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    Yesterday I recorded my progress from week 2 of the project! I'm really happy that I see a positive change in most of the poses... Ok... maybe my middle split looks the same with week 1, but how much cuter do I look with my dog sitting by my side??? hahaha!!! This week I added camel pose to my practice.. it's a pose that usually comes easy to me. I have read about how it can affect you emotionally but never really felt it until yesterday, where I almost started crying... it was intense... I guess it has to do with the fact that I'm missing my family and friends so much and these days (it's Greek Easter tomorrow) remind me of them a lot because we always spent them together in our little village and now I'm away from them... It's been 2,5 years that I moved from my hometown, Thessaloniki, to the island of Naxos (I fell in love and moved here to live with my fiance).. I don't regret it even for a minute, but I think I will never get over the fact that all the rest of my beloved people live in the other side of the country and I can't visit as often as I would like.. Anyway... enough with the sad things... I have a wonderful guy that takes care of me and 2 beautiful/crazy dogs that don't leave me alone even when I want to do some yoga... I hope you all had a great week!!
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    With respect, can we keep it about the yoga, please? Candace rocks it in videos, and she is very generous in how she shares her yoga with us. If she thinks that there is merit in having her less-flexible husband star in her videos designed to help less flexible folks, why not? These types of comments do not add to the discussion.
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    I am from Dallas, Georgia. Been doing Yoga regularly by reading tons of books, taking some classes and watching videos. I love to meditate and do yoga moves to help with my lower back stiffness and legs. Just love the whole thing about Yoga and meditation.
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    Yoga by Candace is the second on the list: 10 Great YouTube Channels for Free Yoga Videos http://www.yogiapproved.com/yoga/10-great-youtube-channels-for-free-yoga-videos/
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    Vicky, We are actually working on it right now. Just got back home late last night from the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. Thanks for your patience and it should be up today. Cheers!