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    I needed a place to put this... and this seemed the best place. I know that there are a lot of topics of Yoga in Social Media... and they aren't wrong, they just aren't for me. Maybe, in my previoius practice... maybe. I love seeing all of the various "challenges".. a whole month or two weeks of balance, strength and other poses that might help to shake up a practice out of a rut. Because we are all in danger of "ruts" in our practices and hobbies. I really enjoy watching people experience yoga.... from the very beginner to the most advanced instructor. I have been invited to join in several of the "pose a day" challenges and I constantly drag my feet to join... I watch... but almost never do you see me in a photo or a "selfie". Maybe I am at a place where my practice is truly between my mat and I....... not between me and anyone else. My mat knows that I am struggling to get back to the most basic of head/hand stands.... I am not compelled to share it with anyone. I'm okay with talking about my practice, the physical challenges I am expereincing and where the world me and the mat me join to move through the world together. I love watching... but I am just not compelled to share. I'm alright with this, honoring the place where my pratice is.... I suppose I need to spend some more time letting go, of the things that don't serve me or my practice. I don't expect a response.... but I did need to share this with other people on the mat.... because you might get it more than someone who doesn't make kissy friends with the floor.
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    I love the conversation this has started, and thank you, SJP, for sharing your thoughts, and thank you, everyone, for chiming in with their own thoughts. I've loved reading this thread. I have definitely been there, SJP, and sometimes still find myself there. I think that's been the hardest part, for me, about making something I love my job. At some point, it really does become work. I sometimes feel like if I need to post because it's part of my job. And a lot of times I feel like a fraud because I am struggling with whatever I'm struggling with and yet sharing my personal practice as if it hasn't taken years and lots of falls and whatever else (although I do try to acknowledge that during breakthroughs). When I'm in the mood, I do enjoy sharing my struggles and progressions on social media because I get to connect with people and feel less alone in my struggle. I get to hear from others who are in the same boat or who have been there before, and that makes me feel really connected to the people in my social network. I love to watch certain people's personal practice. I get inspired by super creative flows and I don't know, sometimes you can just tell what the motivation is behind a post. There are some people who just have the most lovely practice - and I don't mean just the asana, but the whole outlook and way they approach the practice. I really am drawn to that. And other accounts feel like it's solely about publicity (which I understand on one hand, especially if it's for work), but I'm not moved by it or inspired by it so I usually unfollow. When I share my own personal practice, I like to share two types of things: 1) a really cool flow that I think might inspire others who have hit a plateau in their practice or teaching, or 2) something I am struggling with or just learning. I appreciate those types of shares from others, which is why I share those types of things on social media along with other stuff from the blog and my personal life. But I have to be in the mood for it, and sometimes I'm just not. Especially lately - there have been a few nasty comments and I just found the whole thing draining, so I've taken a little break from sharing my personal flows. I have never been a fan of "challenges" on social media because I do feel like they're mostly about the end result and feel they often focus too much on one specific pose rather than the practice as a whole, so when people began requesting "challenges" I called them 'projects' and wrote them up as 'programs' (although Greg has called them 'challenges' here on the forum which I keep bugging him to change haha). Somehow in my head the name made a difference. Since so many people are visual, I had the focus be on how one specific pose changes over the course of a month with consistent practice and invited people to share their journey on instagram or forum if they liked. This served two purposes: 1) it was kind of a nod to the 'challenges' people had asked for and 2) it helped promote the yoga practice, and I'm not going to lie, the blog and video content I've created. But truth be told, it's just one of those things where 'challenges' doesn't sit right with me, 'programs' or 'projects' feels better to me, and ultimately, if it gets people to the mat, then I feel like I've done something good. But yeah, I completely understand not wanting to share, and feeling turned off by the emphasis on sharing on social media. Sometimes it just feels too saturated. When I get to that point, I just take a step back, turn the phone off, and focus on my breath and strive for balance. Thanks again for sparking this convo.
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    This breaks my heart! The last thing I want is for you to feel defeated. Here are some thoughts: are you eating enough prior to practicing yoga? With two kiddos to take care of and a full schedule of your own, adding in power yoga will require extra energy, so maybe just check to be sure you're eating enough throughout the day prior to yoga? (but avoid eating 1-2 hours before yoga.) if you want, feel free to post your crow pose on instagram or the app - I'm happy to take a look and can usually give a tip or two that can help. I am in the middle of writing a post called "I don't give a s#it about handstand" and basically I'm just explaining that I seriously couldn't care less about the final pose. The final pose means nothing to me. But the time and effort and sweat and yes, the tears, it took to get there? That's the juicy stuff. That's the stuff I live for. The wobbles, the quick second I'll meet with the full expression of a pose before tumbling out of it - I love that more than I love when I finally nail it. Like, just watching that video almost brings me to tears because it is SO hard for me to do and I'm still not really even doing the full scorpion pose, but it represents so much hard work and dedication and is a nod to my practice over the last few years. It is so highly personal to me, and at the end of the day, I just have to appreciate the journey and all it has taught, as cheesy as that sounds. My advice to you is to fall in love with this process. If we were perfect at everything we did on the very first attempt, life would be so lame. You are a strong, amazing woman who has a lot on her plate. Give yourself a break and remember the schedule is just a suggestion. Do what works for you and what doesn't? Skip it.
