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    I just have to share my excitement somewhere - anywhere - that today I finally mastered crow pose! I have been trying this one on and off for what feels like years, but I have always struggled with arm strength. Thanks to Candace's 30 minute video for strength and flexibility which I have been practicing for a few weeks now I have finally done it. I'm hoping this newfound strength will help me build into handstands and other exciting ventures. I've always been happy with my level of flexibility and balance, but strength was a major downfall. I proceeded to show my husband, who has never done a day of yoga in his life, and he did it perfectly on his first try... just to rub it in
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    So happy for everyone!! Today I did my first full split since I was 10 years old! I have to take a picture but I'm just so amazed at how my body is opening and responding to the practice at my 42 . I've been into sports all my life, I've been doing yoga consistently for 3 years now, I practice yoga everyday and TODAY, I did my first full Hanumasana. I called my husband to watch me and he was like
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    Woohooo!!!! Wanna share a pic? (Greg was working like crazy last night to see if he could set everyone up so we can share pics, so I think everyone should be able to share (small) pics)
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    Photo is sent and feedback is submitted My legs are almost straight in forward fold, wow! Going to believe I really can . Really great feeling
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    I was off last night and off tonight and with my strange sleep schedule I haven't slept very much the last 2 days. For some strange reason I have tons of energy this a.m. so I took advantage of it and did today's practice and then worked on some other poses and a short yin practice. I probably will crash at some point so it's a good thing I practiced early!
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    So excited to have seen my progress photo today , it might not be perfect but Imvery proud and happy withthe progress so far
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    One of my favorites today - a new series called YBC Reader Yoga Journey. Today's is by Angie (I believe she is @angieeatspeace here on the forum). Today she shares her yoga journey, and how yoga helped her cope after her father tragically lost his life. Thank you so much for sharing, Angie. http://yogabycandace.com/blog/yoga-journey-how-yoga-helped-me-heal#disqus_thread PS - If any of you would like to share your yoga journey,
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    Hi... I didn't get to practice as often as I would like to do at the last days. At day 6-10 I just did some sunsolutions in the morning and some streches bevor I went to bed. That was really frustrated, but I didn´t find the time. But yesterday I did a great, longer practice. I did sunsolutions and cat/cow to warm up. After that I did Candace's 20 min. yoga for back flexibility video and then 30 min. feel good heart opening yoga video. It felt fantastic after all. Way to go!
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    Oh no! I hope you get to feeling better soon--that feeling of sinus pressure is just awful. I took pictures today of mermaid pose, wheel pose, and upavistha konasana (these turned out incredibly blurry for some reason, which is unfortunate, because that is the one that needs a LOT of work, lol. I feel kinda weird posting them on IG, but here they are for the forum! http://imgur.com/yQoaJHt,w5O637b
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    You sign up and get the first outfit for $25. Then each month between the 1st and 5th you log on, check out the new outfits, order or either decline for the month (you can always go back and order any time!) or do nothing and the $49 is charged to your card and you just keep the credit. You can use it any time. You also earn points from each order you place and save them up for a free outfit! I've earned 2 free outfits so far (that gives away the amount I've spent on fabletics). You aren't charged if you decline by the 5th of each month. If you decide not to continue with the subscription you can call and cancel at any time. I know some people have said it's a scam but everything I've said is on their site and very clear. You ARE charged if you don't log on and decline or order something. You can order any time even if you decline, just log on and shop! I really like the quality and they even have sale items at times you can order. I hope this helps.
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    How about Uniqlo's heat tech long sleeve shirts? I wore them as base layers for everyday wear and for skiing last year. I loved how thin it was while still radiating heat back from my skin. I saw monks shopping at Uniqlo in Taiwan and realized they were there for the heat tech, too! I bought this sheer glow jacket from Athleta recently, as a thin layer to use while running outside (the idea is that it's lightweight enough to tie around my waist when I don't need it, but it hasn't gotten that cold yet for me to test). The fit is snug, so much that it won't stay on by itself unzipped. I just tested doing downward dog with it on - the hoodie slides down, but it's so lightweight that it's not bothersome to me, but, it may be distracting for you. Maybe a long sleeve moisture wicking top will do? C9 from Champion has some cute styles. I found that if the shirt is long enough, it won't slide up when doing downward dog. If you prefer a warmer and thicker material with a tighter fit so it doesn't flop, what about a fitted sweatshirt from American Apparel? I wear mine around the house so my sleeves don't get in the way when I prep food! This is such a good question because I just saw some "yoga outfits" on Fabletics categorized as "layers", but they seemed impractical. For instance, one had a loose, flowy cardigan that doesn't seem to make sense for practicing with it on, and the layer underneath that was a sports bra. So... I guess that layer may have been just a cover up on the way to class? Not sure! Stay warm! I wonder if doing some light cardio like jumping jacks might be good to warm up muscles before yoga practice? Then you can keep the same wardrobe year round!
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    Hi Candace! How much editing do you prefer to do with these stories? In the form link above, do you want us to paraphrase and only mention highlights / significant milestones? And then you'll follow up with more details in a PM? Or are we supposed to submit the story in its entirety as if it would be published word for word on the blog?
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    For me it's a yes. I use phly and they have two types depending on how much you're working. They also cover retreats and if you travel for workshops etc. They're great to work with.
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    YogaFire, I have to admit, emoticons definitely have an impact on my posting decisions.