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    Hi Candace and fellow flexibility yogis, Thank you for such a great challenge. I managed to follow every single one, except the last three - as I ended up moving interstate and got slightly swamped with studying, freelancing and packing! My splits did improve and the best thing for me was that I created a regular practice - super happy to have achieved that. Now after a two-week break, I'm back doing the new Strength challenge. Yippee!
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    Hey everyone! I'm Kerri, from Middle Tennessee. I'm a hospice nurse at the Department of Veterans Affairs, taking care of our country's bravest in their last few months. I started doing yoga this past February, after I had one too many boughts of anxiety attacks that landed me in the ER. My therapist recommended I tried yoga, so I found a YouTube channel, did a 30 day yoga challenge, and fell in love! I stumbled across YBC a few months into practice, and it's been great! Seriously, my anxiety level has plummeted to an all time low, my gratitude for the little things is at an all time high, and I'm living the idea of "life is good"! Glad to meet ya'll!
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    I like Scott's suggested topic, especially for an introductory one. At first I wasn't sure if 'themes' should be broader, like, "backbends", but that seems too generic and not a conversation starter. The first one is something I'm personally reflecting on: What do you do when you can't make it to practice yoga? What are your reactions?Has yoga helped you in other physical activities? What do you consider your primary "sport" (including yoga)?Do you incorporate any of the 8 limbs of yoga by Patanjali in your life in addition to asana, and if so, how? (The linked infographic from yogadork is the most non-intimidating summary I could find)What inspires you to teach yoga? For non teachers, what aspects of yoga are you excited to share with others?What are your class preferences? Size, music, style, etc. Does it change based on how you feel that day?What are your yoga pet peeves (e.g. someone step on your mat) - others try to offer suggestions for letting go! (E.g. that person really had to use the bathroom)What other ways do you follow yoga? (Magazines, other forums, blogs, social media, in person gatherings) what % do you spend following yoga vs. Practicing yoga?The others are just brainstorming and seemed to flow after I wrote down the first one. #5 and #6 were pretty popular discussion forum topics, but I think would be more fun as chat because people can build on each other. I don't like some as much as others, but we can just start a laundry list and pick and choose from the list whenever we do the sessions. Last: a tip for those who may fear chatting as a massive time sink... you can multi-task and browse the forum at the same time or other items by activating the sounds in the chatroom - then you know if someone enters the room or writes something, and only switch to the window during that time.
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    You guys just missed another good chat between me and Robert!
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    Cool, nice to get everyone's input. I have periscope (I'm @yogabycandace) and use it here and there but after some experimenting, I realized it was best (for me, anyway) to save it for things like behind the scenes shoots, retreats and more exciting things than 'hey here i am in the my office drinking tea' which I did once and it was so painful because the nature of periscope is such that you have to start talking to yourself and hope people join in your conversation and when no one does, well then there you are just talking to yourself, haha. I would be happy to host the first one with a main theme and promote it across the blog and social media platforms, but when there are too many aspects of it being all about me I feel uncomfortable, and a bit overwhelmed, do you know what I mean? I would prefer the chat not center around me for two reasons: 1. Currently, I spend a lot of time creating blog content, maintaining social media and negotiating behind the scenes things, so if it's something that I can pop in on here and there and it would go on whether or not I make it to the chat, that would be ideal for me and my current schedule. 2. I am on center stage on the youtube channel, social media and the blog by default but I always wanted the YBC Community to be just that - an inclusive community of great people from all walks of life who enjoy yoga where everyone is on a level playing field. The YBC Community is not about me, you know what I mean? The blog etc might've brought people together but the focus, in my opinion, shouldn't be on me. There are so many awesome people who bring so much to the table which is why a forum chat on a specific theme where everyone is encouraged to chime in could be really cool. Let's talk themes and a day of the week that might work for people?
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    I am just hoping that when my core gets stronger it will get better. I really enjoy doing yoga but it can be overwhelming. I can't imagine being able to do some of these moves, ever. I did a 40 minute beginning video today so I guess I will just slowly build up to other levels. I want to be good tomorrow. I know this requires patience. Thanks for all of the input.
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    Relax, you said you've yoga once. It's a lifetime pursuit! Most practitioners started out exactly where you are. Don't expect results in a day or two...just practice every day (or as often as you can) and slowly build into it. If you're going to be self taught, make sure the videos you find are specifically for beginners. DFD isn't really a beginner move, nor is stepping forward, there's a lot of stuff you can do to build up to it. Just be patient, it'll come.
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    I watched a you tube video it's just going from DFD to stepping to front of the mat. I just get frustrated because that looks like a basic move and I can't even do that. I will keep trying. Thank you for the input.