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    Mkay confession: I almost cried on my yoga mat yesterday. I've read that some people feel an emotional release after doing lots of heart-opening and I've always been skeptical about this. Whelp, I definitely felt the tears welling up after practicing dancer's pose. I think it's stemming from a bit of pent-up frustration because I don't really feel or see any progress in my chosen pose. My back has been feeling a little tighter than usual; maybe I'm focusing too much on spinal flexion and extension? Maybe I should do some more rotation and twists? I dunno, but I took a step back and didn't practice my chosen pose today. I might have to avoid it for a while and then come back to it. I'm trying to honor my body, but it's pretty hard when my ego thinks that I can keep pushing it. Ah here's to being patient with myself!
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    Don't forget that time when you put your shoes on. Don't squander the opportunity
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    Plans are released Monday morning I generally walk my feet in a few inches because they usually have a little movement when I come up. You could also practice swaying forward and backward just to feel a little movement and openness - just be careful and make sure you're really, really warmed up. Thanks for being a part of the community! Good for you for listening to your body - that is the ultimate, highest form of yoga in my humble opinion Lower back issues usually stem from either tight hips or weak abs, so if the hip opening doesn't help, maybe mix in a little ab work every other day or whenever you practice and see if that helps.
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    I'm having a lot of fun with to his challenge, especially as I'm trying to keep working on my strength poses from the last challenge. I know that with more constant work full grasshopper will come to me sooner than later. My regular dancer's pose has improved significantly - much better balance, feeling more grounded on my standing leg, which is a huge issue for me as I have flat feet-, though I know I still have room for improvement, in particular when it comes to keeping my hips more aligned. Full dancer's pose remains a hope rather than a certainty in my horizon, though I'm avoiding using straps as I almost fell flat on my face last time I used them. I keep getting all tangled up and losing my balance, so I'll find my own way into the pose. King pigeon is a new favourite I really do love the open feeling in my chest. There's nothing else quite like it.
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    This is totally normal. Part of the journey for sure. Tell me your chosen pose again? Did you take a starter picture? Because sometimes I feel like I am making ZERO progress and then I'll look back and see an actual difference in the photos. It's totally possible you're focusing too much on one area. Tell me your pose again and I'll see if I can offer some suggestions.
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    Hi my name is Ilse, I'm from Santiago, Chile and I'm new to yoga, I came to the forum to share and learn the best I could! Hi to everyone!
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    I went for a period of about 18 months when there was a studio near my previous workplace and it was the most convenient at the time. I've heard good and bad things about it, it seems to be one of those polarising things where people either love it or hate it. The particular studio I attended was run by a bunch of young women and I really liked it. I experienced none of the scary things I'd heard about, and while the people who are "good" at it are usually at the front so you can see how you should be doing it, I found there was a mixture of experienced - all the way to middle-aged men and women who needed help modifying the postures because they couldn't reach their feet. People were also told at the beginning of the class if they feel overwhelmed they're welcome to sit down. I suspect it could be a bit of a luck-of-the-draw as to how strict the teacher is, but it couldn't hurt to try one class just to see if you like it
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    Kudos to you for some excellent advice! Any (or should I say all) "issues" should be brought to the attention of trained medical professionals. Forums are a wonderful place to learn the best way to remove wall paper, gap a spark plug or go from low lunge to high lunge, but not necessarily the best place to resolve mental health related issues
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    I watched this youtube vid where this guy is really into the health benefits of urine. He shaves with his own urine and falls asleep at night in a pee-soaked beanie, because, apparently, it's good for the scalp.
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    Get this: Lightening your eye color by putting honey in your eyes. You are supposed to make a solution of distilled water and honey and put it in an eyedropper bottle and 2-3 times a day, you put a drop or two in your eyes. Its for people who want to go from brown eyes to hazel or green. I've also heard of mothers using breastmilk as a diy facial mask ingredient? Beyond weird.
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    Hey just saw this, I have been practising yoga at least 4 times a week, usually its 5 though. And yes, definitley not the same, I do POP pilates from youtube so it's a very fast paced type of workout. And thank you so much for that advice! I wil deffinetly be trying that
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    Hi Laura! I first started practicing yoga at a Bikram studio and I would go to their 60 minute condensed version of the Bikram series. (The 90 minute Bikram class has each pose repeated twice, while the 60 minute one had each pose only done once.) I actually didn't know that Bikram yoga was different from any other type of yoga class at the time haha! I loved it; it was a good physical challenge but it also helped me focus and relax. If you want to get a feel for it, I'd see if your studio offers the 60 minute condense version. I hope that helps and that you enjoy the practice! Hope to hear how you like it! =)
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    Try finding the list of poses for the Ashtanga Primary series. Absolutely Ashtanga has a good one. The primary series is the beginner series but it is quite challenging. Next would be the Ashtanga Intermediate series. The poses and series are put together very carefully and suppose to be followed in order. And try and find a list that includes the various transitions in and out of the poses. Some are really fun. I see Candace did a video for 8 angle pose (Astavakrasana). In Ashtanga, from downward dog jump into Astavakrasana and then pick up jump back. Or lower down from tripod headstand and work the legs into the pose. Jumping in and out of crow. These 2 series will give you a list of 140 poses or more, then the 4 advanced series after that. You don't have to follow the Ashtanga practice but the different series helps to put poses into categories.