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    ...ever think about how much you love yoga, how much it has changed your life, how much your practice has progressed, etc. and literally just want to break down in tears? I've been having a lot of these moments lately and want to give back to this amazing thing and help others experience it, but sometimes it just is so overwhelming I can't do anything but sob! Hope I'm not insane...;)
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    Hey there YBC crew! First of all, I wanted to say congratulations Candace and YBC on your book deal! So exciting! My name is Holly and I live in Toronto, Canada. I'm a nurse by day and a hippie yogi by night. My yoga of choice right now (since February) is Baptiste Power Yoga but I've been doing yoga sporadically for about 10 years starting with Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Recently, I've been deepening my practice with Baron Baptiste's 40 days to personal revolution through practice, meditation, diet, and personal inquiry. Really enjoying how strong I've been feeling lately with more consistent practice. Anyhow, thrilled to be part of the community! Holly
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    For all the time and energy you've provided to help others, on this Thanksgiving I want to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation. I'm proudly celebrating my first year of daily practice (I think I've missed a total of five days, including a few snow days spent shoveling and snow blowing, since starting). Aside from the warms ups, stretches, forward folds, planks and downward dogs (you'll note I did not include ommm-ing ...LOL), part of my routine is viewing the daily inspiration from Candace either here or through the various social media outlets. Seeing scorpion, head stands or some other intense routine, is a welcome (and powerfully motivating) relief from the non stop photos of salad, martini glasses or chocolate desserts that clog my Instagram feed. Thank you for being a vital component of my fitness and well being routine. Enjoy your holiday and every other day...knowing that you are making a difference in and enhancing the life of others
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    I hear what you're saying and I think it's normal (although probably not idea) to feel a bit insecure or like people are out to get me - today I went to a master class w Jason Crandall and so many people were floating up to handstand and back down in their sun salutations. I can't do that or even come close to that, and I also felt a fever coming on, sore throat, and had forgotten my yoga mat so was using a beach towel (not recommended) and just started to feel down about myself. The older woman in front of me kept looking around and popping up into these inversions when we were meant to be resting... and I noticed my mind start to wander into the whole 'What does she think she is she doing?!' sort of thing before realizing that what she did or didn't do wasn't my concern, and how someone else makes me feel is really, for the most part, up to me. The book The Four Agreements was really helpful in dealing with these sorts of issues that spring up and if you're interested, I would suggest checking it out. Essentially it says that what other people say or do is really just a reflection of their own experience and has nothing to do with you and therefore we shouldn't take anything personally. I thought it was interesting because there were a lot of yoga teachers in the room and one of them asked Jason what he says for students that won't stay in savasana and just up and leave. The lady was like, "I know they leave because they don't like to be still or they feel they don't need it but they DO need it!" And he said something that was so profound: I am the parent of one person, my daughter. What anyone else has going on in their life is really none of my business and I refuse to take it personally. If a student asks my opinion about savasana, I will certainly tell them I think they should try to stay if they can...but otherwise, I just let it go, and I don't assume to know why they are leaving savasana. Because really, who knows - maybe they have a kid to pick up, maybe they need to administer medicine to a dying parent - like we really just do not know what other people have going on, so it's best to just let it go." In the same sense, I would just try to do the same for any 'special' yoga students who are less than welcoming towards you. I know it's hard - it was certainly hard for me to flick off the switch to my brain today in that class - but it's not worth it to me to feel so down by swimming in those thoughts, you know?
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    Hi everyone! I'm 26, mother of 3 and I'm just getting back into yoga after having my twins. I'm still consider myself a beginner.
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    Hey guys! I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 4 years now. In the past year I have really made an effort to make my practice a priority because I see how much it helps my anxiety (along with regular therapy).
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    This is myself thinking out loud here, especially since I've been stimulated after reading other people's experiences with "slumps". My teacher said at the end of class on Wednesday that we can treat our mats as a refuge. I thought that was an effective way to remember what my practice represents to me. It usually cultivates a feeling of contentment from within. So, why did I deny myself refuge for an entire month, finding solace instead by escaping via TV, sleeping in, forum browsing, and online shopping? Those were external factors that help distract, but what was I trying to avoid thinking about? I didn't truly acknowledge this until now, after reflecting on a conversation with my sister earlier this week. I have some issues going on that I didn't want to acknowledge as big deals. I reaffirmed my decision not to visit my parents over the holidays so I won't have to explain why I don't want to see or ever talk to a certain family member again. I speculated with my husband about changing to a different job role so I don't have spurts of high stress and deadlines that require me to work on holidays and weekends. I don't have the solutions to these issues, but now I'm ready to keep them in the back of my mind instead of escaping like before. That's not the same as being ready to face them (hence, I'm not actively seeking advice), but, I won't run away anymore. I shared details to avoid minimizing or exaggerating. Now I can sit with the truth and breathe through it, just like how I get reminded to breathe during my twisted lunges.
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    Agree that it's a personal decision but also want to talk quickly about the idea of yoga not just being strict asana. A good savasana is a still yoga. A little meditation is still yoga. Pranayama in the morning (or any time, really), is still yoga. So I say, find a balance in your physical practice. Cultivate a practice that incorporates yin and yang yoga and of course the pranayama and meditation as well.
