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    Hey guys! I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 4 years now. In the past year I have really made an effort to make my practice a priority because I see how much it helps my anxiety (along with regular therapy).
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    Hello all, Excited to try this challenge--I choose to work on downward dog Here is my before picture.
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    Hi everybody!!! First of all, I love love Candace & this community!! 2 things, I'm so excited to share that my hard work has finally paid off!!! I was able to get into a full wheel today in class!!!! I have been working so hard on it & today it happened!!!! Second, during this 30 day challenge can I consider the days I practice in class as part of the challenge? Or do I need to follow the schedule? Thanks!!!
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    Hi Candace, First off, just wanted to say that my wife and I our huge fans. I'm a firefighter and was definitely never a flexible person. I contracted a bacterial infection similar to Lyme disease (joint pain, weakness, nausea, etc.) which lead to me being laid up for a year going through experimental treatments. During this time I found your videos and read your story, and your yoga teachings have lead to a huge quality of life improvement. I'm now back on my feet and getting back to fighting fit AND I can touch my toes for the first time in my life, so thank you for the huge help you've been in getting me through this and better than ever! So my suggestion for a yoga video is: a full body stretch/loosen for when you're sick. Your videos already have plenty here for us in that condition, but I figured one specifically could be a nice touch. Most days during my treatment I would pick one of the 15 minute videos but I'd usually have to take breaks/skip steps/not make it all the way through. I figure with your experience you probably know better than anyone exactly what I'm talking about, and could help out a lot of people! Thanks, Kerry
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    Hi Larry, There have been a few how to videos in the past. Also, if you download the YBC App you can see an organized list of playlists from the youtube channel. One of them being the how to do specific yoga poses and single pose breakdowns.
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    I am so excited to start this new chapter in my new yoga life!! Ahhh
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    Can't wait! My practice has been pretty much nonexistent lately. Looking forward to something that will help me get back on track!
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    Ooh looking forward to a new yoga challenge. My yoga practice during August has been totally absent.
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    Hi Candace, I'd love a video on how to improve standing split. When I do it, it's more like a 'standing something', not really a split :-) tnx