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    I have seen some studios and yoga rooms that have mirrors on the wall, I personally have not practiced in a room with mirros, but I wonder if anybody has and wants to share their opinions, how different was your practice from having mirrors to not having them . I wonder if the reflexion is distracting or helpful
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    I identity with it. I was a student in communications, practicing yoga for two years. More as I was practicing, more I was into yoga, more I wanted to TEACH yoga. I have finished my diploma at university and in the same time I did my teacher training (week at university, week end at yoga studio). I got my both diplomas and now I am yoga teacher. I won't lie you, for some of us (me )it's very hard. The business is hard and at the beginning you have not a lot of money. But I followed my heart and I don't regret it. My one and only advice is to FOLLOW YOUR HEART. If you heart says you must do your studies and yoga is just something you love, go to university. If you heart says you want to be a yoga teacher, go for a teacher training. Your heart has all of the answers. Listen to it. PS : why not doing both ? Teacher training and university. You will be in a rush but it's worth it. Send you love ❤️ Kris
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    Hi, yes that makes so much sense to me, it's been a few weeks since I posted this and I've really got into a daily routine of practicing yoga and it just dawned on me the other day that I'm hardly doing it anymore. Everything you said resonated with me, thanks for replying, it's put my mind at ease....Namaste I don't go beyond my ability and I'm quite physically fit so I don't feel like I it's too strenuous, but I will look into the chakras, I've just downloaded a free book from Amazon just to get me started. I think since we first spoke it has eased off a bit, I remember having the same feelings a few times over the years but I never knew what caused it or why it went away on its own, but now I've started my yoga journey more seriously I feel like I'm acquiring a deeper understanding of myself and although I can't quite workout why this is happening just yet it's still an interesting journey (although a slightly annoying one at times). Kind regards