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  1. The YBC blog comments are powered by Disqus. Sometimes I've seen the comment box not load and these steps helped: It is strange though because I can still like posts but not be logged in with Disqus.
  2. That's so great to hear. A card feels more appropriate for me instead of trying to just give a gift, but, I've only written cards as departure notes before. Hearing from the teacher's perspective on the receiving end helps me get over the hesitations I've had before!
  3. I know what you mean! Wanting to write my full expression of gratitude and sharing with the teacher, but, not wanting to come off.. too attached or weird like you said. Currently in addition to saying thank you, I specifically share what part of class or their teaching I liked in person, or let them know how they changed my perspective or how they inspired me. For me, being more specific than just a general thank you is more interesting to get to know a person because different things resonate with different people! I think the teachers appreciate the enthusiasm and can already tell how much you get out of it when you keep coming back. I think it'd be completely welcomed and normal if you told your teacher after class (one-on-one) that she's been with you since the beginning, so you want her to know how grateful you are for her being part of that journey. Sometimes I do get the urge to more fully explain how much my teacher has helped me grow. That's harder to say in person for me without stumbling over my words. I've thought about just giving a card writing it all out during the holidays last year. However, I missed some classes at the end of December, so I ended up chickening out. Maybe this year? Otherwise, I've written longer thank you notes only when the teacher left the studio due to life changes, but, it seems silly to wait to express gratitude only when someone is leaving. Anyway, don't be shy to talk to your teacher more after class! I usually say a sentence or two after each class that really impacted me to the teacher, so, it's not a long speech or anything - and some days it instigates more conversation or questions, and other days, it's just simply accepting the thank you and seeing each other later.
  4. Noooooo, mine was too cute to eat! I do admire people who can slaughter and butcher their own meat. How do they resist making friends with them?
  5. I just wanted to share that Candace's tips for taking yoga progress photos totally applies for capturing the cutest moments for pets (and probably kids too since they move so fast). When my bunny got older, I made sure to capture videos of all the adorable moments (e.g. feeding treats, washing face), and then I took screenshots later during playback. Here is our bunny (RIP Jan 2016) eating an orchid that fell off on its own.
  6. I do legs up the wall (see link on how to get into it less awkwardly) instead of shoulderstand because I have chronic neck pain with neck compression. My neck has a slight forward curve instead of bending backwards naturally, so shoulderstand always puts pressure on it. I also avoid headstand now and am working on forearm stand instead. It really isn't worth the risk of re-injury for me, and legs up the wall is an alternative inversion. If you really want to do it, find an Iyengar based instructor in person to help you with the version Candace mentioned. The prop version is to use at least 3 folded blankets to do the pose to avoid neck compression. My teacher just offered to do that a few weeks ago, but I didn't feel comfortable yet to try since I still am going through physical therapy, etc. How does bridge pose feel on your neck? It bothers me if I'm not pressing down with my shoulders. If you're ok, you can also consider doing bridge against the wall, like this. Good luck, and, there are always alternatives to poses, so don't feel compelled to follow the DVD, videos, or even in-person instructor strictly!
  7. OK, so I understand the concept of ahimsa, but, I still kill flies if they're inside my house. I understand this can bother some people, so, if that includes you, please stop reading! It's spring time, so we get these giant flies that like to come indoors - they buzz so loudly that I think they're bumblebees, and it startles me usually. I honestly think if the buzzing wasn't there, I wouldn't mind as much (since they don't bite like mosquitoes). So, I just killed one at my house the other night, by turning off all the lights, and once he landed on my computer monitor, I smacked him so hard with a flyswatter that he fell down right away. Good, he didn't have to suffer. Anyway, I got a little proud of myself for my whacking skills because my husband has definitely missed before! So, the other day we were winding down at the end of class, so I knew shavasana was coming near. But, then, giant fly buzzes overhead, and I instinctively reel back. And then, I thought, "Let me whack him hard with my yoga block! Or roll up my mat to use! I can get him!" I laughed to myself, thinking how appalling and disruptive that would have been. I did let the fly go, and luckily he found some other place to buzz around during shavasana. Anyway, I found this whole circumstance amusing - so I was wondering, has anyone had some un-yogic impluse that they did or did not act upon during class? Something you would normally do outside of yoga class but felt it was inappropriate during class?
