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    Plans are released Monday morning I generally walk my feet in a few inches because they usually have a little movement when I come up. You could also practice swaying forward and backward just to feel a little movement and openness - just be careful and make sure you're really, really warmed up. Thanks for being a part of the community! Good for you for listening to your body - that is the ultimate, highest form of yoga in my humble opinion Lower back issues usually stem from either tight hips or weak abs, so if the hip opening doesn't help, maybe mix in a little ab work every other day or whenever you practice and see if that helps.
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    Hi my name is Ilse, I'm from Santiago, Chile and I'm new to yoga, I came to the forum to share and learn the best I could! Hi to everyone!
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    I've really loved yesterday's sequence for tight hips, it made me feel soo good and ready for my dancer's pose practice. I think I'll add very often this sequence to my yoga routine
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    This is such an awesome question. I'm looking forward to hearing what other people do. I have chronically tight hips, so I usually will do rag doll pose, or something similar. I swear a Before Yoga scene would make a great SNL skit or something. I used to go to this hot yoga studio. I was a regular and so I'd see the same people come to class and everyone had "their" space in the room, and before the class started you'd have people pretty much competing with each other for the perfect handstand or doing full out handstand push ups, and then others would be sitting in split chatting with others, and some people would be in savasana with one eye open giving the chatters The Look. Haha, what a group!
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    When I arrive I just take my place , maybe sit in a comfortable possition and work on my breathing and trying to quiet my mind after I work a bit on my thights since they are so thight
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    Working on my individual hamstrings always helped me get further in my forward folds. http://www.sensational-yoga-poses.com/images/modified-compass-hamstring-stretch-6.jpg like this for example.
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    Hmmm...I think it just depends on how you feel when you walk your hands or feet in. Sometimes I'll walk my feet in or even lift my heels to go on tippy toes to go a little deeper in the pose. My lower back has been feeling a little tight and slightly achy lately. I've been trying to do some hip opening to see if that alleviates some of the awkward feelings in my lower back; does anyone have suggestions to help with my lower back?
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    So I decided to come into this project a bit late. I was feeling VERY blah and icky all last week so I only practiced 2x. Yesterday my energy was completely back though so I did a small practice. Lovely! I've chosen pigeon pose (with the ultimate goal king pigeon) as my hips are craaaaazy tight. I loved the January project and I can definitely notice a major increase in my overall strength (especially upper body and core!). I know that if I made that much progress in a month in my problem areas, I can definitely open up my hips and become more flexible. Here's to everyone working hard and having a wonderful time!
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    random question...wheel isn't the pose im working on, but it's one i do a couple of times every week my arms are stronger and i make the adjustments candace suggests below, but im still a little flat http://yogabycandace.com/blog/common-mistakes-in-wheel-pose im not very flexible in my back, so i know not to expect to get the pose immediately but do people walk their feet or hands in to create a better backbend? i just feel like i just push myself up and that's it lol
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    This may be a silly question but I've always wanted to go on a Yoga Retreat but I'm a bit nervous about going alone. Can anyone share me their experience of going to one of these retreats? What should I expect when I go? Good and bad stories appreciated
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    Yeah! This is great! I Think purple hair is cool too! I do have a few 'accountability' yoga buddies here in Toronto however they usually fall off and I stick on I always have favourite poses.. I seem to enjoy the one in my display pic.. 8 angle pose! It's a lot easier than it looks Facts: No kids (I myeslf am one.. I think) I'm a photographer I love yoga and all things fitness I love travelling One of my goals is to get on my mat for at least 30 - 60 minutes a day
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    I'm so excited for week 2 tomorrow When are the plans released? <3
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    My kids are 6 and 4 and like to join in! I've struggled to find yoga vids for kiddies and I find it difficult to design my own sequences.. If anyone has any suggestions would love to hear them..
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    Hi, I'm practicing yoga almost for 6 month for now, and I can reach my feet, and when Im stretching my legs in any yoga asana like staff pose or double leg forward stretch pose, the back of my knees feels like it too thigh and hurts a little. Any excercise to improve my flexibility? Any help will be greatly recived.
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    When my kids were younger and in tumbling I used to play games "who can" games with them like who can lay as straight as a board?, who can stretch like a cat?, etc. Now that they are older I just do my yoga and when they join me we do animal poses and talk about what animals they are and what they sound like when they stretch and yawn. They are more comfortable with it when we are having a conversation, it's kind of distracting from the exercise part. Plus, now that they are older, I can explain to them the meanings behind the poses and get them to try way more things now that it is interesting and not just some lame thing mom does. ;D
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    Hi fellow Yoga enthusiasts! I have designed some Yoga Tank-Tops and T-shirts and I'm really hoping to get some response from you all. Anything is appreciated! Hope to hear from you and all the best!
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    My kids really like a game my sister bought me, it is called Yogi Cards (I think she found it on Amazon). It is for 6+ but it was easy to modify for my 3 year old. It has been a fun way to get the kids moving after countless snow days home from school! Added bonus-it helps me learn the Sanskrit names for the poses Might be a fun way to create your own sequences for you or your kids.