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  1. Oo! I like how your instagram is Miss ink blot, and now you are now Ms ink blot here. Congrats and thanks again for sharing.
  2. How about adding some additional stretches to your favorite sequences? Apologies if these are already in the above video, but try: Intense shoulder stretch And for thoracic spine, mine is pretty straight and needs more mobility. My physical therapist told me doing cat / cow is the best to stretch it. Seems simple but it does relieve upper back pain when I do it.
  3. Well, I was only able to actively participate in the yoga challenge for the first week before I got an injury. Since my doctor directed me to not to do yoga (barefoot exercises aggravate my foot), I've been trying to practice other parts of yoga, particularly meditation. But, I think there are the other principles beyond asana, such as ahimsa, being kind to oneself, that I learned. Satya - not lying or truthfulness Learning my own truth for me was to believe in my own intuition. I was afraid I was being a hypochondriac when I made a bunch of doctor appointments, but, it turns out I have midfoot arthritis. Now I am awaiting an MRI now to confirm forward treatment. I thought I failed not managing things on my own, but, I realized my pain was bigger than what I could control, so I sought outside help. Sutra 1:12 on Vairagya - Non-attachment I will pursue my health without "worrying ahead" about the outcome, but not be detached from my own well-being. Ishvara Pranidhana - surrender to God or surrender to the universe I'm not religious, but my teacher explained that it doesn't have to be "to God", but acknowledging that there is something bigger than yourself. Thus, I like the interpretation of "universe" more. My pet rabbit of 10 years passed away from a stroke recently. I was surprised how intense my sadness was, even though we expected it since she was getting old. I was also surprised by my recurring dreams of "second chances" to save my rabbit. Then my therapist explained that feeling guilt can be easier than feeling sadness, and, guilt is a way of trying to regain control of the situation. After I acknowledged that death was out of my control, I could let go of the guilt. And, surrender.
  4. Great resources so far. To build on what @AnandaYoga has said, here is one site that shows the root sanskrit words, so you can see how the very long pose names are just compounded together with direction + body part or animal.
  5. I just pasted the romanized and sanskrit characters to my friend whose mother tongue is Marathi. So you might check with any friends who may speak similar dialects that came from sanskrit. They use the same characters as sanskrit. He said it's correct. I think his dad speaks some sanskrit too. If you can't find other experts, let me know and I can see if he can ask his father, too?
  6. From reddit's /r/yoga user yogibattle (he's been posting sutra discussions over there, so I asked him for II.46!): स्थिरसुखमासनम् ॥४६॥ Another point of reference. Good suggestion from Candace to verify from multiple sources!
  7. Not an expert, but I happened to see this translation comparison of the sutras, and this exact phrase appears in II:46. Do you wish to keep the exact sutra intact? Each of the 4 main interpretations state this specifically about asana. When I first read your post, I only say "steadiness and ease" and really liked it. Now I'm finding more references to sthira & sukha (but one would need to translate the &). I think that's what you were suggesting by Sthira Sukham? Perhaps that is something to consider? Sorry, I realize this wasn't much help. I like learning about other people's preferred interpretations of sanskrit and the sutras.
  8. Wall sits with a block between the shins! Make sure to press your back into the wall (I realized I was cheating this way when my back was not flush)! I also remember some interesting exercises from Candace's videos:
  9. So glad both Lorelei and Brenna are going! It was definitely enticing to sign up, too, with fellow forum members. Just not meant for me this year. I still want to hear all about it!
  10. Nice compilation! Can we also support Candace with our generic Amazon purchases that may not be yoga-related by using a general site link for her Amazon associates account? (and if so, would be great to add to the first post!)
  11. Agreed! Those are very appropriate uplevels from those positions, and honestly are inspiring or informative to other students like myself because it shows the transition. I know this wasn't in response to my previous post, but, my example was a random headstand. It was my friend next to me, a teacher, who pointed it out to me first by casually asking, "Why is he doing that, now?"
