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    I would imagine it has something to do with some sort of moon cycle (or something like that).. I have no idea. I remember in Kathryn Budig's book she wrote to not practice during menstruation because big, bulky pads don't look good under leggings and inversions would be uncomfortable but I find at that just peachy keen lovely time I really need to stretch and exercise to make myself feel human after the worst day 1 is over. There's no way I'm taking a week out of every month to not do things I enjoy because someone else thinks it's a bad idea.
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    Hi Candace I live in St. Charles Missouri. Thanks for creating this forum!
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    Hi Araujo, I am not a doctor by any means, but when I had some lower back pain (muscle tightness) a couple years ago, it was because I had let my abs get weak. I also wasn't stretching enough and my hip flexors & hamstring were really tight. I started doing abs every other day and started some basic stretching and yoga to relieve tightness. After a month or two I really started to notice a difference. The biggest thing was doing abs on a consistent basis. It is the most important muscle in the body (in my opinion) because it's the center of your core and it's holding everything in place. When your core strengthens and has good muscle tone, it will naturally help support your lower back and spine. I think it is the root cause of most peoples back problems, (again, in my opinion). It is not a quick fix and takes time and discipline. But anyone desperate to feel pain free can find away to improve their life. Again, I'm not a doctor or an expert in anything, but for a lot of people with basic back pain from muscle tightness, this is my opinion. If it is more severe like a slipped disc, I would definitely be seeing a doctor asap. Cheers, Greg
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    I total agree yoga makes me feel human at this time! I just wondered why?
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    Hi! I'm Amber and I'm reading this from Salerno, South Italy!
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    Hi Candace, My name is Saba Singh and I live in Hyderabad. I am happy to get a log in where I can voice about Yoga and I can also know what other experts are sharing. By the way I am an avid follower of hatha yoga. Saba
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    Oh goodness! I'm sorry to hear that happened. I guess now you know though so that's something? I've been taught both to avoid inversions completely and just avoid them during heavy flow times. To be honest, I'm generally too tired to practice them anyway. Plus the idea of reversing flow has turned me off to practicing them ever since I heard that. But like people said, you should be able to practice what you want or what is good for you. You could always do partial inversions. You could do legs up the wall, bridge pose, arm balances, plow pose, etc. (P.s. I find extended puppy pose, supine spinal twist, and hugging the knees in to be super beneficial during this time!)
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    You should love the following 7 ground poses and you can get all the benefits of flighty yoga poses: 1- Free Flow 2- Stress-Less Standing Swing 3- Half Shoulderstand 4- Earth-Facing Corpse Pose 5- Easy Pose + Grounding Mudra 6- Child’s Pose + Salutation Seal 7- Corpse Pose You should try for more yoga poses here.