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    Hey there! There is a really great blogger named Jenni Rawlings who has a lot to say on this particular subject (http://www.jennirawlings.com/blog). Check her out! I don't have anything to add other than that there has been conventional yogic wisdom regarding asana that turns out to be limited to certain contexts. I think that this is one of those cases. BUT... That doesn't mean you will benefit from going crazy in the gym! If you get DOMS from your SLDL, you aren't exactly going to feel compelled to fold further into your forward fold. Just sayin' I'm not an expert, but I am married to a truly one-of-a-kind personal trainer (and former national level qualifying bodybuilder), and his hamstrings are bulkier than 99.9% of the population. Despite this, he's pretty darn flexible and would make an incredible yogi if he ever decided to go down that path *fingers crossed*. My point is that he defies conventional yogic wisdom in this regard...as do a lot of people. If I was going to use my time at the gym to complement my yoga practice, I would be placing a lot of focus on my back (right, yogafire?!). Pullups, rows, etc., because the back is underworked relative to the front body. At least that's my take
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    I have to admit that I love doing the daily yoga challenges because somedays I need that extra motivation to get on my mat. I also like to think that maybe sharing my practice with the world will help to inspire someone to begin their own yoga journey. However, I completely respect the side that prefers not to participate in that because it is indeed a deeply personal practice. Or at least it should be. Most of us who have been practicing for years know that it's not about attaining one pose. In fact, while my instagram feel has some flashy arm balances in it, if you ever show up to my class, you can be sure I won't put you in one of those poses. It's so so so important to start slow and learn each pose from the ground up. I am always shocked when I walk into an "all levels" class and find that they are already teaching arm balances. Yikes! The same goes for social media - it's not about getting into the most advanced pose you can - it's about learning more about your body through yoga, and some days, for all levels of practicioner - that means slowing down and doing a seated asana practice only. I find social media to be a source of inspiration for me, however I also recognize that you can't just show up on your mat and hop into koundinyasana safely. It takes years of practice. That's the part that I think is missing. It's really all about the journey afterall!
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    Thanks for the answers! Regarding the Flyer: I made it with printed Hands and of course pictures with Kids. I attache them here I actually Need to attract the parents more than the Kids though... well... So far, no real improvement. But one positive Thing: I was aksed by a local Kids Center to give a course for the younger Kids starting with March I am soooooooo happy about that...
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    Yes! I had similar questions, too, whether I needed supplemental exercises (for overall balance and posture, not specifically for yoga poses), and Kristi's husband very nicely answered here! http://kristismithyoga.com/blog/balancing-yogas-bias-towards-pushing-poses/ But overall, I think Candace had a good post talking about weight lifting, which helped her inversion and arm balancing poses the most. In case you missed it, here it is: http://yogabycandace.com/blog/working-out-to-complement-yoga If you want to further your yoga practice, strength training makes a lot of sense. I have instead focused on cardio due to cardiovascular disease in my family, so, after almost 5 years of yoga practice, I still cannot do an arm balance, but, that's ok with me!
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    It only shows up after you add to cart, purple and midnight blue colors only. I added a $5 filler by going to the outlet section -> under $20, and sorted my price to get free shipping. This is a cross post from reddit - I wanted to share because I know a lot of forum members really enjoy their Jade mat and recommended it to those looking for a new mat!
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    What gorgeous flyers and posters! Keep at it - word of mouth is so huge, and I think with time it will grow. Keep us posted, and congrats on being asked to teach - that's wonderful and another way to help spread the word
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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had some good gym exercises to supplement your progress in a given pose. I am currently working on the Tripod Headstand, Dancers Pose and a complete Forward Fold, and was wondering whether incorporating some gym stuff such as Kettlebell Swings (for tripod) and straight leg Deadlifts (forward fold) would be helpful? Or am I missing something? I know that within the fitness community it can sometimes be seen as a duality (its hard to be flexible when doing strength training, etc), so I just wanted to get a second opinion before going to crazy at the gym. Thanks! PS - sorry if this is the wrong forum, wasn't sure if this should go in the Newbie section or the general one!
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    These are beautiful, YogaMom! Congrats on the future gig, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get more students soon