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  1.  Or sometimes I think that whenever there's an injury from over practicing that it's a sign I need to get back to a more gentle foundation and basics practice. It's a good lesson in staying patient.  :)



    I totally agree with this point. Whenever I overdo my body just reacts with some kind of back, neck or shoulder  pain. The only thing is that I get the sign after several days of practice and I have to go with a more gente practice for the following days........ for me is hard to decipher my body's signals too :5:

  2. So happy for everyone!! :7:


    Today I did my first full split since I was 10 years old! :15: I have to take a picture but I'm just so amazed at how my body is opening and responding to the practice at my 42 :D . I've been into sports all my life, I've been doing yoga consistently for 3 years now, I practice yoga everyday and TODAY,  I did my first full Hanumasana. I called my husband to watch me and he was like :23:

  3. Finding your voice and getting feedback from others. For me it was the part part I liked the less but helped me the most. You prepare your practice and do your best and what you get from the feedback are things like: too fast, too slow, too many adjustments, very few, you were boring, you were awesome...... I got these  from the pratices during my teaching training mainly and it's true that when you are giving "real" classes things are different and people, normally, are super nice. But the bad feedback and the constant practice were what helped me the most to find my voice and to gain confidence.

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  4. Not even Indian tradition is able to accurately trace where yoga begins, not even, where yoga ends. We can only rely on the interpretation of a minimum written heritage left so I find that even today Yoga is a work in progress.


    At the XIXth century yoga had almost dissapeared. Under the English colonization Indians start to claim the own identity and heritage, and it is in this context that yoga begins to have a place.


    I have a teacher who refers to yoga as the "pizza effect". The orgins of the pizza are in Italy, but as we know pizza worldway today is the work of the italians who migrate to USA at the beginning of 20th century.


    Something similar with yoga. it is not until it has been Occidentalized that yoga is known worldwide. So even acknowledging the Indian origin, it is very difficult to strictly define what is tradition and what not.

  5. I'm going to answer this in detail in today's Ask a Yoga Question because I have a lot to say and pictures will help, so stay tuned, but of course check back here as other members might weigh in with advice.  :54:


    Edited to say: Technical difficulties  :43:  - Ask a Yoga Question will be on Monday of next week. Sorry!


    Reading carefully and looking forward to your post! More than fear of falling  I have problems with my wrists. I broke both (with 1 month of difference between my right and my left) and had surgery in my right wrist. The right didn't heal very well  and it gives me some problems from time to time :(  so I'm terrified at headstands and arm balances because of this.

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  6. Thank you for posting this. It helped me a lot, especially all about studying, taking as many classes as you can from different teachers, goign to workshops, working hard in preparing the classes.........and the part to say yes to everything. I'm in this part now and sometimes it's quite hard ...... but the reward and the energy you get from the people after the class makes totally worth the effort. Aside from the fact that in the end is all about the practice, practice,practice and the interaction with other people and the more opportunities you have the better (or at least is what I repeat to myself when I got a call for a last minute sub.....)


    One of the most important things for me is working in finding your voice and your rithym for the class. Getting to know your natural voice might be quite a challenge at the beginning.