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    I love this thread and have been waiting to get a chance to respond! I learned about yoga bit by bit in college. I remember specifically following a yoga dvd I borrowed from the library one day between classes sophomore year, but it wasn't until my second trip to India in January 2012 that I really started to practice and fall in love with yoga. One of the student participants and one of the adult leaders on my trip were both yogis and they gave us a little taste of yoga and meditation during our evening group reflection sessions. When I got back to school, I found a Groupon for a local studio that I could easily walk to (in the dead of winter too haha!) since I didn't have a car and didn't want to have to take public transit. I LOVED this studio so much. It's located in a repurposed two-story house in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Buffalo and the people there were so friendly and encouraging. I loved the big windows that let in the natural sunlight. I started practicing Bikram yoga and later fell in love with their flow classes. Practicing yoga helped me feel strong and grateful for all the things my body could do since I'd struggled a lot with body image (still do sometimes, but I get a bit better about it day by day). When my Groupon was over, I tried to practice in the mornings before class at home using videos on YouTube. I eventually fell out of the practice for a bit because of moving and various transitions that year. When I moved to Dallas later that year, I couldn't go to any studios to practice yoga because I didn't have a car (everything is bigger in Texas; you have to drive everywhere!) and public transit stinks there. Being a first year teacher was crazy enough, so I'd only go when one of my roommates could drop me off and pick me up. I was better my second year of teaching when I got a car and was able to commit to buying a membership to the studio I really liked. I even tried to practice at home some more. I even practiced with one of my guy roommates once (but it was the P90X yoga that he was doing and I didn't appreciate Tony Horton yelling at me the whole time haha!). I kept coming back to this feeling of self-love, calm and gratitude every time I practiced yoga, but more transitions threw me for a loop and the practice halted again. Late last July, as my life plans weren't working out as expected, I came back to yoga as a means to be more active and do something with my body. (It was also too hot to run outside haha!) I found Candace's YouTube channel and a couple others that I really liked and I started practicing yoga at home because I was super broke. I started one day, did it again the next day, and the next, and the next. And I'm so so proud to say that I've been consistently practicing at home for the past how many months woohoo! Yoga has become something that I do for me and I always look forward to practicing. On days when I'm just being lazy, I remind myself how good I feel after practicing to motivate myself and I've never regretted a practice! Now I'm able to do things I never thought I'd be able to do (hello supported headstand!) and I'm so grateful for all the growth I've seen in my yoga practice and daily life. =)
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    Hi! I'm Lee-Ann, I just discovered your forum and I think its such a great idea. I am writing from Ontario, Canada.
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    I've used head space and the yoga emporium's meditate 4 ever. They are great, but I'm always on the hunt for more as I build up my meditation practice and get ready to fly solo.
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    Hi Candace! My name is Tish. Joining you from Indianapolis, In Any chance you will be hosting any workshops in the midwest area for 2015?
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    I seem to have lost my balance! In class, I cannot hold any of my balance poses - including my favorite tree. While I do sometimes rush it or try to muscle through it during class, I'm finding that things aren't any better during my home practice. How do I develope my balance "muscles"?