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    Hey there! Sure, happy to share! Mostly I just blogged and blogged for years even though I had no readers. I have a background in teaching so during my own yoga teacher training I had all these ideas I wanted to share and thought a blog would be a good place for them. I was mostly doing it for myself, just to get these ideas out - no real end goal with where I wanted to go with the blog. I always approached the blog as a job since I was moving all the time for my husband's job and didn't really have much going on for myself. I set specific hours for myself for blogging and kept to them. I also was always teaching regularly and pointing students in the direction of the blog. I was active on social media and acquired some readers that way. It was a super slow rate of growth but the people who read the blog are awesome, likeminded people, and I'd rather have those readers who are truly interested and add to the YBC community. If I had just posted 'filler, fluffy' stuff with highly clickable titles just to get clicks, I wouldn't have attracted the type of people I want, you know what I mean? For photography, I invested in a great camera (started with a rebel 2, and then upgraded to a canon 6d) and played around until I figured out how to use it. Over time, I've learned what photographs will be highly pinnable, and what are best for social media promotion and what should just be tossed out. Reviewing products came as the readership grew, and I always try to make sure it's a natural, organic fit for the readers/blog and only if it's a benefit to all people involved. (You wouldn't believe some of the pitches I get - had a casino the other day want to sponsor a post...uhhhh not a natural fit!) There's really no quick way to make it all come together I don't think - just lots of consistent work blogging about stuff you really, truly love and would write about even if people weren't out there reading it. I'm hoping to do more US-based blogging retreats/workshops, just finishing up the spring things before planning the next adventures. I have looked into webinars but the blogging workshop is really, really hands on and requires partner work and I just don't think it'd be that effective without the big round table discussion I envisioned when I designed it. But we'll see, I might offer one to one consulting.
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    i never post on instagram so here's my contribution...this is my day one for forward fold and standing splits, excuse the background
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    Here's where we'll check in, ask questions and show some fellow participants a little love during the April Yoga Project!
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    Hey Kelli, Have you tried using a wall? My standing splits is no where near perfect, but I progressed by using a wall. I would start with my foot up the wall and work on bringing my standing foot closer to the wall. It seems to help me keep alignment and get the extra stretch. I hope that makes sense! I'm traveling near the end of April and am hoping to be able to still keep up with my routine while traveling. I plan to work on my splits and camel pose as I've been wanting to achieve more progress, but have been avoiding them in my daily practice. I can't wait to see everyone's progress!
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    I was so disappointed when I saw photo evidence of my standing split a few months ago. I thought my standing splits were far more impressive than the reality Looks great!!
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    About a month ago, one of friend's daughter asked me to provide a group of her friends some tips on how to start a yoga practice. So I decided to turn back time to see what advices that I would have like to have had when I started my yoga practice. So I thought I would share this with the group. Start by building a foundation. Consider either a sequence from Hatha, Yin or Restorative Yoga. Easiest would be to find a 15-20 min. sequence on YouTube for beginners. Don't start doing Vinyasa or Flow Yoga until you have spent some time familiarising yourself with some yoga postures. iyengar Yoga is another good choice as it is rigorous for perfect alignment in each pose. Learning how to breathe in Yoga is very important if not the most important. Let your breath guide you in every posture. Your breath will tell you how you doing in a posture. Some people will forget to breath when they come across a difficult posture. When you become aware that you are not breathing, take it back a notch until your breathing becomes normal and then try to move a little deeper into the posture. A long and even inhale and exhale is best. Later, consider learning the basic of Pranayama. Learn to engage your whole body in every posture. Learn to draw strength from every part of your body for each pose. Learn how each part of your body is helping to support your pose. Every part of your body is doing something in each pose. Find out what that purpose is so you completely understand the pose. Start a pose journal. Start at Yoga Journal website as there are several descriptions of the same poses by different instructors. Makes a list of the do's and don'ts of each pose. Do a Goggle on basic and fundamental poses. You will eventually find out that it's these basic poses that become building blocks for the more difficult poses. Learn to be completely balance in every pose. Whenever you are unbalanced mentally, physically or spiritually, you will do be able to do a psoe correctly. Learn some basic anatomy. You need to know the parts of your anatomy as well as how each relates to each other. There are many anatomy books for yoga. Learn how to use props correctly. They will offer support and let you know how a pose is suppose to feel like when you can do the complete pose. Sometimes they are used for restorative days. Try to do your chosen yoga sequence every day for one month. It usually takes about 20 some odd days to create a habit. Be patient as there is never a need to go full out at this stage. This can only lead to pain or injury. Don't compare yourself with other. Your practice will always be your practice. You are only competition is yourself. Hopefully this will help you or someone else who is a beginner. I'm sure that there are a lot of things that I have missed. Please help me by filling in the holes. I wished I had these advices when I started yoga. Namaste.
