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    Hiya, I'm new to Yoga and I love it! I'm a cheerleader at my college and we have to workout 2 times a week outside of practices, so we have it worked out with the local yoga guru where we can come into her classes for free during our cheer season. I have made the decision to go everyday I can once I get back to school (we're on thanksgiving break). But I'd like to do yoga to help me get stronger and more flexible. So I've been reading articles about yoga.
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    Boot Camp

    Today, I took my first ever boot camp class at my gym. I've been a member for just over nine years, and my M.O. is this: get in there, get 20-30 min of good cardio, 35-45 minutes of strength, stretching at the beginning and end, and try to not speak a single word to anyone in the process. It's worked for me. I never thought of the gym as a social experience but as a place of solitary meditation through motion. And, full disclosure time, I really thought I was pushing myself when I was at the gym. This morning, I discovered that I'd been living in a dream world. A co-worker suggested boot camp to me last week while I was doing a total mat work out, and she'd plopped down next to me to do some core work. If you must know, the reason I was on the mat for an hour is because it was the first snow storm of the season that day, and I'd forgotten my gym shoes. (Side note: Surprisingly, the total mat work out turned out to be pretty ok, once I shook the negative attitude about forgetting my shoes.) Anyway.....she said that the Sunday morning boot camp class was great, so I said I'd give it a go. It. Was. Brutal. I had to ask the kid working the fitness center desk where to find boot camp class. His reply? "Do you know that's the hardest class here? Even harder than TRX." Great. I found the room. It was conveniently situation right off the elevated track. There was a circuit of nine stations that the sweet and welcoming (but slightly overly energetic for a Sunday morning) instructor had thoughtfully planned. We worked through the circuit twice with 30 seconds at each station (she said, but it seemed closer to a minute) with other activities making a surprise appearance throughout. There was running. There was jumping rope (I hate hate hate jumping rope, because I stink at it.) There were squats (three different kinds) and walking lunges with weights. There were planks (of course). There was a plethora of abdominal exercises. We finished with stretches and a child's pose. I really wanted to just stay in that child's pose and cry for a little bit before I got up, but I didn't. Well, maybe I did. By the time the class hour was over, I was a limp noodle with sweat dripping off the end of my nose. It was wonderful. I can't wait until next Sunday.
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    Hello fellows, my name is sachin
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    This totally reminds me of my first boot camp. My instructor was a former body builder - a woman....in her SIXTIES! She was so muscular and sooooo peppy. I loved her! And, like you, I'd always liked to workout alone. But that class was awesome, and I loved the camaraderie amongst the people. I was sad when we moved away and I lost my boot camp class. I went back to my old ways, which - don't get me wrong - I really did enjoy. But like you, I thought I was pushing myself. And yet I wasn't really seeing results. So I started working with a trainer. I didn't want to at all because I don't like chatting when I'm working out, and I really like listening to my own music. But I felt I really needed this guy's expertise. It wound up being the best thing I've done for myself. In terms of my lifts, he's spotted mistakes I never would've picked out on my own. He pushes me harder than I ever would've pushed myself. And just when I'm about to give up on something, he's super motivating and encouraging and I always finish the workout feeling accomplished...and like I might die, hahaha.
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    I would rather suggest a cusion in front of you than the wall. This gives you some security if you may fall. Remember to look Forward not downward and slowly lean into the pose rather than to jump into it. Good luck!
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    Candace, I just wanted to say that I hope everything slows down for you and you are able to enjoy your own practice once again! I love what you provide for us, but I also imagine it can be quite taxing. Don't forget to take care of yourself. I really appreciate your self-care and self-respect!
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    In college I was diagnosed with PTSD after a series of traumatic, violent, unexpected deaths in the family. Everything made me want to jump out of my skin. My panic attacks were so debilitating I had to see my therapist twice a day and I swear they had me on a suicide watch because the nurses would call and check in on me daily. Yoga, ironically, was the only place where I felt safe (you can read more about that here). Any time we are feeling anxious, we're not in the present moment. Anxiousness means we are thinking about something that hasn't happened yet and might not happen at all. Yoga is tricky because it really forces you to hold up a mirror and see what's going on in your life and in your mind. That can be really scary. But if you can set aside the what if's and just say to yourself 'all i'm doing right now is breathing' (or whatever other mantra you choose), you might be able to move through the emotions and have an enjoyable, rejuvenating practice. Meditation was huge for me, so if you're not incorporating that into your practice, that may be helpful too. Keep us posted!
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    I personally gained so much trough my yoga practice and the teacher Training. I found so many ways to cope with Problems rooting back to childhood and with anxiety and a lot more things. I am more relaxed and joyful after the classes, I am more confident and optimistic. I discovered so many positive changes since I deepened my practice. And friends and Family saw that too. And I appreciate they are worried about me. But in the end, it is my life and their doubts give me insecurity. When it Comes to my husband, this is a very Special Problem. He was always supportive no matter what I did, but when we got Kids, I think he saw me as mother and housekeeper and that was it. I have a well paid Job and earn more than him (even working part time) so staying home was from a financial Point of view never an Option (besides I am not the Kind of Person who has a fulfilled life doing the housework and staying home... I love my Kids and I enjoy time with them, but I always wanted to have a Profession and work with People. Might Sound stupid to some of you, but this is who I am) So, he Kind of accepts that I have to work from a financial Point of view. He does not like it though, and I feel that. And that I started something besides this is too much for him. He says he has to accept it, but it always Pops up as a Problem between us. He often tells the Kids "mommy is gone because she has to do yoga, which is sooooo much more important to her than anything else". And I always feel bad than. I really try to Balance everything out. I really try to do all the work when the Kids are sleeping. I have once every month a Weekend where I do Yoga, and if that is too much to ask... well... Thanks for your answers. I was really struggling a lot with this toppic. But I think, as you sadi Candace, this is something very important for me that makes my heart sing. So, I do not want to give it up and I do not feel that I do not have the strenght it takes to Keep it up. The beginning is always tough, but I have confidence it will get better over time. Preparation will become less etc. And it is fun and so, so I enjoy doing it
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    I'm very grateful for all the wonderful things you do, Candace! You are so inspirational and sincere. I hope you had a great thanksgiving and were able to spend it with friends and family!
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    Yeah, keep practicing! It will come! I fell on my face before too. It happens. Try not to be discouraged or it may make it more difficult to get into the pose. Accept that you fell before, but you're doing the pose now.
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    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has done a 100 Day Meditation Challenge before? I'm starting today - it's a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a quiet spot in the park on my lunch hour I'm taking some meds at the moment which are making me feel scattered, jittery, anxious and highly strung which is so unlike me it's pretty awful. I heard about these 100 day challenges over the weekend so thought i'd give one a go as i'm sure a daily meditation will help. Any tips? Any nice meditations I should try? Anyone else fancy joining in?! Here are the guidelines from the Wildminds website: The aim is to support people to meditate daily for 100 straight days. There aren’t any “rules” as such, but we suggest that a “sit” should consist of a minimum of five minutes of practice, which could be sitting or walking practice. Ideally, though, you’d do at least 20 minutes of meditation a day. A “day” counts as the period between waking and sleeping, so if you sit after midnight before going to bed late, that still counts.