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    Hi there! I'm putting the finishing touches on the forum and going to go through and start some posts and hopefully get a little convo going. I love knowing where people are checking in from, so I'll start it up - I'm Candace and I'm reading this from the Czech Republic.
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    If you have an inguinal hernia...go to a doctor and get it repaired. I had that hernia. From the time I went to doctor for my physical and got a diagnosis, then a consultation with surgeon, scheduled surgery, and a two day recovery...a total of three weeks. I'm not a doctor, but there can be severe complications that might result if the situation isn't rectified. It wont repair itself nor will it go away..it can (and will) only get worse.
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    Thinking about how much yoga has helped me as well as others makes me realize how much I want to be a teacher to share this with everyone!
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    Hi there, Yoga has helped me in this sense, but just remember that weight loss might not be all telling. You may get leaner and stronger, but the number on the scale might not move. Muscle also weighs more than fat, and I have definitely gained muscle/got more toned from doing yoga. Also remember that diet is really the most important thing for weight loss. Yoga sure helps, but diet really works. I would suggest doing power/vinyasa yoga. The yoga is based on strength and can increase your heartrate. Hope this helps.
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    Hello, I am certainly not an expert in weight lose using yoga. Any promise to make anything happen quickly with guaranteed results is probably a scam, especially if they want your money. Maybe this link can give you more information http://www.yogaoutlet.com/guides/yoga-for-weight-loss I hope you are able to find what you need.