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    Hi guys! My opinion on this matter is that everything needs to have a limit and posting or not posting photos/videos of your personal practice should only depend on your mood/will... I'm a person that works better when there is a program in my life... and this also goes to my yoga practice. I practiced better through the months that Candace had a Yoga Program that I would follow through the week, than the months she didn't, where I have to visit her channel and scroll through the videos and search what video I feel like doing today... I just like it this way. I've participated in a few challenges in Instagram (I'm on my 3rd currently) and what I like the most is the feeling I get from the yoga community. People supporting and inspiring each other. I've "met" a lot of people with who I have the same struggles, fears, even people that have RA like I do. And although I have very few followers I have already indpired a couple of people who saw my posts to start yoga..and this felt really awesome!! Not to mention that through challenges I've tried poses I never thought I could do.
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    Hey there! There is a really great blogger named Jenni Rawlings who has a lot to say on this particular subject (http://www.jennirawlings.com/blog). Check her out! I don't have anything to add other than that there has been conventional yogic wisdom regarding asana that turns out to be limited to certain contexts. I think that this is one of those cases. BUT... That doesn't mean you will benefit from going crazy in the gym! If you get DOMS from your SLDL, you aren't exactly going to feel compelled to fold further into your forward fold. Just sayin' I'm not an expert, but I am married to a truly one-of-a-kind personal trainer (and former national level qualifying bodybuilder), and his hamstrings are bulkier than 99.9% of the population. Despite this, he's pretty darn flexible and would make an incredible yogi if he ever decided to go down that path *fingers crossed*. My point is that he defies conventional yogic wisdom in this regard...as do a lot of people. If I was going to use my time at the gym to complement my yoga practice, I would be placing a lot of focus on my back (right, yogafire?!). Pullups, rows, etc., because the back is underworked relative to the front body. At least that's my take
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    I have to admit that I love doing the daily yoga challenges because somedays I need that extra motivation to get on my mat. I also like to think that maybe sharing my practice with the world will help to inspire someone to begin their own yoga journey. However, I completely respect the side that prefers not to participate in that because it is indeed a deeply personal practice. Or at least it should be. Most of us who have been practicing for years know that it's not about attaining one pose. In fact, while my instagram feel has some flashy arm balances in it, if you ever show up to my class, you can be sure I won't put you in one of those poses. It's so so so important to start slow and learn each pose from the ground up. I am always shocked when I walk into an "all levels" class and find that they are already teaching arm balances. Yikes! The same goes for social media - it's not about getting into the most advanced pose you can - it's about learning more about your body through yoga, and some days, for all levels of practicioner - that means slowing down and doing a seated asana practice only. I find social media to be a source of inspiration for me, however I also recognize that you can't just show up on your mat and hop into koundinyasana safely. It takes years of practice. That's the part that I think is missing. It's really all about the journey afterall!
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    I echo this sentiment SJP42. I get a lot of motivation from watching, but I am not compelled to share either. I am also someone who regularly makes kissy friends with the floor. Sometimes the floor and I have to get a room
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    I had a conversation with my sister in law about one of the "challenges" I was invited to take part in. Having not ever tried yoga herself, she admitted that she was fasincated... and felt that she might be able to do maybe 3 or 4 of the poses.... We talked about how starting a yoga practice can be as easy as trying 1 basic pose daily, then after a bit, learning to string them together. She was legitimately curious about yoga as a potential weight loss activity. We had an honest conversation about it. I admitted that I would probably let my wife take pictures of me stringing together the first 11 days of this challenge.... and then take 10 more.... and then 10 more, but one pose a day.... was not where I am... and I am not about to call my wife to my mat for a picture mid or end of my practice. I like that this social media yoga has people curious. I like that it has helped folks to get onto a path of wellness and body awareness. I like that it has pushed us to really think about our individual practices and make a point to honor where our practice really is. I get to go deeper... that is important
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    Recently, I knew I was going into class extremely stressed out. I made myself go to this class, when what I really wanted was to go home and cry. I promised myself that I needed to go to this class, I needed to take care of myself. You can't pour from an empty cup, right? The one thing I can count on in class is that my mat is always right where I put it. Under my feet and on top of the very dependable floor. (You can always trust that the floor is going to hold up, it's end of the bargain) Early in class, we had just finished gentle passes through Cat and Cow. The first balance challenged comes up. Extending opposite arm and leg. I'm there... I feel wobbly so I extend both a little more... reaching higher.... and the next thing I know... I am over on my side. Still stressed out, but improving.... while laying on the floor, I "mooo'd"..... My class mates all tip over like dominoes and laughing.... our instructor laughed.... and said " When we fall over, sometimes it is like cow tipping" It took a good few minutes before we were all back on our mats
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    Hello everyone! My name is Katrina and I have been following YogaByCandace for close to a year now! I never make the time to consistently do yoga but I have always wanted the flexibility and strength that I see Candace do! The movement and abilities she can do amaze me. I have always been into working out but never take the time to stretch and actually take care of my body like I need to. I currently love running and weight lifting so my body really needs the yoga/stretching part incorporated with the lifestyle I have going on already. I ordered some yoga supplies off amazon and will start doing this 39 day flexibility project and I am so excited! Thank you so much Candace for your amazing videos that you post on youtube and the beautiful site that has so much valuable information! I am very excited to do this 39 day project and start getting myself to do the things I have wanted to do for years! My goal is to be able to one day be able to do handstands and scorpion pose!! Thanks so much!
