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    I just wanted to share my favorite indie music radio station with you, no matter where you're located. Indie88 is a Toronto-based station that plays great indie music and you can listen to their live stream here: http://indie.streamon.fm/ If you enjoy listening to artists such as Florence + the Machine, Feist, Alt-J, The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Vampire Weekend (and so much more than I can list here), you'd definitely like this station and the music they play. Happy listening! =)
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    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you, I'm Jessica! I am French but I moved to Japan when I was a child. I still live there now! I love that there are yoga forums, many greetings from Japan!
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    Oh! It's super good to hear that you guys made up! Now that you have interlocked toes and rubbed feet together, you might become sole (soul) mates At least you can become friends (or rivals with some healthy competition ).
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    Jessica, I admire that you're so comfortable getting intimate like that, but I'm afraid it's not something I'm striving for, haha! I'm feeling weird about the mere idea of that level of intimacy! But having a partner to train with might be a good way to bond with people so I'll definitely check into those OTHER exercises
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    @Yogafire The details probably made the whole incident sound more dramatic but that's the way it went. I'm sorry that you had to switch to a smaller studio because of that. But I too make a big deal out of respecting your neighbours and what not. Even though I'm taking classes, I'm also trying to practise on my own at home by watching videos. The main reason I keep taking classes is to make sure that my postures are executed correctly. Which brings me to another disadvantage of crowded classes, because the instructors can't correct everyone at the same time, especially not when there are so many yogi! But in the end I primarily do yoga for fun and I nonetheless have a lot of fun doing so! @Jessica I'm afraid the image in my head just got way worse. I'm not actually flexible enough to go that far I think, but I'm wondering what possibly happens between you and your partner's... business when you start hugging each other? It can't be, right?
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    Thanks for the reply, Jessica! (my name is Jessica too, haha) I haven't really paid attention to whether or not people face the other direction for certain postures, but I can imagine how uncomfortable you must've felt during that incident! Didn't the bumping with the straight legs hurt a bit? It sounds painful to me! At least when I bumped into my neighbour, we pressed into each other but it wasn't painful. I would also be annoyed by that person who just needed to face the other direction if that had happened to me I'm not sure if there's partner yoga as a real class where I practise, but it sounds like something I would avoid. The partner assisted boat pose sounds awkward if you do it with someone who isn't very flexible, and the second thing you described there seems very strange, although I'm curious. How does it work? Do you both lift your right legs and then try to hug your partner with your feet are in the air? Where do you leave your left feet then? I have a very strange image in my head right now...
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    I'm a bit late joining the discussion, but here goes! I understand how you feel about crowded classes, one of my biggest pet peeves is that sometimes some yogi face different directions for certain postures! This one time everyone went into halasana (plow pose) and as I gently kick my legs over me, I straight high five the person behind me. It was very blunt because our legs were entirely straight and we bumped into each other heels first. It really disturbs the flow! I wasn't on her mat and she wasn't on mine, but since the room was so crowded we still somehow managed to fill the short space between our mats with our feet... And I agree, touching soles with another person can be uncomfortable but maneuvering during plow pose is not easy. I apologised to her even though I she was facing the other way relatively to most other persons in the room. I'm not sure about yoga in Belgium, but here in Japan we have partner yoga classes and sometimes partner yoga segments during regular yoga classes. It's not uncommon to do a partner assisted boat pose or a partner assisted hand to toe pose (for very flexible people) where you and your partner raise the same leg as high as possible and lean into each other's feet, then proceed to pull closer towards your partner and have your legs press upwards against each other. In those cases you also touch each other in places that you wouldn't expect, but it's more acceptable because it's a practice for both of you! I also agree with yogafire, if you expect too much you will be let down too if things don't happen as you think. But the best of luck to you!
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    Yogafire, thanks for the reply! I do understand that I could've adjusted my position but in my mind "I was there first so I got to stay" so I didn't really want to The cultural difference isn't really applicable in our situation, as far as I know she's also from Belgium and it doesn't seem like she was raised to have a smaller personal space or anything. On top of that, when I wiggled my toes to let her know that she had to move, she just returned me an aggressive toe wiggle as well. That's why I'm sure that she was aware of the situation. In fact the whole time we were touching, although it wasn't very long, we were wiggling our toes to get some kind of advantage over the other foot. I'm being very descriptive here but I just wanted to make the point that she was definitely aware... I might have to let my expectations go, as you said. A couple of days have passed since I made the post and instead of joining crowded classes I waited for the next one. I was watching the yogi during the crowded class and I noticed indeed that people don't always do what you would expect them to do, like moving a few centimeters (or inches, whichever you use) for someone who got a bit late, or people who don't move when the instructor is trying to move them, et cetera. Fortunately I have never slapped (or been slapped) by anyone in between postures so I'm afraid I can't relate to that, but I'm sure I would also move away a bit. Lastly, I'm fairly sure she's not a very new yogi. I've been practising for about 4 or 5 months and even though I don't actively observe everyone ever present during classes, I remember seeing her fairly often. We never got acquainted though (obviously). And after the incident it wasn't an appropriate time to get acquainted either.
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    You might not be considering the apple watch, but Larry mentioned his here: My husband has a fitbit charge, so I can comment on that. Please note I have no idea what features the devices have, so I can't compare functionality. Also, unfortunately my husband doesn't do yoga, but, since we do other walking activities together, I can comment on some of the neat aspects that I get from association! The FitBit charge is extremely useful for the heart rate component, and it tracks his sleep activity automatically (instead of having to activate it manually with the fitbit one). If you get the other fitbit versions without heart rate (e.g. fitbit one is very discreet as a clip), I don't think you'll be measuring much during your yoga practice since it mainly measures steps. The other good part about measuring heart rate is that it can calculate how many calories you burn automatically. You can see it in the screenshot below under workout summary. Note he is doing more cardio than yoga (basketball, and running back from lunch). The altimeter is fun if you live in a place that is hilly - yesterday we walked across town and back - 81 floors, 18,000 steps! If you don't wear it all the time, then you won't measure all your steps that day and might not hit your goal, but all it will show up is as a gap in time when you look at it online. I suppose as long as you have a heart rate measurement, then you only need to wear it during workouts, but, it's pretty interesting to see how low your resting heart rate can go and track your sleep activity. Also, consider which device you may have more friends on. My husband is in friendly competition with his friends - the ranking on the right hand column shows total steps for the past week. Good luck in your search!