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  1. Hi, I'm really sorry, but I am in a legal battle with the App Developer. The App, unfortunately, has been removed from iTunes. I'm so sorry, but it was completely out of my hands. It was a good lesson to me to always retain as much control as possible over what I create so that there isn't a product out there with my name on it that is run by someone else. I'm truly sorry. Since it has been removed from the App Store, I believe you've been automatically unsubscribed, but just double check just to make sure. Wishing you the best, Candace
  2. Yay! So glad you found us, too, and SO glad to hear you're doing so much better. That is amazing!! Congrats and keep up the great work <3
  3. Yep, I think it's ok provided you don't teach what you don't know, you make it really clear you're not certified, and do it with friends rather than promote it as a class. <3 @LarryD517 - Somewhat unrelated, but I always wondered about me vs I and my cousin explained it really well. If you can chop off the other person from the sentence and your pronoun you're using for yourself makes sense, then it's right. For example - Jenny and me are going to the store. That's wrong because if I say "Me is going to the store" it doesn't make sense. So it has to be Jenny and I are going to the store. If I say, The teacher demonstrated crow pose to Jenny and I, it wouldn't work because "The teacher demonstrated crow pose to I" doesn't make sense. So in that case, it would have to be The teacher demonstrated crow pose to Jenny and me. The more ya know!
  4. Looking forward to meeting you!!
  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, Chey, and welcome to the forum!! <3
  6. This used to happen to me when I was going through one of the worst periods of my life - I'd lost three family members right in a row and looking back, was in a state of shock and had major PTSD from it all. I went to yoga thinking it'd help but I had the worst anxiety of my life, to the point that I'd have to leave mid-class. I also experienced this during my yoga teacher training any time I had a lesson given by our main instructor. His style wasn't my jam, but he was the most knowledgeable person EVER. He had a very wry sense of humor and was somewhat disengaged with us. He was not emotional, and I felt so scared during his teachings (even though I had absolutely no reason to be), that I often felt sick and anxious during his practices, and nearly always had to take a break. I'd maybe sit in meditation so you can see what is bubbling up - figure out what's at the root of the fear - is it just a particular pose (doesn't sound like it), is it the teacher? Are you just going through some tough stuff right now and have a lot on your mind? Can you come up with a mantra (just breathe, be here now) that you can use when anxiety starts to bubble up? Can you develop some strategies for dealing with it? (Position yourself near the door in case you need to leave? Let the teacher know ahead of time that you're dealing with some stuff and might need to come into child's pose in the middle of the class? (The teacher probably won't even care, but sometimes just speaking it aloud takes the pressure off and more often than not you may find you won't experience the anxiety the more you talk about it.) Keep us posted! xo
  7. Hi Nena! I'm sorry that I'm just reading this for the first time now - there is so much on my plate. I do not believe this is a web version of the forum (yet), but I will have someone from my team look into seeing if it's a possibility. I can understand the frustration of posting from the YBC App. That will also be slower, as the code has to go through the app, then bounce through the forum and then communicate back to the app (or so I am told). I'll update once we have an answer as to whether there is an easier way to post from your phone.
  8. You might want to look into this book called The Micronutrient Miracle. It's marketed as this diet, but if you ignore all that stuff, the actual info in there is extremely enlightening. There are a couple of quizzes you can take to see where you are deficient (perhaps this is what's causing the lack of energy), and then it talks about how various things we eat that we think are healthy (raw spinach, for example), can actually be quite detrimental to our health, and causing micronutrient deficiencies. It's a really eye-opening book, and while it has a lot of scientific explanations for the hows/whys, it is easy to read and comprehend if you're not that science-minded. Highly recommend.
  9. When you're upside down trying to lift your legs off the floor, I feel it more in my lats than in my hip flexors. In fact, the hip flexors aren't really doing much work. I bet you do have the strength, but it's just a weird positioning for your body (understandably - I mean, how often are we upside down in this position?) and the transfer of weight probably feels very weird. Take a look at this and see if it helps:
  10. Beginning is the hardest part! Here's a post that may be helpful. And this series is for yoga teachers, and has a bunch of posts that may be helpful as well.
  11. Yes, someone might give it a great review, but I wouldn't go on reviews alone. Trainings are thousands and thousands of dollars, and big money-makers for yoga teachers. I wouldn't spend that kind of money unless I'd had some personal experience with the teachers themselves prior - either in the form of an in-person class, or at the very least, an online class. Here are some other tips.
  12. I went through something similar. I essentially had to FORCE myself to eat in order to hit my macro numbers. I was under-eating, given the amount of energy I was expending, and even though I wasn't hungry, I knew I had to do a better job of fueling myself because I was exhausted, not recovering well, not sleeping well, and my hormones were thrown off. When I got my macro numbers and started trying to hit them, I realized just how much I had been under-eating. There was a period of time (3 weeks or so?) that was an adjustment to get myself to a point where my body started to be hungry again and actually get used to all the food, but it was a struggle not only in having an appetite, but also having the energy to constantly be making food and eating it haha. My suggestion would be to try to eat small meals more frequently and see if that helps over time.
  13. I think, provided you choose a good teacher training as Anahata pointed out, only good things can come from taking a teacher training. You won't change who you are at your core from the teacher training. I know plenty of yoga teachers who enjoy going out just as much as they enjoy a well rounded yoga class. Your true friends will encourage you to do what your heart tells you, and will welcome you back with open arms upon your return. Just be sure you're picking a high quality training.
  14. ^that's a great suggestion as well as this heart opening program. over time, with consistent practice, you should be able to increase flexibility.
  15. Hey there! I'm not certified in yoga for kids, but I bet if you search on youtube there are videos specifically made for children Thanks so much for stopping by!! <3