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    Hi there, My name is Sarah and I'm a Belgian girl living in France :-) I started to follow the YBC's videos over on YouTube because I wasn't satisfied with the yoga classes I've been taking for over a year and a half now. I made more progress in 3 weeks than in a year! I think I want to start with the 39 Days Flexibility project because I'm as stiff as plank :-)
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    Just popping a little introduction in here My name is Em, I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I started yoga almost 2 years ago as an alternative to intense gym workouts that were making me feel stressed. I mainly do yoga at home using an app on my Ipad. I love to read about yoga, watch yoga videos, look at photos etc. I joined the forums as I have been reading for a little while and wanted to be able to contribute and ask questions as well. My main yoga concerns are (very) tight hips and hamstrings which are slowly opening and a tension in my upper back. I'd be really interested to hear about other people who have tight hips/hammys and how you have improved flexibility in those areas.
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    I know this sounds bizarre, but I thought I'd ask. I used to be able to drive 4 hour non-stop without any difficulty. Lately, if I drive for more than 30-40 minutes, I have an annoying muscular pain by the top of the hamstring (where it attaches to the butt muscles). It's only the right side, but that could be because of the position the leg is in while driving. When possible, I turn on cruise control so I can move my leg around, but eventually, I look for a place to stop and stretch my legs (if you see someone doing rag doll on the side of the highway, say "Hi Larry!"...if you see someone doing handstands on the side of the road, that's not me, it's Candace). Generally speaking, I'm in better shape now (I started doing yoga daily 8 months ago) than ever. I can't believe it would be related to yoga...especially since I feel great after each practice, but I thought it odd that the discomfort came around as I started yoga. Has anyone experienced such a situation? Thanks!
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    I like following crossfit gyms or people on instagram who post their daily workouts. I usually will just do something similar to that if I'm out of ideas. @wodcrossfit hasn't posted in many weeks but the entire account has a bunch of workouts. @crossfita1a also posts their workouts all the time.
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    I've recently got more into kettle bell workouts from following Onnit Academy - they post really good stuff. Another source of inspiration is watching MMA. Those are the most athletic people in the world, so seeing what they can do and what is possible to accomplish as a human is really inspiring to me.
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    This problem will persist for a very long time if not dealt with. So we want to work on making forward folding safer. An extra benefit is the hamstrings and attachment points will become stronger at the same time. And fortunately it is very easy to do. With standing forward folds always begin by bending at the knees at least a small amount. We are attempting to engage the hamstrings all the way through the fold. During the fold never leave the arms overhead, do not have the arms reaching forward during the fold. The weight of outstretched arms places much more leverage and strain on the hamstrings. Simply bring the arms into prayer or out to the sides during the fold. Once at the deepest point of the fold it is fine to straighten the legs but only do what is comfortable. This is for all standing folds. And it has to continue outside of yoga class as well, tie shoes, pick up something from the floor. With seated forward folds it is important to do the opposite, keep the legs straight during the fold. Press down into the heels to activate the legs. Concentrate on folding at the hips and only to a comfortable depth in the pose. Now you said the most problem is with wide-legged folds so you may wish to concentrate on those with the above advice. As that is slightly different action in those muscles. Squats are very good for strengthening as well. Maybe when you are tying your shoes or picking something from the floor you may want to squat instead of folding with slightly bent legs. Everything I have wrote here should result in less pain and more comfort. It sounds like you are past the point of pain with this. So the work now is to slightly change forward folding to improve and strengthen. It may seem like you are practicing a more beginner version of the poses but that is good. And always remember it is up to you to decide if this is working good for you or not. Only work in a range that is comfortable and don’t push into pain. Maybe after a month you should notice quite a change in the feelings from forward folding. If you wish to look into this more try “avulsion periosteum ischial tuberosity” that is a tear at the sit bones. You will find some very technical medical information. At one time ‘rest’ was recommended but that is wrong and you know the outcome of that.
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    Where do you get your inspiration for new workouts and sequences? I usually do some warm up, a little toning and abs, and then some yoga after a run if it's not too hot. But recently i'm kinda at a stand still and haven't been feeling as sore as I usually do (best feeling ever) So what kinds of things do you do?!
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    YES! I love MMA, I wish there was an affordable kickboxing studio around where I live, I used to do a class whenever I would go visit my sister and it was the best workout. I'll have to look into a kettlebell, I'm not very familiar with it so thanks for the idea !
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    I used to get an ache in a similar spot in my left leg after lots of clutch action (yay, traffic), but I don't drive that often, maybe once a month or so. I think even sitting as a passenger I used to get this because I would sit with one leg more extended / stretched out than the other when we had 6 hour drives as weekend trips. This would make sense for your right leg since you are hitting gas or brake. Some random hypotheses: Is this related to sciata nerve? Does pigeon pose stretch the spot that hurts for you when you get home? I kept doing that when I had that pain act up. It could be posture related, but in a good way. If you adjusted your posture while sitting and driving, and your spine has lengthened due to yoga practice, you might be working new muscle groups that need to build up the same endurance your old position did for the previous 4 hour excursions.
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    oh awesome, thank you very much. I'll definitely be looking further into the tear at the sit bones and modifying my forward fold. I always feel like a 'beginner' doing it now anyway because I'm too frightened to go all the way into it.