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    I think the short cues are good reminders but only after a person knows the poses really well. I have a few and maybe I can come back later, edit and add on when more come to me. Breath 'Be generous with the breath.' 'Follow the breath' Literally means movement follows the breath and adjust the movement to keep the breath strong. I think this one was more of an intention at the start of class. This one is from a really long time ago. 'Practice with your heart (your breath) and the mind and movement will follow.' Down dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana I have heard so many instructions for this, turn the lower arms this way, and then that way, then the upper arms the opposite way, then do this and do that. How am I suppose to remember all that!!! 'Press the finger knuckles into the mat and squeeze the finger knuckles toward center-line' For me this sets up all the correct muscles and correct alignment all the way from my hands to my hips. And never any sore hands from Vinyasa either. Lotus - Padmasana, Hero - Virasana, Pigeon - Eka Pada Rajakapotasana and others 'Be mindful of the knee' All these types of poses can damage the knee. Never any pain, pinching, or twisting in the knees. This rule should never ever be broken. Being careful with the knees is automatic with me now but I still remind myself regularly.
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    Yes and no. The Apple Watch records data, but only displays heart rate at iOS Health app. The Health app, for now, is pitiful. You can either view an hourly high/low graph, which is too little information to be of use. (click to enlarge) Alternatively, you can view a data table (numbers, not graph) showing heart rates recorded every six seconds whic is far too much information to be viewed easily. To scroll through a session takes a few minutes as each iPhone page view shows a minute or two of heart rate readings. Presumably, when Apple releases HealthKit 2.0 (most likely at the developers conference in June) they'll "open up" the data to third party app developers (and other fitness apps) to incorporate the HR data into a more user friendly chart. source For now, I glance at my watch when doing killer poses (i'm an advanced beginner/intermediate practitioner, so Warrior III and Pigeon are killers for me) and remember the time so I can later scroll to that time to see the rate. For the most part, my heart rate varies from 60-85% of MHR. It gets too disjointed to have multiple conversations on a similar topic, so I'll keep the conversation here as it's geared specificically to the one device (the Apple Watch)
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    Hmmm wonder when Candace will post week 3? I just did day 11 over again.. But excited I found the bind for sundial ! Lost when tried to fully straighten leg but hey.. And crow is getting way easier...
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    Larry, thanks for sharing! Is there a heart rate during your yoga practice screenshot that you don't mind sharing, or is it only viewable on the watch? Maybe you can chime in your opinion over
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    I saw this topic discussion and was so excited to share my finds! I love supporting small yoga companies that are just starting out and made in the USA! Valleau Apparel - Small online active wear company based in San Diego. Tons of super cute sports bras with really flattering straps!! My go to for sports bras, plus they are slightly cheaper than Lulu! They also offer free shipping for any order over $100, even internationally! Om Shanti - This small company is based out of Miami and they are awesome leggings!!! I'm definitely a Teeki lover, but these leggings stand out even more! They have awesome prints like purple lightning and sandstone! It's pretty safe to say I'm obsessed! These are a little pricey, but if you can save up enough to buy a pair you won't be disappointed.