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    FYI, previous username was kupo. Sorry for the confusion. Comment on my profile feed if you get either username reference! :D
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    Warrior II for grounding my feet. Trikonasana - not for how deep I go, but how I've adjusted it and get a good QL stretch when I do it.
  • Least favorite poses
    Crow and other arm balances (wrists are weak, reminds me how much I need to increase my core and upper body strength!)
  • If I won the lottery I would...
    Go back to where I vacationed and be a permanent resident at the beachside resort in Thailand. Do yoga and get a massages everyday!
  • Favorite books
    Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection made me realize what my yoga practice does for me (I blogged about this in Sept 2015 during 30-day mindfulness program). Once a yoga teacher quoted this author at the beginning of class, too.
  • Favorite movies
    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I rarely rewatch movies, but I like rewatching this to feel uplifted, with the aesthetics and music.
  • Favorite television shows
    Grey's Anatomy (still), Nashville, Homeland, Top Chef

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