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  1. Thanks. it is great how a yoga practice can affect you so deeply. My teacher is hopefully coming back in 6 months time so I will tell her then.
  2. I was wondering if anyone here has embarked on a water fasting (meaning only water for x number of days). I read this 21 day water fasting experiment journal http://personalexcellence.co/blog/fasting/ and got so inspired that I plan to do a 5 day water fast starting second week of December. I am paleo/low-carb and plan to reach ketosis (eating a ketogenic diet and check with urine sticks) before I start fasting so I do not have to waste days for the body to adjust. This will be no problem as I have been in ketosis several times before. The easiest way to reach ketosis is through a combination of intermittent fasting, eating a diet consisting of 80% fat and the rest as much protein as possible and as little carbs as possible. Usually I eat avocados, eggs, fish, chicken, leafy greens and drink coffe with coconut oil and sometimes butter. This in combination with high-intensive crossfit ususally brings me into ketosis within 48 hours. And ketosis feeels gooood. I also plan to cut down on coffee as I do not want to battle caffeine withdrawal symptoms during the fast. This will be a tough one, already cut my consumption from 4 cups/day to 1 and I feel it (although I must say, I sleep much better). I need to go to the office as usual and on day 4 there is an Embassy reception I cannot say no to, but I really have no idea what my energy levels will be like. Which makes me nervous. Thanks to my diet I have a very stable blood sugar but I am still a bit nervous and preparation is key when it comes to fasting. So, anyone here done something similar and could give me some advice?
  3. Oh no without water I think you won't last very long :). Yes the cucumber tasted great, but still, food was a bit if a disappointment, although I did start to eat like the fast never happpened afterwards. But it got me thinking of how we project feelings on food, how we use food to avoid being bored or feel certain things, stress-relief etc. And when you do not have food or other distractions such as drugs or smartphones, to distract you, you are forced to be present and face whatever you are feeling. It is very hard. Other hings I experienced during the fast was that my skin became very clear and soft. And I now know that I can last very long without food or coffee, it is not a physical need but a mental one. Oh and I do crossfit and of course got much weaker after the fast but regained the strength quite quickly. I did not do crossfit during the fast but I did attend a yoga class on day 2 of the fast and it was the best yoga class I have ever been to. We were outside under a sky sprinkled with stars and i was simply very very present. It was lovely. '
  4. Oh yogafire I never saw this reply, sorry. yes I did do it and it went well. But I do recommend everyone to not work during a water fast. I entered ketosis within 24 hours and the first two days were very hard. Most difficult was the coffee or notbeing able to drink it it gave me such headache. I did not take any supplements during the fast, only drank water with lemon and pink salt. I was tired and very bored, but when I needed the energy I got it. When i was just sitting or lying down, I felt very very tired. I had my last meal on Sunday night and broke the fast on friday morning with some cucumber (I stopped a bit earlier than planned as on the Friday morning i almost fell over). It was mainly a mental struggle that taught me a lot, especially what importance with give food in our lives. I had no problem at all breaking the fast, stomach was completely fine. It was a good experience, although hard. And it somehow left me a bit disappointed with food. During fast I fantisised about all the food i wanted to eat and how wonderful it would feel, but when i started eating again I felt disappointed "was that it?" I remember thinking to myself. I checked my vitals during the fast, blood pressure was ok, pulse a bit high, temperature slightly higher than normal and blood sugar stable, lowest was around 3.7. I lost almost 5 kilo but gained 4 of them back quickly (water weight).
  5. Well I would say to all teachers, please tell people to try to be on time, and not dropping in after 20 minutes. To my teacher who recently moved away I would like to tell her that I really listened to her during class and took it all in, often carrying it with me for days and her advice often helped me to improve my practice. Even though it usually took some days for it all to sink in. And that, although we did not interact much at all and I am not the chatty person before, after or during class, she became a part of my practice and I cried in the car after her last class.
  6. It has been pointed out to me during yoga class that my shoulders are very "open" and in general my body is quite flexible I believe which I always thought was because I used to take dance classes. Very recently during extended side angle pose my yoga teacher came to me and corrected my shoulders, saying they were very flexible and that I was overstretching them and she helped me restraining myself. I really had no idea as I had not experienced any pain or even that I was stretching too far, but the day after that class my shoulders started to hurt and ache and I guess my teacher was absolutely right and that I had overstretched. Now I feel very insecure about my practice, how can I know if I am stretching my shoulders too far if I do not feel it?
