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    ...ever think about how much you love yoga, how much it has changed your life, how much your practice has progressed, etc. and literally just want to break down in tears? I've been having a lot of these moments lately and want to give back to this amazing thing and help others experience it, but sometimes it just is so overwhelming I can't do anything but sob! Hope I'm not insane...;)
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    Day 7 HIIT work out complete! I made it for the complete 20 mins this time, so that's an improvement from Day 4 already. Also did the cool down yoga video after which was really nice and relaxing. I just downloaded the free Interval Timer App for my phone which is amazing! Makes things so much easier then messing around with your phone every minute or staring at a clock. Highly recommend it! Happy weekend everyone!
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    Had an extremely long day at work, got home - the dog had thrown up and just looked sick. Cleaned up his mess gave him a bath. Absolutely dreaded the idea of pulling up the blog and seeing what day 6 consisted of. But after a long sigh I got out the computer. When I saw gentle hatha I think my mind relaxed immediately. I hit play and completely enjoyed every minute. And it gave me what I needed to complete the next routine. ****I don't think tonight will be so relaxing.
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    Well, I skipped Day 2 and Day 3 of the program, but jumped back in yesterday for Day 4 and my first ever HIIT workout. I gotta say, I love it and hate it. Lol I love that it was so quick, and kept it interesting. I only did 3 reps, though, so 15 min instead of 20. My whole body was like jello afterwards and I'm already feeling the after effects in my arms and shoulders. It feels good! I know that today is a rest day, but I think I will probably go back and do either Day 2 or Day 3 tonight, since I got a rest day on Sunday. I'm even going to try to get my husband to do the HIIT workouts with me, since I haven't been able to convert him into a yogi yet. I can already tell this program is going to help my goal pose - handstand. Yahoo!
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    You're not insane! I've had similar moments. I always tell people that yoga saved my life and I mean it quite literally! It's a beautiful thing
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    We have people from all over the world on this site. Sometimes the city next door often plays completely different music that we never hear, until we go there. We could share our music here. We all have different tastes in music so a brief description of the song will help others choose what they wish to sample. I think Youtube links only because some of those music sites attempt to download virus, malware. And they may also be illegal use in some locations. Here is three to start ARTY - GLORIOUS Dance, Pop Loreena McKennitt - The Two Trees Folk, World music For some 'variety' Kesha VS Britney Spears VS Beyoncé - Drop Deads Blow The World | theDreamerL MashUp Dance, Pop, the title should say it all
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    Yeah thanks for the app tip! I haven't heard of it and now I'm off to download it because I do a lot of interval stuff and my phone is always dimming or shutting off in the middle of my time!!
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    Hello Candace, I watch your snap everyday! Always makes me laugh! I just wanted to show you these workout gloves I found on pinterest. You asked if anyone had solutions for your hands getting torn up while you lift heavy weights and I just saw these for you. hope this helps!
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    Hi, Candace! I am Marija. I'm coming from Novi Sad, Serbia.
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    Thanks for the app tip! Just downloaded it and set it up for day 4's workout!
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    Hi, Candace. Big fan of yours. I'm currently living in Oak Park, just outside of Chicago.
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    I'm Andrea from Boston, MA. Loving the YouTube videos so far!! They definitely push me to my limits...and I love it!!
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    Ah you're the best! Thanks so much! I have grips that I use for gymnastics stuff like pull-ups, etc, but I don't like lifting weights with gloves - they just feel too uncomfortable One of my friends recommended some sort of stone he keeps in the shower? I have to look more into that, I have no idea what he was talking about haha. Thanks again!! <3
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    Pretty much everyone here has given some good advice. The cool thing about yoga is you can pretty much make your own schedule and practice as often as you'd like. As a beginner I jumped right into 3 days a week with an instructor - now that I've got nearly 5 years under my belt I've got my own repertoire of poses and no longer need the instructor, yet most weeks I practice nearly every day even if its only for a few minutes.