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    My name is Tiffany and I am from Spokane, Washington. I have just started my journey with yoga and meditation about a month ago, maybe two. However as of last week I have completely committed to practicing on a daily basis. Where as before it was very sporadic. I am loving it so far. Since I have discovered this forum ad Yoga by Candace app, it has been more structured, enjoyable and easier to learn, rather then using numerous sites and apps. It became too cluttered and overwhelming to me. So I am very thankful I have found this forum, webpage and app. The reason I decided to practice yoga and meditation daily, is to improve my physical and mental health. I struggle with several health issues, including depression, PTSD, Anxiety panic disorder, fibromyalgia, and gastroparesis. These health issues has limited me in what I can do as far as my daily living activities and working. I am hoping with yoga and meditation I will gain strength mentally and phaycially. I am married with three biological children and two step children, three girls and two boys. Only two live at home full time. My oldest lives on his own and my step children live with their mom. I love being at home with them as a stay at home mom. They keep me very busy. I hope to have my two that are home practice yoga and mediation with me soon. I enjoy reading, collecting books, volunteering at my son's school, volunteering at our local soup kitchens, adult coloring, practicing mindfulness, and playing with my dogs.
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    I can't say I'm a fan of the Atkins diet. No carbs ever! Seriously?! Everyone I know who has done that diet has fallen off the wagon at some point.I don't think denying yourself food, especially your favourite food, is a healthy lifestyle. Food is one of the greatest joys in life, the body and mind need all types of food. I eat carbs all the time. I just ate a lovely big bowl of porridge. I love pepperoni pizza. I weigh about 70Kg. I am a big fan of a balanced diet - everything in the right proportion. Sure, I limit some foods; High saturated fat, high sugar, high salt, starchy food, but I don't deny myself anything. I have over a number of years educated myself to eat healthier. I eat a lot of of fruit and vegetables. Lean protein like chicken breast and salmon. Nothing really very scientific. I don't weigh my food or limit my portion sizes. The biggest revelation I have found is that when you start lowering and cutting out crap in you diet and replacing it with healthier alternatives, you stop depending on the artificial flavour boost that added sugar and additives give food, and you start appreciating the subtle flavours of natural food. You really have to embrace this concept. When you look forward to your quinoa and mixed bean salad at lunchtime then you know you've become a health food bore I am aware that this thread started as a question about the best type of yoga to lose weight so here is my tuppence on that too . I would have thought all yoga! Yoga is great because it takes your body through a variety of low intensity and high intensity exercises. The body responds to these different intensities by burning fat and calories in different ratios. My philosophy with exercise is the same as with food - it's all about balance. Combine a balanced diet with a balanced exercise programme and you will become fit and lean.
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    Hi there! I'm putting the finishing touches on the forum and going to go through and start some posts and hopefully get a little convo going. I love knowing where people are checking in from, so I'll start it up - I'm Candace and I'm reading this from the Czech Republic.
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    YBC is in the 17th place! Congrats @YogaByCandace!!!! The complete list: http://blog.feedspot.com/yoga_blogs/
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    I was always super intimidated to say anything to my teachers because I just felt like it would be weird, but having been a teacher myself and having had people come up and say thank you (or even more than a thank you), I know how much it really means. I have had people stumble over their words, cry tears of thanks, and simply say thank you and never once have I been weirded out. We ALL struggle with our own insecurities and as a teacher, especially a new teacher, there is so much we worry about (even though we know we shouldn't). Do the people like this sequencing? The music? The tone of my voice? Am I speaking loudly enough? Am I talking too much? Are they weirded out by my silence? It's really very easy to get sucked into your own insecurity and irrational thoughts, so when people offer feedback, I always appreciate it. Except for the time that one girl said my yoga wasn't "real yoga" and stormed off. I could've done without that. Hahahahaa. Edited to say: I have also received cards, emails, comments on social media, etc. I will say that cards are my favorite because it's physically in your hand and you have to sit and really take a moment to absorb what's been written. It really blows me away when I get a card because with our busy lives I know it takes a lot for people to sit down, find a pen, and think out what they want to say. I keep them and always look back on them when I've had a tough day on the work front. So if there's a option, a little handwritten card would be my vote.
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    I don't think yoga solves ED, but it can be used as a tool to help learn to cope with some of the problems that come with having problem with eating issues, not just ED. This is a bit personal, but I think it will help you understand by what I mean by that. Two years ago, on June 5, 2014, I lost my grams to a stroke. It took her six months to succumb to that stroke and it was very painful to watch her die. Two months later, my great-aunt, one of her only surviving sisters (and undoubtedly my favorite) passed from cancer and then about a month later, my brother basically said at midnight (of course), "Hey, guess what! You're all becoming grandparents and an aunt!" and his girlfriend was 20 weeks pregnant. Having autism, that was just what broke everything. My eating patterns, which had been out of whack since December 2013 - when my grams had her stroke - really careened out of control. I lost something like 15 pounds and for someone who was 95 pounds, that was weight I couldn't lose and my behavior really got out of whack. I started equine therapy February 2015 and regular therapy May 2015 to help with my eating and was diagnosed with disordered eating. I started doing yoga at home to help me learn calmness because I could not handle being around my nephew as he was just too loud. The crazy loudness can trigger me to not eat. The bonus is it helps stretch out my muscles for equine therapy. I've learned when I'm feeling stressed, I have to go do some yoga to recenter. Just folding myself over helps switch my attention from, "It's getting too crazy, let's not eat anything to try and get some attention," to, "Okay, let's focus on myself and my breathing. Feel how my hair swishes and plays on the floor." It's silly but it works. I'm about 3 or 4 pounds shy of where I need to be now, but it's okay. I'm not going to get it all in 15 months, but I'm not skeletal anymore. I have the word "strength" tattooed behind my right ear to help remind me of my grandma (there's a few stories behind that!) and to listen to myself. Was that really long? I hope that wasn't long and emotional. I sometimes feel I get really long.