  12. So, good news! My doctor originally suspected that I had arthritis or a possible stress fracture in my foot, but today she confirmed it is bursitis on the top of my foot. Now I can resume yoga and other activities as long as they don't put pressure on the top of my foot (where I have inflammation). Any suggestions on a resting pose instead of child's pose when I skip out on some vinyasas? I actually injured my foot from child's pose - I sat back on my heels and put too much pressure on the top of my feet. My current backup is to cross my bad foot over the other at the ankles (also for a modified tabletop), but it feels awkward. Thanks in advance!
  13. OK, some fun trivia! I answered my own question by looking up the essay: Source: Then, when I asked my husband if he knew what the hedgehog knows and that the fox doesn't, and he said "Are you talking about that reddit thread? It's so sad for the hedgehog." Sadly, the hedgehog does need to learn more than one big thing. I just found it so coincidental that the same animal pair references were posted around the same time in different forums when I never heard this comparison before.
  14. What is the one important thing that a hedgehog knows? I never read this essay before, thanks for sharing! Interestingly, as I learned from different teachers and seemingly received conflicting cues, I got a bit exasperated. I probably was looking for the hedgehog approach - just teach me so I get it right! Now I realize the different methods focused on a different part of the body (elongating or engaging a muscle), so it didn't mean necessarily one was more right than the other. Our bodies change too, so, just keep an open mind and see which styles or cues work best for you.
  15. Things I've heard teachers say that remind me to not feel self-conscious: Yoga is an individual practice. Do what feels good for you today - it doesn't have to be the same as yesterday or tomorrow. (when referencing the choice to uplevel or invert). [Such and such] arm balance or uplevel is completely optional. This practice is for you, yourself. Focus inwardly with your breath. If a more advanced practitioner is feeling uncomfortable, that's on him or her unless someone is saying things explicitly to that person in response. I can still benefit from a beginner's class and listen to all the reminders and cues for my own alignment. On the other spectrum, I think appropriate uplevels are ok to do on their own (not that distracting). But if the person starts doing their own practice that is completely different from the rest of the class, it's distracting and feels disrespectful to me. For example, I went to a yoga fundraising event, and one of the teachers up front went into headstand on his own when we were just doing lunges. I'm pretty sure he did not feel uncomfortable - so that's what I meant it's on him or her to not feel uncomfortable.
  16. Ah ha! Puppy pose with tucked toes is less awkward than trying to do my child's poses with my ankles crossed. Thank you
  17. I failed to mention that the weight of my own foot with the top part touching my mat or me grabbing my foot in dancer's pose are all no-nos right now. Gomukhukhasana is a good idea, except there is too much of the top side of the foot sliding into the mat for my comfort. I haven't even been sitting in easy pose and instead, sitting in this shoelace version: (source: I did an all levels class, and the teacher said, "Take a vinyasa, or stay in downward dog". I know some classes referenced "downward dog" as a "resting pose" - seemed like a cruel joke at first, but now it is my resting pose of choice if I'm already standing. I'm modifying right now just by flexing my feet instead of pointing, but, I do not want to put too much strain on my toes and balls of my feet. I am already doing wide legged child's pose and it just feels awkward to be higher up from flexing my feet instead of laying them flat on the mat. For instance, I modify low lunge flexing my foot like this (I found a male model! from From this: Maybe this is enough, and I just need to limit my yoga to not overuse the other parts of my foot?
  18. @msinkblot thanks for sharing! Glad it's also interesting to you... I think some people just bulk up more than others, but that's great you feel the difference, and it definitely shows in your practice. OK, I guess the only way we can be the same height then is made up in the difference in our neck and head. I've been told I have a long neck, so, I guess the measurement differences make sense now. And your torso and legs are not the only thing that makes up your height! I also think my arm measurement should be 26" (edited my previous post). It was hard for me to keep the tape measure straight by myself, but my hands alone are 6", and I know it was 20" up to my wrist. And I am 5" wrist. I guess now I know why they make long lengths in small waist sizes, for people like you! Does Uniqlo ship to Canada? They have more US stores open now, so hopefully a local one will open in Montreal. @scottcraft Good to know, that was a real rough rule of thumb. So do you think a "proportional man" has his arm span longer than his height? You'll have to give us your measurements so you can find a same height counterpart on the forum to compare! Anecdotal surveys are fun and still have value on their own!
