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    My down doggin' dog

    From the album The Dog Ate My Yoga Mat

    Sirius showing us how to do a proper downward facing dog pose.
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    From the album Overcoming Obstacles

    My first headstand! It took me about 8 months to get to this point and I never thought my back would let me do it. But thanks to yoga I have been able to overcome some physical limitations that I previously had. My back feels great and I want to continue to see how far I can go on my yoga journey.When I first started I could hardly bend enough to tie my shoes. Hang in there, stay committed and let yoga work!
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    DSC 0570

    From the album Overcoming Obstacles

    Took alot of pictures to get this. Not so much "nailed it" as it is "falling through it". But just gonna keep working on this and most importantly having fun.
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    From the album Crazy Yoga Days

    First, middle, last pics for the 39 day flexibility challenge. I'm so glad I did this! I really thought I'd never make any progress with this pose!
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    From the album Posts

    I'm trying to find out of this variation has a name! I have not been able to find other images of it so far. Thanks!
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