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    Day 7 HIIT work out complete! I made it for the complete 20 mins this time, so that's an improvement from Day 4 already. Also did the cool down yoga video after which was really nice and relaxing. I just downloaded the free Interval Timer App for my phone which is amazing! Makes things so much easier then messing around with your phone every minute or staring at a clock. Highly recommend it! Happy weekend everyone!
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    Had an extremely long day at work, got home - the dog had thrown up and just looked sick. Cleaned up his mess gave him a bath. Absolutely dreaded the idea of pulling up the blog and seeing what day 6 consisted of. But after a long sigh I got out the computer. When I saw gentle hatha I think my mind relaxed immediately. I hit play and completely enjoyed every minute. And it gave me what I needed to complete the next routine. ****I don't think tonight will be so relaxing.
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    Hi. This will be my first 30 day program. Step 3 recommends acquiring an accountability buddy. If anyone cares to be mine, that would be great!
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    You're not insane! I've had similar moments. I always tell people that yoga saved my life and I mean it quite literally! It's a beautiful thing
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    Hi, everyone! I just started a yoga/wellness/etc. blog and am looking to meet some other yoga bloggers. How many of you have a yoga blog? Post the site here so I can check it out! Here's mine canoeinginclouds
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    Hi Candace, I've been practicing for omg, I just realized for 5 months now! Mainly I started from Youtube and found you. From a person with a skeptical perception towards inner peace, zen and bla bla bla all those things, I experienced a moment of peace one fine day during savasana and I realized I feel so much better every time after practice. So I fell for yoga. At first, It was not easy to get my head to wrap around the thoughts of meditation in spiritual aspects, which is why I enjoyed your videos, where you emphasized more about connecting with our breath and bringing awareness, instead of me joining first time and I have to search for my soul in the inner-self, which is rather intimidating for some because we aren't exposed to those kinds of thoughts before, and to be thrown into a situation where we had no idea what is going and not understanding at all about the depth of yoga within the mind, I think it's one of the reasons why most people reject yoga at first session. That being said, I'm glad to announce that I'm enjoying myself more and more after every practice, and slowly understand more about the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, and accepting it. However, I find it difficult to empty my mind, especially when I'm stressed out. I will be on the mat and my mind is reluctant to be quiet and in the end I would not practice or even try to meditate at all. It goes like, Goddammit I can't be zen right now! nah mean? (strictly, only when i'm really stressed out.) And I don't want that, I hope yoga can help me calm down when I'm stressed out. Any tips on overcoming this?
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    That is AWESOME, so happy for you!!! The struggle is for sure very real. I held a yoga class in LA once with sponsors and everything, and not one person showed up. How embarrassing. I've had to cancel workshops due to no sign ups. I've had people tell me my teaching style wasn't "real yoga," people have been inappropriate towards me, I have had people blame their injuries on me, I've been told I'm too big, too small, not a "real" yogi because I meat, etc etc etc. I have lost hundreds and at one point even $1,000 on retreats where I didn't get enough sign ups to cover the cost of the venue and food. This summer I had a legit quarter life crisis - total meltdown in the middle of New York City - the result of too much stress, pressure and work. The struggle is very, very real. But I believe in what I'm doing, and I know that there is literally no limit to the business I envision for myself and things keep falling into place so I'm happy. 98% of the time I love the grind. I really think we can do anything we work towards and put our mind to, so keep workin' at it!! #wegotthis
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    Yep! The pictures are crazy. I basically just started eating more frequently. I don't think I was taking in enough calories for the amount of exercise I was putting in. By the middle of the day, my energy was depleted. I would finish workouts and lay in a puddle of my own sweat for like a solid ten minutes before I was sure my own two feet could hold me. I just felt like I had a tough time recovering and zero energy by the time 2pm rolled around. So I started adding more meals and more carbs (things like oats, sweet/regular potatoes, quinoa, etc). You gotta remember I was eating basically just meat and veggies prior to that so I just wasn't eating enough and wasn't eating carbs which I've found to be like human fuel haha. I'll do a full run down on it with photos - it's scheduled to go live Feb 4.
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    Ah you're so awesome, @Stepha! Realizing all this stuff is the good, juicy, delicious stuff. It's exactly WHAT yoga is, so pat yourself on the back because the awareness, self-inquiry and examination of what's going on is what it's all about. Anyway, yes - some tips from personal experience. So I am a visual person, and I think of my stream of thoughts like an old school tv that's been left on. Do you remember those old school tvs that had the giant knobs and you'd press one of the knobs in and the tv would shut off? My grandma had one. Anyway, at the beginning of my centerings and meditations, I always visualize that constant stream of nonsense on the tv (my thoughts) and "flick the switch" to turn them off. I will actually visualize myself turning off the stream of thoughts, and when I do it, I imagine that there's nothing going on in my head. Everything is quieted, and all I hear is my breath. Give that a try.
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    I once told an instructor my frustration about not being able to do something (bind) He interrupted me and said... Since then, I've had a different outlook. You're 25, I have shoes older than you! Yoga isn't a short term goal, it's a lifestyle that you might carry with you for the rest of your life. Just continue your practice. What ever difficulties you have today will soon be mastered and will be replaced with newer challenges. Candace has been posting images of her (2-3? year) attempt to master Scorpion. As she says...practice makes progress Enjoy the journey. That being said...I'm sure someone who can do Crow will help you...I can't (crow...in my humble opinion isn't a beginner's pose) Are you practicing on your own or with an instructor?
