incredibly uncomfortable. If it is unbalanced sitting then it is a simple matter of changing sitting habits. It will take a long time but eventually become more flexible. Adding some helpful poses everyday will also help. You didn't mention any injuries. With an old foot, knee or leg injury sometimes we 'protect' that injury by holding or walking in a certain way and we are completely unaware of doing this. After many years of doing this something called sympathetic injures can develop, tightness in one hip could be a sign of this. Over the internet it is impossible to know if these may be causing the problem. Something for you to investigate to help you figure it out.
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    Any reduction in harm counts. If you decide to quit eating meat twice a week, and you can commit to that and sustain that, it very much counts. If you decide to drive 30 fewer miles per week to save on gas, it counts. If you choose to be happy three mornings a week, no matter the circumstances, it counts. If you do only one moderately kind thing when you really don't freaking feel like it, it still counts. It's impractical and unkind to make major life decisions and adjustments explicitly on the basis that it would complement lifestyle or a moral scheme. That is rote, and genuine compassion does not come that way. I never eat flesh because it is easy for me, sustainable, and feels good. I can respect that it doesn't work that way for everyone else.
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    Hey everyone! I've had a busy birthday week visiting London and Amsterdam and am now home with some sort of knee injury... Not good. It's really bummed me out. I'm off to visit the doctors in a couple of days. Any advice?
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    I went to a free yoga class at lululemon today...and walked 3 miles there and back in the cold just for it haha! It was an interesting class. There were only three of us, so the instructor could really look at our alignment and do hands-on adjustments and assists (which I love and I miss it when I can't go to studio classes). But it definitely felt like we were left on one side for longer than another when she was helping out a specific student. And it was weird that people walking by the lululemon storefront were staring at us lol. But hey, I'll take free yoga any day! Hope everyone's doing well! Happy Sunday! =)
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    Congrats! That is great. What a great feeling to accomplish something you have been working so hard at attaining. Don't let your husband get in your head. I'm sure there are plenty of yoga poses you have mastered that he couldn't come close to doing.
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    What was the mix ratio you used?
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    It really can be so frustrating to be unable to do what you want to because of injuries. I agree with Candace, that there is a chance for personal growth in the situation (if there´s no other silver lining, there´s always personal growth, right! <a href=http://www.freesmile) Maybe it is an opportunity to focus on breathing, alignment and other more subtle parts of the practise? I jope it is nothing too serious and that you´re back in the game soon
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    beautiful!!!! if you eat meat, make a good bone broth. that always helps me!
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    Haha yeah a crockpot (US) = slow cooker (UK), they are plentiful here, and I use the heck out of mine. Electric kettles are also super standard for a British home so I rarely think about mine anymore despite the fact that I never had one in the States. My mom even bought one for my house back home...BUT the London tap water is so hard it is like liquid concrete so I absolutely cannot live without my Brita kettle. It makes such a difference with my tea, I even got one for my office. The only other kitchen thing I think I find super essential is my iron skillet because I'm Southern and because they add iron to anything that you cook in them so they are actually great for your health and don't leach scary teflon chemicals into your food. Oh, and one more Southern related thing: I got a Takeya jug to make iced tea in from loose leaf tea this summer and that was a total game changer.