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    Hi! I'm Dana. I've been doing yoga off and on since high school, but recently decided to commit to a daily practice as I find that yoga is my favorite form of exercise, but also because I'm finding that yoga makes me feel amazing and that I am challenging myself! I've been going through some minor health issues, but discovering YBC on YouTube and reading in Namaslay about Candace's health battles really helped me know that I will be able to find healthy solutions for myself if I keep pushing. Also, in about a month I will be leaving Atlanta, GA (where I live and go to college) to do a semester exchange in Wellington, New Zealand! I'm slightly terrified as I've never left the US but I am also incredibly excited for this opportunity! I will definitely be bringing my yoga practice along with me and hope to grow more while I'm there. It's also now one of my goals to attend a YBC yoga retreat one day, so I hope I get to see one of you guys there! Have a great day!!
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    I think it's a personal choice. I've decided - who am I to say what is right or what is wrong for someone else? I rarely drink (I just don't like how it makes me feel), but we all "sin" in different ways