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  1. Interesting. I did A LOT of yoga yesterday after calling into work. While I was doing some of the poses I was following on Youtube I remember thinking, "I can start watching tv like this" or "I can start reading like this" instead of thinking about how much I'd rather be doing yoga WHILE reading about yoga. lol.
  2. Sorry for something I neglected to ask: does anyone use podcasts or do you all just make up your own rountine I was considering bringing my iPad out with me and using a few videos I've purchased.
  3. I did an energizing morning practice and REALLY worked my hamstrings afterward. It was just what I needed. I am planning to do a stress relief or relaxing practice once my food digests.
  4. This is my experience. I bought a Groupon before the beginning of October and during the month of October I went to the studio as much as I possibly could. I also find that following other yogis on Instagram gives me inspiration to keep trying. I know it's very easy to see other people who are more advanced and become discouraged but I am using it as a source of motivation. I have a pretty set schedule for work during the week so I typically try to wake up at a decent hour to have at least 45 minutes to an hour to dedicate to practice.
  5. My cat sometimes likes to join me in my practice. Downward dog and savasana are the moments she tends to "join" me the most. Sometimes she even gets upset if I am on the mat and she is trying to lie down. Smh.
  6. Last night I had a really powerful yoga session in which I "made up" the sequencing myself. I am considering practicing yoga outside once weather becomes a LOT warmer. I am considering the beach and a local park where the ground should be relatively even. Any tips? Do any of you bring headphones, phone, and/or tablet?
  7. I'm only about 60 pages in (it's 200 pages) but I am loving Ruling Your World by Sakyong Mipham. I can readily admit that I am quick to anger or frustration. I heard about this book in a meditation group and decided to give it a try. I was already trying to become more mindful of my emotions and working on becoming more patient, and this book was a welcome addition. I checked it out from the library and will probably end up buying it in e-book format.
  8. I have tried music and it was NOT easy. I have a "Yoga" station on Pandora and it's really calming and relaxing. Sometimes I listen to it while I wash dishes or read. I have used it once or twice while meditating but I prefer a guided meditation. Most of the ones I use are on Youtube.
  9. I've been mostly vegan for almost 2 years and off meat for about 2.5 years now. In that time I have dated two meat eaters. It was typically an issue because we both liked to eat out a lot and it was challenging to find a restaurant that both of us could enjoy. I typically let her have her way whenever we went out and sometimes she'd cook for me. It was a factor in our break up, which she admitted to later. I'm a pretty flexible and adaptable person. If I know I'm going to be going out with a bunch of meat eaters to a place that mostly caters to meat eaters, I'll eat before I go out. Maybe I'll get a little appetizer or just a drink. I cooked a few meat dishes for the women I've dated but they typically knew it was a big deal for me to buy the meat and cook it. Bleh. If you don't have a problem cooking meat then I think it works in your relationship's favor. Right now I'm dating someone who doesn't eat meat and it definitely put my mind at ease because I can take her to all my favorite restaurants and vice versa and it won't be an issue. My two cents: 1. Be flexible if you really like your boyfriend. 2. Ask him to be flexible as well. [it seems like he already is since you said he's understanding and supportive] 3. If you do a lot of the cooking or if you both like to cook for one another, try to find meals that can be "complemented" by meat. For example: pasta dishes, salads, etc. You can have yours without the meat and he can add in his meat if he so chooses. OhSheGlows had a post that I think might be helpful for you: http://ohsheglows.com/2013/02/06/10-tips-for-eating-out-as-a-vegan/
  10. Courtesy of Youtube (thank goodness for folks like Candace who upload videos for folks to do yoga at home, on the road, etc): upper back stretches (I quit mid-way because one of the poses made NO sense and the instructor left out a lot, which is a disappointment because I typically enjoy their videos); a bit of ab and arm work (Yoga with Adriene), and some core work. I feel like it wasn't enough because I never did finish any of the videos. I just ate a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast so....I don't really want to do any more yoga since I've been reading that it's not good to do yoga after eating. I am looking forward to doing more yoga tomorrow and Saturday, my two off days. I'm going for at least an hour of practice. Can't wait! Yoga is going to get me through this Chicago Winter.
  11. I make a "chocolate milk" to satisfy my chocolate cravings and to add some greens to my day. 2 Frozen Bananas, however much cocoa mix I feel like adding, a cup of almond milk, and a ton of spinach. It tastes just like chocolate milk! I was following a woman on Youtube who showed me this recipe. I've been enjoying it for about a year now. Last week I blended up strawberries and blueberries. Pretty good stuff.
  12. A friend of mine turned me into a Republic of Tea fan with just the first sip. That same day I made an order for like $40+ on tea while at her house. lol. The tea that turned me into a fan was PassionFruit Papaya Black Tea. I also bought some rooibos tea as I read it's very healthy for you. I love peppermint the most. I prefer loose tea but I'll do bags too. I am lucky to have a great tea shop within a 20-30 minute bus ride of me. I am considering placing an order with MountainRoseHerbs as they sell tea too.
  13. I work in the mental health field. It can be stressful some days-demanding clients, lots to do and a finite amount of time at work to get it done, etc. Some days are also really rewarding, so there's that. Since beginning meditation and yoga I am able to relax myself when I feel my heart starting to race and when I feel myself beginning to stress. I tried reiki a few months ago and one of the practitioners I saw "read" or "sensed" that my job was stressful. She encouraged me to shower or bath after work and "rinse off" the day. I typically shower in the morning but some nights after work I do engage in this practice and it helps. Generally I can leave work at work. I try not to check my work email while at home. When I take time off it's known among my colleagues that I won't be responding to work emails. If something doesn't get done at work on a particular day I don't take it home and work on it. It just has to wait until I'm back on the clock. I am lucky that I have time after work to engage in yoga and I've noticed ever since I started practicing yoga I go to work feeling as if I can take on just about anything the day throws at me.
  14. So sorry to "hear" that you had some negative reactions to your med. I am on Elavil/Amitryptyline (sp?) and it's pretty helpful. I have contemplated upping my dose as winter approaches but I think yoga, hot baths, and tea will help. Luckily Illinois is rolling out a medical marijuana program (alebit VERY slowly and with LOTS of bureucratic red-tape) and severe fibromyalgia is one of the few qualifying conditons. Meditation has also been great too! I found a great pain-relief one and luckily it was for sale. I bought it the same day I hear it. It was by the QuietMindCafe on Youtube if anyone is interested. "I work full time and practice yoga regularly and people see that and think I don't have pain." Mmm hmm. I depend on the transit system here in Chicago and some days I so desperately want to ask someone for a seat when the train is crowded but I suck it up since I look young and "healthy." Congrats on winning the giveaway, BTW.
  15. I was using a double strap, if that makes sense. I broke down and bought bags for my girlfriend and I. I was carrying my mat back and forth multiple times a week. Sometimes I'd leave it at the studio which I frequented the most but at the time I only had one mat. I now have two mats. I bought my cheapy yoga bag from YogaAccessories.com. It's also where I bought the double strap carrier. I broke down and bought a bag because one of the straps came out of the clip and it continues to do this. *sigh* It was only a few bucks so it isn't a huge deal but I'm hoping this will be my last order from this site. I'm tired of paying for shipping. Lol.