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    I got, sort of, reprimanded before my class on Saturday when I told my instructor, "I can't..." (referring to a particular bind position). He said It took a while for it to sink in, but when class started and he asked a particularly demanding move, a move I'm always wobbling and stumbling to achieve), I didn't complain that I was struggling, but rather celebrated when I got to the position. Enjoy the beauty of your dog, no matter what it looks like. Yoga is for no one else, it's for you, enjoy the struggle, the challenges and celebrate the minor accomplishments. Inhale and bring in new energy...exhale washing away any toxins or negative thoughts...including your frustrations, especially with respect to your limitations. It will come, it takes time...how much time? Yoga is a lifetime, not a goal. Remember the words of the eminent philosopher, ybc, practice makes progress
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    I have never heard of this before. I suppose it may bring an important meaning to some people. I choose something a little different. I have a mat that is kind of slippery. That one will be Até And another that is like rubber sandpaper. Aergia They are the names of Greek gods. We need a laugh at least once a day. Até is the god of mischief. Aergia is the god of laziness. I hope at least someone understands the little joke. (besides me)
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    My two cents...there are very few expressions I despise more than that one. We're all one people. I'm Jewish and take no offense when someone uses the phrase "schmuck" (unless I'm the target). I couldn't care less if anything that we say or do originated somewhere else...or in someone else's tribe. I love Chinese and Italian food (although not on the same plate); when I had hair I wore it in an Afro style (we used to call it a Jew-fro);l I enjoy Corona and Stella Artrois beer; I love Brussels Sprouts, Swiss Cheese, English Muffins, Greek Style Yogurt and French Fries; I drink Green Tea; I watch a Korean (South, not North) TV; I drive a Japanese car (made in Kentucky); I drink Poland Spring water; I practice yoga (and enjoy hearing the Sanskrit names for the asanas); and love watching Kung Fu movies; I'm pretty sure the gas in my car comes from either Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela or Iraq. I'm American, but my grandparents were from Austria, Poland/Russia (the town went back and forth in the late 1800s), Germany and Lithuania, but according to the Passover Haggadah, my ancestors were living in Egypt. I'm a man (oops!) person of the world! Let's stop worrying about being politically correct and enjoy the few short years we all have here. If you like doing something...as long as no one is hurt by it, just do it!
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    Thanks for the answers! Regarding the Flyer: I made it with printed Hands and of course pictures with Kids. I attache them here I actually Need to attract the parents more than the Kids though... well... So far, no real improvement. But one positive Thing: I was aksed by a local Kids Center to give a course for the younger Kids starting with March I am soooooooo happy about that...
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    Hi, myself Mantis Hugo from India, I love chatting and making new friends my hobbies are listening to music,watching movies, cooking.
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    I used to have a set yoga routine along with meditating a while back, however lately I just cant seem to focus at all. I am stressed out, finding out I was pregnant, then finding out my husband was.. well not the person I thought he was, filing for divorce and then starting night school and working full time... not to mention I will be out of a job soon and having a baby right after. You can say I'm stressed. I have been taking positive steps!!, I have an amazing therapist and that is helping with all this madness. However, I still cant focus and get back on my mat. I'm a bit intimidated and scared as crazy as it sounds scared to get back on the mat. I guess I think I might just break down and cry as crazy as it sounds. I just its difficult for me to start again, my mats been collecting dust for a while now and I just I want to get back into it but it seems so hard. I don't know if any of you have any advice at all?
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    thank you so much ladies for all of these awesome tips! I need to stop being so hard on myself, I think that's my biggest problem. I tend to tell myself "this weekend I will go back to my yoga mat!" then the weekend comes and I'm either burnt out from the military or school and sometimes I still do cry for what happened (my divorce and pregnancy all came along the same week of may) then I feel weak and its an endless cycle. I need to remind myself that I am human, and all of these emotions are completely normal but most importantly OKAY!. Hildegard, Trust me I need as many hugs as I can now haha so thank you, and I will take your advice on "not expecting" I seriously just need to incorporate that in all of my life, not just yoga. I will also try and give the website you stated a look tonight after school, maybe it can help with my relaxing and sleeping. yogafire I normally did go to a class, however now with a baby on the way, becoming a single mom overnight and getting out of the military this December I cant afford to go anymore (although its just 10 per class, I'm trying to be as watchful with my spending so when my contract does end this year I have some good savings for a few months before school again) I have really enjoyed the YouTube videos Candace does provide, so I will incorporate that into my routine. I think I'm also going to go through first with the mindful challenge you mentioned. I need it, and I need to ease myself into, instead of wanting to jump in when I'm still healing. Hahaha no Candace a hug wont weird me out, trust me I need hugs or good vibes, possibly both haha.You're completely right and the one day I did try savasana and I did break down, as I said in the beginning I need to be okay with breaking down for that's how we heal! Thank you so much for these tips ladies, I greatly appreciate it. I will try my best to accomplish this, its hard, but not impossible. Instead if running form these feelings and emotions I need to understand and embrace them.
