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    Hi! I am Yagmur from Turkey I have been practicing yoga for about 3.5 years and became a yoga instructor 1.5 year ago, but my main profession is in computer engineering. So, I am doing yoga as a hobby and a lifestyle. Greetings!
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    Thank you. I've created an account on the healthboards and am researching the subject over there. I guess, trying to look at the positives, we know it is pancreatitis due to the lipase levels. (so at least I know what I'm up against). The question is WHAT causes it? I was put on a new prescription about 15 days ago - we've stopped that to see if I start getting better. They've scheduled and MRCP to get a better image of the pancrease/liver/ducts. I haven't went gluten free yet (they did test me two years ago for the celiac disease). I'm honestly horrible at reading labels. Sooooo now I'm keeping the food journal and researching everything I eat. The issue i have with this is right now I'm 5'5" and only weigh 108lbs. (I've lost 14lbs over the last few months just by eliminating all fast food) so I'm really afraid of not getting all of the nutrition/calories that I need. BUT I'm dedicated to finding a diet and doing what I need to do. And thankful that summer is on its way so I can eat more garden foods. I like what you said, Smarter this time around. Thank you it did bring a smile to my face.