  19. I was a yoga atheist too, the first time! Then I changed ONE answer for reading material, and then I got this: You are God You are God. You love to sit back and watch the deluded masses do yoga. You love making snarky comments with the ascended yoga masters about what is going on in the yoga scene in America today. The Holy Yogis are the most amusing to you. You have a good old time every time you hear a Yoga Star spouting philosophical hooey, hokum, hogwash, hype and hocus-pocus regarding yoga. Most amusing of all is how you set up the GreatTranscendentalYoga SuperStore to see who was smart enough not to fall for all the cheap tricks of the Yoga-Industrial-Complex (not many and those that don’t seem to live in Kansas and Iowa). You are endlessly amused from the scandals involving Yoga Stars and the rivalry between the style of yoga and especially all the crazy branding of yoga that is being invented daily. But most amusing of all to you are the yoga zealots who claim to have all the answers but somehow turn out to be complete ----hats who are drowning in their self-piousness. I just changed #5 from Yoga Journal (which is true) to "All the ancient texts" (partially true, I'm trying to go through Patanjali's yoga sutras right now!). I'm quite amazed it just takes one reading material to go from an atheist to god just like that.
  20. I'm just not sure if body proportions are a good explanation for those challenges. What Candace says makes a lot of sense, and I always attributed any struggle with lacking muscle strength. I also previously thought a narrow frame would make it harder to build upper body strength (shoulders are not broad), but luckily @msinkblot has proved me wrong, doing arm balances and inversions! I was thinking - if you are kicking up with a lot of force instead of floating up with one foot first or piking, you might need more core strength, which will help your navasana. Regardless, I am curious about how one determines if their arms, legs, and torso are within proportion. If anything, this helps me understand why certain clothes fit better on me than others. I know that the wingspan between your fingertips when making a "T" is the same length as your height. I thought a more narrow shoulder frame (small boned) would mean the arms would be longer, but not necessarily the legs being longer. Do you mind sharing your measurements? I'm also Asian, 5'3", small boned, but I never considered my limbs to be disproportionately long. Are they supposed to be the same length? Mine below in inches (note, I am guessing on how to properly measure - I will re-measure if someone lets me know what proper guidelines): Arm: from armpit to fingertip 26" (corrected) Torso: from crotch to collarbone 23" Leg: from bottom of foot to crotch 29" (if I buy short size or petite pants, 28" inseam, I do not need to hem. Regular is usually 30" inseam)
  21. Just curious - do most people browse the forums on the computer or mobile device? I've noticed more critical mass of users online, but no one joined chst after me. It looks like it only shows that users are in chat on the computer, not the mobile devices. Are there notifications on mobile?
  22. Welcome! Have you already tried out Candace's New You 31 day program? She starts it off slowly for beginners and gradually increases. I also like her programs more than other 30 day challenges because she builds in rest days, which are necessary and beneficial! From the suggested videos, you might find a routine you like to do daily. I think progressing through the program might be more helpful than randomly browsing.
  23. I think the flatter butt is coming from burning calories while walking. Based on my fitbit, walking is a lot healthier than I realized. I burn the same amount of calories during a 20 min walk as a 90 min yoga class. Usually when I hear yoga butt, I thought it referred to sculpted muscles (not flabby or flat). I think a lot of the flatter butts you see might be a result of compression tights / leggings - I know my "big" butt looks smaller (and better) in my yoga tights. So after 5 years of yoga, my butt hasn't gotten flatter even though I have greatly increased my flexibility. However I have to admit I also gained 5 more pounds, and I think it all goes to my butt first. Building strength takes more time to show externally - hopefully your butt will round out again with muscle, not fat, as you keep up all your exercises! Sounds like you are doing a great job being active, please don't let cosmetic changes stop you!
  24. How tall are you? Cause if you have long limbs and long torso, isn't that just being tall? Hehe, I say this because I'm petite and have been told I have a long torso, so my legs and arms are stubby in comparison!
  25. Thanks so much for all the feedback. I'll try again without milk. In the meantime, I found the picture of my first attempt soaked oats (note that I mixed some strawberry jam, also the night before. oh dear, I must have created a monster). Is this firm consistency, or cake like? (my husband said cake like, but I thought it was a thick custard)