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    That does sound crazy stressful, but the good news is that you've been surviving it already - getting the support from your therapist, others, and even coming here! I completely agree with Hildegard about avoiding a new source of stress in your life. I tried to force myself to maintain a routine, but I would stress out more to try to meet the "designated" schedule, and I would further beat myself up more for not meeting the schedule - a horrible cycle that I still struggle sometimes to just... let it go. Do you normally have a home practice or go to a class? If you went to classes before, are those teachers still around that you can reconnect with? Don't worry if you break down on the mat - you're finally allowing some time and feeling for yourself, and just be in the moment. You might feel more comfortable doing that at home than in class, but, a pre-natal class night be helpful to go to so you know what modifications to make at home. If it's too much time commitment, you can start out small, and just do some 10 min or 15 min warmups on Candace's channel. And, if you want to reawaken what you liked about yoga (for me, it's interesting flows), then, you can follow some of Candace's sequences and slowly build to do longer practices. And, if you want more structure after you feel better, try the 30 day mindful challenge - it's the first one I participated in just because it was less goal oriented but more focused on reflecting and being present. There are more built in meditations, too, in the schedule than other challenges. And, don't worry about strictly following the schedule - I just matched the calendar date with the day number, took self-proclaimed rest days when things got away from me, and just moved on. If you still don't feel very inspired to do yoga, what about reading about other people's practices and thinking back about your old practice and how it may have motivated you then? There's one thread that started here, and other bloggers who talk about tough life changes (some similar to yours in fact, she's a fellow forum member here, Kristi Smith) - again, everyone's path is different, but, it might offer some motivation. Lastly, to build on Hildegard's guided meditation recommendation - this may seem cheesy, but I find Deepak's voice soothing. I think this one is a good guided meditation (he lectures for the first 5 min, then it's silence for 10) to think more about yourself, appreciate and love yourself, and how you can affect others.
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    I'm with Robbie here. Cutting out entire food groups seems too extreme for my taste and not all that sustainable in the long term. I love food, and the wider range of things I eat, the happier I am. A time eventually comes when you truly look forward to your pasta (or quinoa) with sautéed Brussel sprouts. Also, I'd take my focus away from losing X amount of weight. I don't weight myself. Instead, I focus on making sure my clothing fits right (I still have clothes I used to wear some fifteen years ago when I know for a fact I was thinner), on how my body feels, how much exercise I'm able to do before getting too tired to move*, how much stronger I'm becoming. Maybe working with a doctor to have an idea as to what your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc. are like will give you an idea as to how healthy you are at this moment and what goals you want to reach as far as your health and overall well being. Vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga have all helped me lose weight, but hatha and yin yoga have also helped me stay on healthy levels. I see a lot more muscle definition on my legs than before I started a daily, consistent yoga practice and it's not a super demanding program either. I try to alternate days with a strong, physical practice with days that are more about subtle details. That way I don't get overwhelmed or bored. _____________________ * Not really because I have severe anaemia and I get tired way more easily than I'd like, but you get the idea.
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    I hope you don't mind an internet stranger giving you internet hugs, but it sure seems like you could use some. *hugs* You have a lot going on, so my main advice would be to try to avoid adding a new source of stress to your life. By this I mean that you should try to lower your expectations when it comes to yoga and meditation, not because I don't believe they can help you feel better and deal with all that stress (they absolutely can!), but because you want yoga to help you and not become a burden. The less you focus on what you want from yoga the more you can focus in the moment and what your practice is like. This way you'll able to enjoy and appreciate your practice for what it is and the sense of peace it can bring. Let it be what it is on any given day without pushing yourself or mentally beating yourself up because your practice used to be different some time ago. Just do your best to be present in the moment, let your movements and your breath be your focus. Allow yourself a moment of not thinking and not worrying about your very real concerns and your stress levels will come down in time. When I'm stressed out I find guided meditations easier to follow, as they take some of the burden of what to do, what not to think about off my brain. A website like Rainy Mood can provide some non-intrusive background noise to help you focus in the moment. Also, what I like to do when my mind is racing and can't focus is to tell myself "that was a thought; let it go" as many times as necessary. Eventually my mind slows down. Good luck with everything.
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    During weight loss, it's not "no carbs", ... fruits are okay, etc. But none of the "fun stuff" If you want to lose weight, give up bread/pasta/cereal/pizza/rice (yes, that includes sushi...you can eat the fish if you want)/potatoes for one month. After a few days you wont crave it. After a week you will walk passed a slice of pizza and wont give it any thought. After a month and you've lost 10 to 12 pounds you'll ask yourself why you would ever eat that garbageAfter a few months you'll be frustrated since none of your clothes will fitFolks always say... ...okay, but don't expect to see much weigh loss progress. Ask anyone who is overweight ... would you prefer to take off 20-40 pounds or would you prefer to have pizza from time to time. As a life long overweight individual, I would have taken the weight loss I started at 256 (or more?) and dreamed of one day being 210. I thought 200 was impossible. I thought the online charts for my suggested weight (I'm 6'3" tall) were total BS when the said I should weigh 187. When I hit 186 I realized they were 100% correct. I've celebrated one year under 190 and I attribute it to AVOIDING BREAD PASTA PIZZA CEREAL RICE and POTATOES. Anyone out there prefer a slice of pizza over losing 20-40 pounds? Now that I've stabilized, I've introduced carbs back into my diet. I practice moderation, but to truly achieve weight loss one needs a different life style and eating pattern. BTW. I'm now 15 pounds lighter than the "after photo" on the right Tell me...do you think giving up bread and pizza is worth it?