  8. Well, that topic definitely triggers a lot of keywords, so there is lots of interest... I noticed it has the most views for a single thread but not as many replies as others - 26,000 right now!!
  9. I can understand the shower - there's white noise from the water and the warm water relaxes your muscles! Would sitting by a fountain might give you similar white noise? If you didn't want to waste water, you could meditate while sitting on the floor while filling up the bathtub, and when the bathtub is done filling, you're done meditating and then have a bath instead of a shower. The gallon usage between a bath and a 10 min shower seem to be comparable (of course dependent on tub size and flow rate of the shower head). I haven't found a fav spot yet, but, I have found meditating while sitting cross legged on my bed or couch is more relaxing to me than sitting on the my mat on the floor.
  10. Ha! I'm so glad you identified that - I didn't realize that was the issue I had before. I still have one I got as a gift on my bookshelf at my parents' house from more than 10 years ago. Too beautiful to write in. I received a nice but plain looking journal for free from an alumni event, and, that's what I am using now!
  11. Nice idea! The seams don't really cover where I show though (in the back buttocks area). I just got this email from Athleta today advertising a skirt over capris for "more coverage", but I haven't seen this trend catch on around here. What do others think? I remember seeing some runners wearing tights and running shorts over the tights, but, not really in yoga.
  12. Thanks for sharing your perspective. It's so hard to look into yourself, so I'm glad you were able to do so, successfully! I'm happy to hear that you allow yourself "cheat foods" as a treat but don't unnecessarily punish yourself for it.
  13. Thanks so much for the update @Malayiiika! I've been activating my feet more recently now (we did an "exercise" of doing sun salutations with our toes lifted the entire time...!), so my arches are getting gradually stronger. So funny, I just got new shoes, too! I think my issue was more from having wide feet and too tight shoes that compressed my toes and put pressure at the top of my foot, so, I ended up getting Nike frees in the flyknit material. It's the bootie style so it fits like a sock and is soft at the top. It's so interesting to see the different sources of the root problem but have similar symptoms (in this case, not balancing well)!
  14. Fun! Good to know. It's interesting though, after 4 months of recovering from my top of foot injury, I lost all the muscles at the top of my foot and a lot of leg strength from minimal walking. And... I got back into yoga and when the baby grasshopper pose came up in Candace's video, I couldn't get up or move at all! This is after I used to be able to do it. But, another 2 months of getting back into things, I can do it again. So, just because it's "easier" than it looks, give yourself full credit for the strength that it does require!
  15. Hi @robert! How is your hamstring doing? Recently I thought of you while at class! We did pyramid pose and had our hands at our hips. We first folded halfway, just to 90 degrees angle (torso parallel to floor), and the teacher said "This can be healing for a hamstring injury, so stay here if you have one". Like this below, except we had our hands at our hips (to help with alignment). Strains can take months to heal, so I hope you're ok!
  16. Ha! I can relate about panicking and farting - your teacher understands, so don't worry about that. But this part concerned me! I hope your neck is OK. This reminded me a good exercise that I did in class recently - we did pushups in dolphin (not the same as dolphin pushups, which is what the default exercise is when I search for it). So we clasp our arms in dolphin, then lower the head forward and cradle into the hands like supported headstand while staying with our legs mostly in downward dog form, and then push down on the forearms to raise back into dolphin. That way if you feel your neck cave in and feel stuck, you can back up with your forearms to get out of the cradle and free your neck.
  17. Hi there! Can you clarify what you mean by gym classes? Do you mean aerobic gym classes, or yoga classes at the gym as compared to yoga classes at a dedicated yoga studio?
