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  1. I think the answer should be yes. Simply put, yoga is a part of human optimization. In order to reap the most amount of benefit, you need all of the right pieces.
  2. I've recently got more into kettle bell workouts from following Onnit Academy - they post really good stuff. Another source of inspiration is watching MMA. Those are the most athletic people in the world, so seeing what they can do and what is possible to accomplish as a human is really inspiring to me.
  3. Supposedly this is some of the best protein powder you can get. I've been wanting to try it, but it's pretty pricey for the grams per serving.
  4. Well, I ordered it and it came in yesterday I am liking it so far, but It is a little slippery on top compared to other mats. The bottom is pretty much slip-proof, though. I will do a better review in a week or so after I get some more time in on it. I am wondering – would a more slippery mat be considered like 'advanced' or 'expert' level? It really forces you to use more muscles to stay still and be planted, as opposed to the 'easier' sticky mats. What are your thoughts?
  5. "My tan lines probably look ridiculous"
  6. "If you don't hold this and stay strong, you're gonna look like a little ----- in front of all these women..."
  7. Has anyone tried Onnit's Multi Mat? I am thinking about ordering one.
  8. Hey Candace – I was wondering if you are going to make (or have already made and I just cant find them) videos for pre and post workouts. Or would the pre and post run videos you've made work just as well? Thanks!
  9. Migraines are the worst. I used to get them a lot, and I think I figured out why – nutrition. Once I cleaned up my diet and started making it a point to drink lots of water, they vanished. They still come back from time to time, but not nearly as frequent. Combined with yoga and meditation, the frequency of the migraines has gone down incredibly. Doctors had prescribed me a few different things in the past that didn't seem to make things any better, so I took it into my own hands. Who knows your body better than you? It took a long time to realize what the triggers were... for me it was alcohol, lack of hydration, and sugar intake. Sometimes a migraine will hit when you least expect it, or in the most inconvenient time, and I have come up with some methods to help get rid of them. Depending where you live, you may or may not be able to get your hands on some cannabis – that's the #1 key to fighting migraines. After that, run a hot shower with some peppermint oil on the ground, so the steam creates a nice atmosphere (I learned that on the YBC forum ), soak in the shower, in the dark, for as long as needed. After you're done, start the meditation on your mat. I've found that sitting up straight helps the most – laying down in the dark with a cold cloth over your eyes also helps, but for me, sitting up straight makes them go away much faster. After you're comfortable enough, try some poses out and see what feels good. I hope that helps!
  10. Is there a Trader Joe's nearby? They have these awesome apple fruit bars (apples + coconut is my favorite). They compete with those "Apples and..." bars, but are much better IMO, and only $1. These have been one of my favorite snacks lately, too. Great with hummus.
  11. My thoughts on this... Yoga isn't looked down upon for men. If anything, it's not encouraged enough. People worry too much – do whatever makes you happy. As long as you're progressing and putting in the effort, you're golden.
  12. Zen Golf. I picked up the audio book, and I want to recommend it to everyone - even if you don't golf. So many good lessons!
  13. Have you tried using a foam roller? What about rolling it out with a tennis ball? The tennis ball can be painful, but it does work! The only other solution I can think of is spending more time at the beginning of your practice doing easier poses (for you) that focus on your hamstrings.
  14. Agreed! Colorado could be better because of their laws, but I know the resorts and whatnot in Utah are a lot cheaper in the Spring/Summer than they are in the Winter - and just as beautiful
  15. Mid-week would be awesome – extending the vacation through the weekend would be a lot easier that way. I've still never seen the East coast as an adult! So I will be considering this Also, if you're looking for ideas for a sweet winter location, Utah has plenty of options