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  1. I have been eyeing those lifeboards but not feeling the cost. I have been considering a DIY but wasn't sure about appropriate materials and thickness. A plus to the lifeboard is it detaches in the center so it can be more easily stored, and I'm not sure where I'd shove a huge board that couldn't be detached (under the bed?). I may have to try this! I don't really hate using my thicker mat on carpet, but balancing can be harder, and I figure a flatter surface would be better to practice inversions down the road. Way, way down the road at this point, but it's still an aspiration!
  2. I have really been struggling with anxiety and depression this last year, and in seeing a psychologist and talking more, I've realized I may very well have ADHD. I thought my academic life was suffering due to anxiety and depression, not realizing that could be the cause (the three often do go hand in hand for many people, as I've since learned). I have taken the semester off to focus on self care and treatment, and I do find adding yoga back in has really helped me do something active when too anxious for the gym, along with spend some time on just me and relaxing. Using positive intentions and affirmations in practice can help set the mood for the next few hours for me, and I often feel fantastic after practice. However, I would never use it on its own to treat depression. For me, at least, it wouldn't address the root cause at all (ADHD). It can be a great part of your self-care regimen, though, as it has been for me.
  3. I never reach my butt to my heels, even in a wider child's pose (hips more than hip width apart, toes touching). I focus on relaxing my hips, wrists, back, and neck. If that feels comfortable, I figure I'm giving my body the break it needs right now! I did a video class recently in which the teacher suggested keeping hands and arms active in child's pose, but since I'm often giving my wrists a break from down dog and planks, I didn't feel like it helped me much? It may be worth trying to see if it works for you, though.
  4. I'm Merry, a yoga newbie who's done it off and on for a few years now hoping to get into a more regular practice a few times a week. I'm checking in from Denver, Colorado!
  5. I LOVE my black mat pro. I got a couple prolites from the clymb recently, one for me to take to classes and one for my mom, and the texture between the two is different. I got the purple prolite for me (since it was 30" wide and I'm not a huge pink person so I gifted the pink one to mom, ha) and it's almost TOO sticky. Lint and stuff from the floor is always stuck to the bottom of it and whenever I move on it, it almost sounds like velcro? And this is after washing a couple times. I washed the pink mat with it each time and the texture is like the black mat pro before I broke it in more. So weird. I find myself pressing into my feet and hands in ways that aren't comfortable on the purple one because when I push, instead of sliding my whole hand or foot, my skin stays there and my bones and all just move into it more, because it's sticky! I probably just have to get used to it more but after a year or so on the black mat pro, it's never been like that. So long story short, I just take my black mat pro to class still because I'm used to the feel and am less likely to hurt myself on it right now. And it's not pink. But I have since inherited the pink one because turns out my mom also hates pink (but she has a pink ipod and camera?? ok then) and I got her a yogajack mat. It's sticky but not too sticky like my very odd purple mat, but you also sink down into it more than the black mat pro, which almost seems to defeat the cushioning aspects of a 6mm mat.