  7. I know this is an on-going complex discussion and sometimes quite an uncomfortable one, as always when you have to check your privileges. I guess with most cultural phenomenons it is difficult to avoid cultural appropriation and bastardization and imho I think it is important to self-reflect and try to listen to the members of the group whose cultural expression you are using. As being part of a privileged group with a history and tradition (or well it is still very much happening) of abusing and oppress minority groups I can of course not be the one to determine what is cultural appropriation when it comes to yoga and what is not. But my personal feeling is that most yoga instructors do try to respect the tradition and in general I have, with my quite limited experience, felt that the classes I've taken have been marked by a certain respect of the practice. But sometimes I feel that some teachers take it too far, like they pretend to be in India and I get the feeling they play a role. And I always feel guilty when I have these thoughts because who am I to judge? But it does give me a kind of an itch sometimes. I am very conflicted about this and would greatly appreciate your thoughts.
  8. Seems like cultural appropriation has become soewhat of a hot topic in the yoga communicty: http://yogadork.com/2015/11/24/uproar-after-college-yoga-class-canceled-for-cultural-appropriation-but-have-they-gone-too-far/
  9. Oh what a great topic lol!! Ok here are my very often recurring thoughts "What my --- looks this werid when I do warrior a? Why does my --- look this WEIRD!?" "I am thirsty. Can I drink water now? No one else is drinking water, why is no one else drinking are they freasks? Is there a rule against drinking water during yoga class??!! Yeah I am sure there is a rule and I keep breaking it and now everyone knows I actually do not know ---- about yoga" "Yeah look at me getting that leg up high, much higher than -Miss I am so awesome at yoga- oh effit now I did it again comparing myself and thinking unyoga-thoughts and everyone else is in zen and I am stuck in worldly stupid thoughts that will never bring inner peace. Crap."
  10. I just recently moved to Lusaka, Zambia (puh is it difficult settling in while working 60hrs a week) and I am in desperate need of yoga videos. Fast Internet here is well coming and going so live streaming is not an option. Therefore I am looking for dvds (shipped via US or UK) and videos that I could download. I would love a whole yoga class on video, 90 min complete but also all kinds of shorter yoga sequencs and I would so much appreciate a really tough power vinyasa flow. I miss yoga so much and although I have finally found a class (gonna try it out on Monday yeah) the options are really limited in terms of different styles of classes. Would be so happy to be able to practice at home not having to stop after 1 minute because of internet disappearing )
  11. Hi everyone After years of going turning more and more paleo, and of short periods dabbling with atkins and low carb high fat I am quite deidicated to keto adaptation and reach ketosis. I bought the keto testing strips and managed an almost purple by zeroing out the carbs for a couple of days, eat plenty of fat and moderate amount of protein. typical day: morning: bullet-proof coffee, lunch: one chcken leg, dinner; fried eggs and bacon. Of course I experienced brain fog and a weird tummy, cramps in legs and difficulties sleeping. But after a while I also noticed a mental strength and focus and I did better than ever during crossfit and yoga passes. And I lost some weight (probably mainly water). Then I went to Europe and spent considerable amonts of time on trains and planes and well....time to get on that ketosis bus again. Anyhow, low carb high fat I have no problem with, if cheese and nuts are allowed I am good but I really want to reach that dark-purple ketosis state meaning my choises are very limited diet-wise and my biggest problem is the snacking. I need to snack or drink something tasty, it is my akilles heel. I should mention I am an ex-smoker and as a kid I thumb sucking was a great issues to my dentist. So it is not really the hunger or the cravings but most likely..bordeom or something. So any suggestions on how to handle snack cravings while trying to phase into ketosis? Zucchini-chips someone said.
  12. Here some more information: http://www.ketotic.org/2012/05/keto-adaptation-what-it-is-and-how-to.html
  13. Hi thanks! Well basically on a ketogenic diet you keep the amount of carbs to under 20g-day so cheese, cream, nuts etc is allowed. However to reach a state of ketosis and get this kind of high that people who experience it are talking about, you try to zero out carbs almost completely and limit protein as well (the fat in your diet should keep you full). Dairy is known for disturbing ketosis and nuts are sometimes blamed for triggering cravings and so on. So a good snack would be keto balls (butter cocoa powder, coffee, coconut flakes etc) or salami or similar. Thanks for your tips, yeah I eat a lot of eggs. problem with the rest is that I live in southern Africa with import restrictions on food so I have to really go back to basics.
  14. I guess I'm not the only intermediate student focusing on arm balances and poses which look cool and paying less attention to master the poses that appear easy, but takes time to get a physical grip on. But anyhow I got my mind set on the peacock pose but no matter how many step by step instructions I follow I can't do it. After almost breaking my nose several times I admit it I'm not ready yet. So my question is how to "prepare" the body for this pose? Not how to get into it but to achieve the whatever body parts need to be strengthen or opened. I guess. .core? Perhaps balance and eh..? I would be so so happy to be able to do this one.