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    Bahaha bet she's just loving that! I went through something similar when Greg tore his ACL and I had to do everything
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    Totally hear what you're saying, Larry. Thanks for the feedback. I think I really struggle with remembering to be a beginner. I tried in today's video to remember to say things like not to worry if your heels can't come down in downward dog. It's like muscle memory, you know? I never think about bending my knees in downward dog because I don't have to at this point in my practice. For this reason I'm trying to talk Greg into doing a yoga for beginners series since he's tighter and will naturally do beginner things. I'll still keep adding the beginner tips and intending to remember them when I film but I do think getting Greg on board will be really beneficial for beginners.
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    I was so excited to be able to do everything on the suggested schedule for Day 1. I have done past challenges but have only been able to do half of what was on the schedule. A sign of improvement in my practice I hope Here is to Day 2!
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    That's perfect! just what I was hoping for.. I think there could even be a series of videos One comment, if I may...that video shows stuff for beginners, but poses that few beginners could match if they tried (which they would) to emulate you. You effortlessly flipped into a shoulder stand...me, after four months of doing it every day, still struggle to get it up... yikes!!! oops! to get my legs up in the air (sorry about that! ). Hopping forward after down dog is clearly something no beginner can do...better to show someone walking forward? What I mean to say is, the videos show an expert doing beginner's moves as an expert...maybe if you do a new series, show it as an expert pretending to be a beginner?
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    The upper back will round a little bit - it's just how our bodies are created. We physically couldn't be totally flat because our chests/thighs get in the way. Instead of focusing on the upper back, visualize the belly melting onto the upper thighs are you come down. Bend your knees if you have to. The important thing is the belly melting on the thighs. When we do this, we bring the stretch into the hamstrings...and when we focus on getting the hands down and we forget about the belly/thigh connection, we often bring the stretch into the upper back which doesn't do anything for our hips/hamstrings Standing split is a great choice! Tips: lots of hamstring and hip flexor work. Practice things like lizard pose, dancer's, high lunge. Breath is boss so just hang out in the poses for as many breaths as is ok for you and visualize openness. Be careful with this - can be tough on the knees. It may not be weakness but rather a lack of flexibility that's preventing you from lifting up. Just stay mindful in everything you do - don't force anything and don't push yourself into a realm of pain and you should be okay. But note the alignment.
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    ...(maybe it's just me, but) it's more fun to watch you than him
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    Just finished day 2! Got the hubster to photograph my standing splits. (yay for everyone who also chose this pose!) It's nice to have the picture proof of the full extension of the poses. I must have the "visualization" down because what my mind thinks and body feels like it's doing is slightly (read: majorly) different from the photographs. ;P Can't wait to see how the progression goes. Best of luck everyone!
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    I took a class with an instructor who played music through her phone. I enjoy a class with fun music BUT she forgot to silence her text/call/etc. alerts so the music was interrupted continually with this annoying pinging sound. It ruined an otherwise great class My number one pet peeve is people walking on my mat. The studio I go to is not crowded so there is really no reason to walk across someone else's mat. Drives me nuts and totally ruins my yoga induced zen if someone walks on my mat at the end of class!!