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    i struggle to keep my feet facing forward and flat on the ground ...ugh, but i got it up long enough for my camera to capture it the timer on my phone helps...as soon as it gets to 2 seconds i lift very briefly lol
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    Sounds like you are doing great! I, too, am surprised by how much I've improved in 11 days. I think part of it is that I've chosen a part strength, part balance posture (headstand), so the balance is coming along quickly. I'll be honest--I have a pretty strong upper body, can easily do chaturanga, even 10-15 pushups, and I STILL have a very tough time rising up into high plank with a flat back. That is a tough one for me!! :)
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    Got on my mat this morning for over an hour again and I feel great My right side needs more work in my babygrasshopper by my left side is starting to look & feel really good. I love that this strength challenge pushes me to come to my mat each morning & find my edge. I'm remembering all the reasons why I fell in love with yoga in the first place and why it was such a big part of my daily life. So far this challenge has taught me not to assume which side is my stronger side, turns out my dominant side is actually the side that needs more work in baby grasshopper. Yesterday afternoon I strapped my mini yogi on my chest for some fun babywearing yoga. We had a blast and I learned that tree pose is very fun, yet extremely challenging with a moving 20lb weight strapped to your chest but I held each side for 5 long breaths. The sequence ended up putting her to sleep and I got to work on my baby grasshopper again
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    Hi all, how is it going your strengthening program? I'm still very far from my crow pose, my arms tremble a lot, I don't feel safe and I can barely lift my feet from the floor. I'm focusing on some other poses to build strength in my arms and core in these days: baby grasshopper and chaturanga dandasana. I can hold'em for a few breaths! Hum... a very small accomplishment, but I feel already stronger than ten days ago One of my goals for this challenge and upcoming weeks is to rise up from floor to high plank. It seems sooooooo easy when I watch at Candace's videos, for me it's something nearly inconceivable at this moment. But I'll can do it, some day
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    Hi Candace!!! I am a new user, but I've already been a part of the "Ask a yoga question" family on your blog ! So happy to be here, and, as a beginning yoga teacher, I'm proud to be a part of the new Teacher Community here on YBC!! Thank you so much for this space and...I'm reading from sunny Rome, Italy.
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    I may not always get to my mat but I seem to always do yoga poses throughout the day. During the holiday I was baking cookies and waiting for them to get out of the oven I was in tree pose...at first my dad thought it was a little strange but then he said "I should be doing more stretches like that" and when I am at work I find myself waiting for something and either doing forward fold or intense side stretch. Today I am going to be doing 15 minutes morning yoga for tight hips and super excited about it
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    About 3 months ago I decided to centre most of my yoga around the front splits. So atm it's a lot of lunges and it's cousins. But there's also that one where you go from a lunge and then straighten the leg back (sorry, don't know the name). I have to say, I've found this one pose amazing in lengthening my sad hams. Also, and I don't know if this is good practice or not, but I often do forward bend with really bent knees so my head is almost touching my shins, and then very gently and slowly straighten my legs (so it's sort of doing it all in reverse). Again, I've found this really useful.
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    I love the pigeon and the 3 legged dog pose they both make me feel so bendy and graceful. I always light right up when I hear Candace's voice saying 3 legged dog or pigeon. I have yet to be able to get into a lot of the inversions but I'm working on it and I think that when I can there's no way you will get me right side up again!
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    HI! my name is Katie and I have been practicing yoga for a few months now and i have greatly improved! I love your site and all the helpful tips and I use the videos you post for a good amount of my practice. but my question is I have been working towards 2 legged king pidgeon (I think that's what it is called) anyhoo what can i do to improve my back flexibility inorder to do it correctly?
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    Hi Candace! I'm working on my forearm wheel. Am I doing it wrong? I get into wheel then lower down onto my head and then my forearms. From there I try to pick my head back up (like in all the gorgeous pinterest pictures) but I can't! Thank you!
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    I ordered Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice in sachets, and it came today! This tea is soooo delicious! It tastes totally different than teas I've had in the past before... it is so spicy and sweet! Thank you for the recommendation!