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    Hi there! I love that since you have been practicing you want to continue to become a teacher. I think that comes from this place of loving the practice and what it offers so much that there starts to be a deep want to share that with others. I had been practicing for a short period of time when I did my first YTT and I went into the training with the goal of just wanting to deepen my own practice. The month after I finished I quit my corporate job and started teaching full time. LOL! Here's what I can share from my experience. The best teachers teach from their heart and soul. Their words and the way they guide others comes more from a place of providing an experience for others. Yes, there is knowledge that is transferred by knowing how to get into the poses, but the best teachers will guide students into their own body. As a student I am less interested in whether or not my teacher can touch their toes or do a handstand. I am pulled towards the ones who are powerful in who they are in that moment and want to invite me into feeling into my body. As a teacher myself, I continue to have a drive to work on the poses that are difficult for me, but I do that by showing up for my practice. YTTs are amazing, expansive experiences and if something in you is being called towards one then I think that is the call to answer. The most transformative YTT I did recently promoted self-confidence, self-healing and personal power more than how warrior II should look. No pre-study needed in my opinion. The yoga always asks for you, as you are in every moment. Hope that helps a little! Wishing you the best as your yoga journey unfolds! With love, Natalie
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    Hi Kelly! If you are passionate about, and love yoga and want to show and teach others what it is you love....do not let flexibility or poses get in your way! I have very tight hamstrings and although I have been practicing and teaching for years, I struggle with seated forward bends - but I still teach them all the time! One thing that is great about realizing where your "weaknesses" are as a teacher, is that you likely can relate really well to beginner students or other students with limitations. Students also like to know that they aren't the "only one" who struggles with things. At the end of the day, even as the teacher in a yoga class, we are all students and all human, so it's ok if we aren't perfect in every pose. Besides, as we know, Asana is only one piece of the Yoga puzzle Best of Luck! Sandra