  18. Nice and informative pics!
  19. I am not sure why you are feeling more bloated, unless you are unknowingly drinking even more water or eating more to compensate the additional calories you are burning. Even though eating habits are the same, is the quantity exactly the same? The only time I felt something similar was when I ran more often, I would feel hungrier and eat more than I needed to. I wouldn't worry about weight gain (since muscle weighs more than fat), but the bloating doesn't sound normal to me. Glad to hear to are feeling good everywhere else - does your back feel better? Good luck on figuring it out - might want to try asking your doctor about it.
  20. Try restorative yoga - involves a lot of props, and some styles hold it for each pose for 30 min. When I am burnt out from work, sometimes I even doze during the poses, which I am very grateful to do because it can be so hard to let go and unwind. Candace have some guided videos for it - try browsing the February restorative program.
  21. Good points - each city's yoga trends tend to be different. In San Francisco, the most popular classes are vinyasa and vinyasa flow. All of those transitions are faster than an Ashtanga focused class I found and held the breaths for longer, so I thought you might be up for it since you already do pilates. It's confusing though because vinyasa is based on Ashtanga anyway - it's just not a strict series of poses. Just experiment since each teacher is different, even within the same style. I do like Hatha more now - it can feel too slow paced for some people but is great for alignment focus. There is also Mysore (follows the Ashtanga series), which is early in the morning, typically a daily practice (might be too much), but it is self-paced with an instructor there to adjust, so some encourage it for beginners. But, I would call first to ask if you want to go down that route if the instructor will be OK working with a beginner that doesn't know the series already.
  22. Welcome! You might want to consider ashtanga - usually it is based on a fixed sequence (look up Primary series for an idea), but I know others swear the repetition is what gave them the fastest improvement since it kept working the same muscle groups each time. Otherwise, just try different styles and see what you like the most. Just remember to focus on engaging your core in all types of yoga and it'll naturally get stronger. Some good advice about core here:
  23. You know, I completely misread this post at first and thought it also excluded water, so I had no idea how on earth you would survive! Thanks for the update and for sharing how you monitored yourself to make sure you were safe. Glad you ended it early when you needed it. Did the first cucumber at least taste more refreshing than any other cucumber before? The mental struggle is interesting - was your appetite diminished for awhile, or do you still feel not as satisfied from food still?
  24. That's beautiful. I did not get the chance to say goodbye to one of my teachers that moved away - the studio said they could not disclose her email address, but said they could forward my thank you note to her via email on my behalf. I never got a response, but, I was happy I at least wrote it down. Thanks for sharing here - and, if you still wish, consider asking your studio if they can forward a thank you note to the teacher for you (or share the email address if you wish to write personally). I find it hard to talk after class and express how I feel - I often get nervous, so my words get all jumbled! So, writing is a better medium for me.
  25. This reminds me! 3 years ago I had a sub for an hour long class, and we spent 30 min on pranayama. And I was like.. Why?? I really hated it. She announced at the end that this was Forrest yoga. Strange. I wanted to tell her I thought it was a waste of a class, and this is why I usually avoid going to subs. A few years ago, I then tried out another class that was Forrest based, and then I started going to the other Forrest teachers and enjoyed it. Next thing I knew, that same teacher who hated before came to my studio as a permanent teacher! But I recognized her and went up to her right away and said, " I'm really sorry to admit this, but your class was the first Forrest class I took, and I just couldn't stand it at the time. But now I love it!" And she told me that the style was completely polarizing to her at first, too, that she wasn't sure if she loved it or hated it. I attend her classes regularly now, and she told me that she loves telling my story to everyone else! There are still some styles of pranayama that I don't enjoy as much, but I try to keep an open mind. So long story short.. You can always tell the teacher later when you are more comfortable. took me 3 years for that opportunity! or for the latecomers aspect, you can see if the gym staff could start enforcing latecomers from entering after 5 min late.