  15. I saw that Candace is going through a stressful period (I've retweeted and Igd but have private accounts so think you don't get notified) and so am I (big move got married new country new continent new job where I literally have to work my --- off a mum in hospital since October last year constantly life threatening condition and my sister's unborn baby died recently she was 6 months pregnant, sorry somehow it helps to scribble it down). Anyhow at times during yoga I get such a strong emotional response that I have to keep myself from sobbing during practice. And although it's a bit embarrassing I cherish it because I generally have difficulties letting my emotions out you know when you just don't know what to feel because subconsciously you pushed all your emotions deep down. But it's not always like that or more correctly it's almost never like that. But I feel I could need some healthy cleansing atm feeling-wise, and wanted to find out if you have any advice on a ehm practice for emotional release. Are there any particularly mindfreeing poses or flows one could use?
  16. Hey I thought I had replied weeks ago must have missed to press post button. Thanks for the good advice and for sharing.
  17. I do 10-15 minutes of yoga every morning and add a 5 minute breathing meditation if I have time. Believe me, the focus it gives you and the vitality you feel will be worth spending time on. For a while I suffered from wifi-issues and just did a couple of sun salutations but once I had access to good Internet I started live-streaming again. I have a couple of favourites on youtube (simply search for 10 min of morning yoga) and Candance has several videos that I use (for example 10 min yoga for neck and shulders when I feel sore, 10 min of morning yoga and breathing). She also recently posted a 15 min fullbody video I am eager to try.
  18. I recently went to a yoga class which was a bit lett spiritual than I was used to and the teacher was a bit fibbling with her phone during practice checking the time and so on. The location was absolutely lovely, an African round hut (grass roof but open walls) meaning we were practicing in a circle all facing each other. Which was nice but also a bit weird since I am used to seeing backs of people. Anyhow the teacher mentioned that Christmas time brought some belly issues and it was time to work on it now and then we did one sun salutation slowly and then six of those in high-speed (we were all experienced but could not really follow the tempo it was so fast). I am a bit disappointed been looking forward to yoga for so long after a break of two months and the options are very limited here. But I will of course go on visiting this class and not judge it based on one class. ...but what do you think? Is weight talk and super fast sun salutations common practice?
  19. Oh after weeks of searching I finally found my class at the back of a cultural centre. We are outside in a serene setting but under a roof if that makes sense. Very mixed group all quite experienced (I have like a 70 yr old lady next to me she is awesome) not too much chatter. The teacher is great always giving options on how to approach a pose in a less or more adanced way. And there's music .
  20. Oh thank you so much, life is as it is and difficult times make you appreciate the good ones even more. I think that's a great advice re focus on where emotions are stored I'm gonna look for some heart opening flows .
  21. To my happy surprise I saw that my gym offered a yoga class and decided to try it although I'm already attending a different class twice a week. I'm so happy I did. We were only two persons myself and a complete beginner and the teacher who declared she taught vinyasa flow, my absolute favourite. And she started class by asking us what our expectations were which I really liked and I started to think about what an ideal class is to me. So these are my preferences: A yoga studio with natural light or dimmed lighting. Not too full. Candles lit. Starts with meditation. Music playing (suitable to practice) Vinyasa flow with nice combinations of poses and movementse so you really get to flow. Very little talk Breathing exercises Head stand and arm balances opportunities to challenge yourself and try new poses A kind and welcoming atmosphere At least 10min shavasana ...and a teacher who knows her stuff, is understanding, pedagogical and sensitive to students need. What are your preferences?
  22. omg that sounds so amazing having such a view.
  23. So I've been taking this class 5 times now and apart from people talking a lot during practice giggling and complaining during some of the movements I've realised that my biggest concern is the feeling of joining a tight knitted group and being an outsider. And I think that when you get that sensation you directly feel uncomfortable and start seeing all the negatives. And it starts eating you up a bit. But it's good practice in terms of creating understanding for myself and others. To notice that I'm actually annoyed because the teacher corrected me so much and that's an ego issue I need to work on or I miss home and dislike everything that's not exactly like how my teacher at home did it. Or the lady who keeps bringing the attention to herself by constantly talking and giggling, she might be really lonely and hungry for validation and to be seen. So although this class is not to my liking I'll finish the month I've paid for and use it as an opportunity to work on my ego issues and enjoy the good bits as well as try to be kinder in how I view my peers.
  24. Thank you for your input...and yes will keep posting
  25. Great, the downloads were exactly what I was looking for! And many thanks .