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    Candace has released a new 45 minute video.. I can't wait to try this.. This is an ideal video length for me as I sometimes don't have the time for a full 60 minute practice but want a bit more than 30 minutes.. Thank you Candace...
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    Athleta's semi-annual sale started yesterday. Some great deals! I have no ties to Athleta, just thought I'd share Yoga Outlet has 12 days of deals going on. GREAT deals on gear, gifts, etc. Again, no ties
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    Just completed the 45 minute video, great strength building and very challenging will enjoying practicing this one Candace.
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    Hope you enjoy! Make sure to stay tuned for the next YBC Community Yoga project coming up in January
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    I am considering yoga teacher training with LifePower Yoga. Has anyone done this program? Would love to hear your thoughts.
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    Strength is something I need to work on, I'll be giving it a go for sure!
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    My cat sometimes likes to join me in my practice. Downward dog and savasana are the moments she tends to "join" me the most. Sometimes she even gets upset if I am on the mat and she is trying to lie down. Smh.
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    I practice yoga almost exclusively in my own (carpeted) home. (Maybe when I'm not a college student any more I'll be able to go to classes!) I didn't even realize there would be such a difference between carpeting and hard flooring. I'm bookmarking this to make later! Also, to those who are worried about space--perhaps hinging two smaller pieces together would work for storing it? It would create a seam in the center, which is something to consider.
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    I have been eyeing those lifeboards but not feeling the cost. I have been considering a DIY but wasn't sure about appropriate materials and thickness. A plus to the lifeboard is it detaches in the center so it can be more easily stored, and I'm not sure where I'd shove a huge board that couldn't be detached (under the bed?). I may have to try this! I don't really hate using my thicker mat on carpet, but balancing can be harder, and I figure a flatter surface would be better to practice inversions down the road. Way, way down the road at this point, but it's still an aspiration!
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    Thanks everyone It's still holding up strong! It would probably be ok - I like having the mats screwed to the board so it's a little softer, and my main mat doesn't slip around.