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    You can never go wrong with Om! Even if you choose another mantra to meditate on for your Japa Mala, I think it is lovely to sort of "activate" your mala by having Om be the first mantra you chant with it (all 108 times). Om encompasses the entire Universe, and when you chant Om you acknowledge that you are not just a drop in the ocean, but you have that entire Divine ocean within you. You are acknowledging that you are already complete in yourself, already in unity with all that is, and that any thoughts or beliefs contradicting that are simply illusion/maya. I would ask yourself, "What is my intention?" My intention is to connect with the truth that is in my heart, which is divine bliss, love, and unity. Some people have intentions of intelligence, abundance, peace, service, etc. etc. Also another helpful thing for me was to start listening to Kirtan (I suggest Krishna Das, Ragani, and Bhagavan Das). Kirtan has helped me with pronunciation, and has also helped me discover which mantras feel best in my heart energetically. Here are some wonderful mantras that you could explore: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~ Om Peace Peace Peace Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ~ May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom. Sat Nam ~ The True Name, or I am Truth, or The name of God is Truth So Hum ~ I am that. Also that Universal sound of breath. So is the inhalation, and Hum is the exhalation. Hari Om ~ All that is. It is a heart opener that removes obstacles and awakens Prana. Om Namah Shivaya ~ I bow to Shiva, or I bow to my true self. Om Mane Padme Hum ~ The Jewel of the Lotus Heart Here is also a list of chants from Deepak Chopra for manifestation: http://www.chopra.com/ccl-meditation/21dmc/energy-of-attraction-mantras.html Good luck and many blessings on your journey! <3 Ashley
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    This is a great topic Larry. I could fill pages myself. Read more at Yoga Dork
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    A Week for Patience

    The last week has been packed with two sick children and a mother whose assisted living placement needs changing due to a decline in her care. I am grateful for the opportunity to be available to my children and to comfort them when they are ill. I'm grateful that when they are ill, it is a virus that passes without trauma. I am grateful that I am in a position to be near my mother, to provide comfort to her, and to manage her care. That is why I can realize that letting my yoga practice temporarily suffer is something that happens but that it was always be there for me. I had to take two days break in a row this week, and I can feel that my flexibility has waned just a bit. I am not ready to publish any of my Mermaid Pose attempts right now, but today I was able to raise both arms overhead while keeping my balance. I've decided that I need to work on the balance piece before I can move into reaching back for a foot. Just a readjustment of my plan. I've been having some hamstring tightness that I have to work on in the coming week too. This week's unexpected opportunity to work on my patience has been a gift. I know that every experience offers an opportunity for growth. The choice is mine as to whether or not I accept that opportunity as a positive experience in my life and in the lives of those around me.
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    Hi afriske! That's awesome you are inspired and want to teach! I followed yogafire's link to Candace's blog and have to say that I absolutely agree with what she wrote. Everything. Here's my two cents: 1. Regarding YA registration... I'm a newly minted RYT-200. I debated even registering with YA because in most instances it's not needed (from my experience in the Chicago area). The caveat is that studios and gyms may be hesitant to hire a teacher who isn't experienced, and the RYT designation may allow you to get in an in when you otherwise would not. 2. If you go the online route, I would suggest talking to local yoga teachers about the possibility of mentoring with them in some way while you are completing the training. Maybe there is something you could barter (a skill, babysitting, etc.), or maybe you can volunteer at the studio in exchange for the opportunity to learn hands-on adjustments and practice teaching what you're learning to other teachers in order to get constructive feedback. 3. Watch a lot of yoga videos, take a lot of classes, and practice developing your own yoga teaching voice. Practice instructing yourself out loud. 4. Film yourself practicing yoga and evaluate your form (ideally combine this with #3) I think that you can learn how to instruct and cue without doing an in-person TT (Rachel Brathen aka "Yoga Girl" did, although she eventually enrolled in a program), but you will have to find a way to overcome the fact that you aren't getting feedback, which is super important. I would suggest that you work yourself through Mark Stephen's "Teaching Yoga" before enrolling in a program because it will give you a good foundation and a sense of what to consider when deciding between programs. Another consideration has to do with what kind of yoga you want to teach (and practice). Some studios aren't going to be excited about a Core Power or YogaFit program, whereas the box gyms probably won't care in the slightest. Ultimately, though, if you are a motivated student and seek out opportunities to supplement your official training, it probably won't matter where you study. Just know that programs differ wildly in what they offer and how they offer it, and this difference is likely to be most pronounced as it applies to the philosophical elements. Finally, maybe a module-based training is a potential compromise? Wanderlust and Shiva Rea (and probably others) offer them. The benefit of these two particular options is that they appear to be very solid programs, and the modules can be completed over a longer time period. You can pay for one module at a time, and the fact that you are enrolled in such a well-known (and arguably respected) program would probably give you an easier in at the local studios and gyms even while you are still training. Anyway, teaching yoga isn't rocket science, but you do need to practice in front of teachers and peers who can provide constructive criticism. If you plan to offer adjustments (you don't have to do this, btw, although expectations regarding them vary greatly) you need practice doing so as well. Hope this helps. Namaste!
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    This is my first official challenge participation and my first ever posted yoga pose. I feel very very uncomfortable about this, but the YBC community seems like a good place to jump in and just go for it. All summer, I've concentrated on beginner arm balances like crow and baby grasshopper. I've decided to shift gears for this program. For the Mindful Yoga Program, I'm working on Mermaid Pose. As a runner, my hip flexors are tiiiiggghhht, and I'm tired of fighting back from related injuries. I feel like a flexibility challenge can help me work on some peaceful positivity in the process too. #ybcmindful First every Mermaid Pose attempt....lots to work on!