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    Hello everyone! I have been practicing yoga on and off for a little over a year. In December 2014 I finally started picking it back up frequently. It's difficult to follow a good routine, and practice everyday, being a full time student and working long hours at a hospital. I have been noticing so many changes since I first started practicing, and I am in love with yoga! I have watchedd so many different yoga videos and, finally, really being able to enjoy it more since I started watching and practicing with Candace. Okay, so to the topic. Now that I have been progressing, I'm beginning to notice that it is getting harder to: become more flexible, I feel like I'm not going any where; and to stay in poses, to increase flexibility, strength, and/or lengthening, because of overwhelming anxiety. I've been able to push it away for the most part; however, now I'm feeling that it's getting more and more difficult the more I practice yoga. I don't have any friends to currently practice with, nor do I have a yoga class I can attend. Any advice/suggestions/helpful hints, are highly appreciated. And of course, if any one else is struggling, feel free to join in on the conversation!
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    I apologize for replying so late - life sure does like getting in the way! I highly appreciate everyones two cents on this subject. Yes, the anxiety was due to flexibility but also psychologically. I have since been to the doctor and he has prescribed me a daily medication to help with it. Anyhow, things have certainly gotten better for me, anxiety wise. Unfortunately, my yoga space is no longer my own. It has been difficulty keeping up with my yoga practice this past month but I am determined to get back to it! I will be starting on one of Candaces' many lovely series. I will also be doing what I can to keep up with the forum! It's so full of information! =) Again, thank you everyone for responding!
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    Here's the spot to chit chat our way through the July project - 31 days to de-stress.
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    right now I'm using a combination of Corona and chips